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$7 off Menulog ($15 Minimum Spend, Excludes KFC) @ Menulog


Got the code from The Locker Room Facebook page. Had a butter chicken lunch today, and I thank the Tigers for their upset on the Titans and moving off the bottom of the ladder.

Expires 24 June 2024.

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Drivers/Couriers: random (14)

Referee gets $50 after completing 25 deliveries. Referrer gets $100. Courier/Driver Signup

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    rare rugby league W

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    Thanks OP. Was about to order something on uber

  • Is it single use?

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        Clever, YouSirName

    • Try it and tell us! :-D

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      it is… but any ozbargainer should have about 5+ menulog accounts on hand by now :D

      • Wouldn't that require 5+ phone numbers?

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          no.. menulog doesn't require phone numbers

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      I just tried and it is only one redemption per account.

      • Nah, i tried on multiple days, working.

  • Well… Shut up and don't take my money!!

  • Thanks OP

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    I miss the $10 off $15 spend thst ran for a few months but nonetheless still a decent deal

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    Large HSP is back on the menu boys!

    (Sorry to tip your upvote over past 69)

  • Would be a decent deal if Menulog actually delivered the food you ordered! Gave up on them (after being a VERY profitable customer for a number of years) following a couple of orders ordeals that turned into >2.5hr late no-shows, with the glorious supporting act of online chat agents who cut off conversation at the first request for an explanation, and follow through with perpetuated lies of progress. No, nameless agent, there is NOT a driver on their way to pick up the meal. Not this time, not the last three times you've said this was happening over the course of an hour and a half.

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      Sir this is ozbargain

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      Nah I agree, order delivery almost daily as I WFH and the quality of the drivers especially has gone downhill.
      Have had multiple drivers cancel my order after an hour leaving it another hour to reassign and deliver.

      Large surplus of migrants has pushed down the quality of drivers unfortunately as I’m assuming no checks are required?

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        Have had multiple drivers cancel my order after an hour leaving it another hour to reassign and deliver.

        Yep, the restaurant makes the order thinking a driver is coming soon, and then the driver cancels, leaving your food to get cold/soggy/stale

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          This is why I switched to DoorDash

      • What do you expect when they're getting paid $6 for a delivery and have to maintain car and pay for petrol. Australians also don't tip so these rates are stuffed.

        Try to make money with petrol over $2 a litre and see how you go.

        • Menulog doesnt offer to tip anyway I believe (it's been a while), theres basically zero excuse for a driver to accept the delivery then cancel after unless its an actual emergency though, just don't accept the job to begin with instead of making it a problem for someone else.

          I think Uber asks for a tip but thats BEFORE its even delivered and Doordash offers you to pay more for a direct delivery but that still isn't asking for a tip.

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          Not my issue regarding pay, why accept the delivery then in that case? If I’m paying for a service I expect for it to be carried out.

          Unemployment rate has decreased, they should be able to pull themselves up by the bootstrap if they aren’t satisfied with their job.

          • @Killzana: Agree! You have to be unsatisfied with your job to think about making a move.

        • What do you see as a reasonable tip.

  • thanks op

  • This is tempting but I just can't justify it when I have a chef at home.

    • Mind sharing?

      • Hmm, what can you bring to the table?

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    It’s from the Bloke in a Bar podcast. They have a new code every week for menulog.

  • Thanks!!

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    Ever since Menulog dropped Katy Perry their deals have been nothing but absolute garbage… Every time I get their email in my inbox I open it and it's just lousy "Free delivery" codes. Menulog really dropped out from being awesome when it came to savings… I even once said "Menulog is better than DoorDash" when it came to coupons boy was I mistaken.

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    I got a Hershey cookie delivered from Pizza Hut for around $12. The best way to satisfy your wife in bed at night.

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    Thanks! It works for pick up too to avoid delivery and service fees.

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      The coupon works.
      I just picked up my lunch meal.

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    expired for 8 hours and I already have withdrawals, hoping the the next one!!

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