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Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER Graphics Card $1180 ($1175 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Smart Home Store eBay


Decent price for this card at the moment. Also $1,180.00 for non eBay Plus members.

Excludes: Northern Territory, WA Remote

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    $300 cap sir comes out as $1,175.00

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    AU $1,475.00
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    AU $1,175.00

  • Is it worth paying from $930 for a 4070 super to paying $1175 for a ti super?

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      depends if doing 4k gaming a ti super will be more long term due to the extra 4GB vram. In terms of performance I don't think the two are that far apart. I originally was going to buy the 4070ti super because of the extra vram but I found a used 3090 which has 24gb vram lol

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        How much did you pay for a 3090?

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          $850 of marketplace. Needed cleaning and changing the thermal paste but everything worked fine.

      • I would have picked the 4070ti super because it has marginally better performance, uses less power (even if consumption is not your concern, less power = less heat and probably more longevity), would have warranty, has more features right now like DLSS 3, and in the future is more likely to get back ported features (for example, it took a long time for 20 series to get RTX Video Super Resolution vs 30 and 40 series).

        • Yea it crossed my mind to pick the 4070 TI super up. I don't think I'll have trouble selling the 3090 for $850 again. It still has a market especially for AI trainers because it's the cheapest Nvidia card with 24gb Vram and definitely future proof for 4k gamers. But because the 5000 series is about to drop I might just wait till those cards come out before upgrading

    • 10-20% increase for 30% extra power draw, it's worth if you want every frame or intend on trying 4K and have the $ plus power supply that can handle it. It's also got 16GB which will inevitably last longer than 12GB.

      • yeh but not sure if its worth the extra give or take $200 for a 4gb extra and 20% performance

        • Probably not if you need a bigger PSU and run 1440p.

          • @obijono: Considering 4k though currently own a 1440p/165hz monitor though may make this my second monitor and buy a 4k as main gaming

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          You forgeting that 4070 ti super basically just the powerdown 4080 NOT 4070 with 4gb extra ram..

          The more expensive card always suffers from the law of diminishing return. The question is how often you change your graphic card.

          I pay premium for 1080 ti and because it have 11 gb ram it survive for 6+ years. Even now it still can be able to use it for newer game in 1440p ultra wide and ai stuff. If I buy 1070 ti back then I will be forced to buy newer graphics card long time ago.

          • @Anubizz: Pretty sure a 1070 Ti would have lasted nearly as along as a 1080 Ti. In any case, if you had to sell the 1070 Ti sooner, you'd have a more valuable graphics card in it's place, so really not much difference cost wise. I paid $250 for a GPU in 2012 that lasted me 8 years, so I don't see the sense in paying $1000+ for GPUs lol.

      • Only concern here is warrenty I am pretty sure if you buy from a local shop and there is a issue they will sort the issue out with warrenty but ebay store will have to contact Gigabyte/nvidia

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      • I was after gigabyte card not PNY

  • 4070 Super OC 12GB for $842 with a list of all the other gpus too.

  • Upgrade from 10gb 3080 or wait for 5080…

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      I did this upgrade. I hadn't realised how many games in 4K used over 10GB of VRAM, particularly the Sony ports. Happy with the purchase, it'd be 20-30% faster in most scenarios, decided on a stopgap 4070 Ti S rather than the 4080 as the new stuff should be out in 6-12 months so the 4080 was harder to justify so late in the release cycle, IMO.

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      I'd go to a 4080 Super if you're coming from a 3080. Although if you've waited this long you should probably just hold out for the 5080.

      • Just coming from a EVGA 3080 Hybrid to a Asus RTX4080S TUF oc, boy this thing is a chunky mother, and weighs a bit as well.

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    Get this or wait for 7900gre nitro to drop below $900

  • Im still on 3070. Anything with more than 8gb
    sounds tempting.
    Will have to upgrade eventually for davinci resolve

  • GIGABYTE 7900GRE 16GB $900
    GIGABYTE 4070 Ti Super $1175

    I'm playing 3440*1440

    and have "only" a 650W PSU

    • What refresh rate is that monitor? I'd personally go the 4070ti super so you can frame gen it past 120fps (assuming your monitor can do it), and so you can turn on that RT goodness in certain games.

      • 165Hz yeah, but I don't mind as long as I can do 100hz all settings max

        AMD also got frame generation, right?

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          It does but it's no where near the quality of nvidia's frame gen. Kinda like comparing the early versions of FSR to DLSS. Also it's not implemented in as many games.

          TBH both are fantastic cards - I just prefer DLSS upscaling (and frame gen) which is why I recommend it. FSR I'd rather cop the frame rate hit and run native, but DLSS "Quality" and sometimes "Balanced" I can hardly tell the difference, and if you're hitting above 90 then frame gen is pretty much imperceptible (to me) but the buttery smooth gameplay you get from it is just next level.

  • Debating between this and a 4070ti with very little performance uplift and this

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      Wait till 9090Ti instead.

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  • Nice, perfectly fits in my NZXT H1, was waiting for a deal for 4070 Ti SUPER which can fit

  • why not $20 more for gaming oc version

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