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$1 Whopper in Hungry Jack's App


I am not sure if targeted in App but i saw and bought this morning. Enjoy!


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Hungry Jack's


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    of course it's targeted >:/

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    Lucky you, not in mine, enjoy!

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    $1 whopper… Here we go again!
    Expect most will be disappointed!

    Previously suggested offer appears after creating new account
    Certainly worth a try😉

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      Expect most will be disappointed!

      Yes the quality has certainly dropped off. Imagine paying normal price!!!

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        Only go to HJ for FREE Birthday Whopper. So no complaints😉

        • Guess that's why no $1 offer for me.

    • I am going to get one and bring 10 of my friends so I can get 10 :D

      • Does that mean you're letting one of your friends keep theirs?

  • Is this the same as the birthday deal? I.e you get it the same month as your birthday.

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    $1 Whopper in Hungry Jacks App

    Thanks… Got one….

  • The Whopper is wholly shite now. All buns and hardly anything in it and taste is so bland. Had it the other day. Bloody disgusting! For $1 though, stuff it! Count me in if available.

    BTW Whopper jr. is lot better in quality wise. How's that?

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      I found that store to store are not the same.

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        You mean we humans are inconsistent producers of food…
        Sack them & replace with reliable & consistent ROBOTS🤖 😄

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          You mean we humans are inconsistent producers of food…

          Even the same store, may not always the same, once they put too much mustard or saurce.

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            @superforever: I like extra sauce!

            Local McCafe Maccas is a training store. Its never consistent!

            While a student, was a staff trainer for my Uni, so understand & support the staff.

            Found staff sometime give up when I order at counter - so give me it free🎉

            Few days ago, was given a Big Mac, hot pie, & Mocca - FREE!

            Was just too hard for system as it considered I used more than 1 Deal in 1 order! Self serve kiosks also give up.

            Presented code with Deal for $4 Big Mac, then added $2 Pie (available as menu item, but also Deal!), plus offer for 500 bonus points for $5 min purchase - computer says "No!"

            Went back at slow time yesterday & got staff member to experiment with same order. By adding code & Big Mac last - received 1100 points on $6 order. BUT had to pay😄

            Manager actually likes me coming in & finding ways around their system! And helping staff learn…
            We have a good laugh.

      • @superforever
        I thought as much, even though different stores I've tried are only marginally better. I find that the Angus range are a lot better as with Maccas.

      • But are any of them good these days? The last actually good burger I had from any of their restaurants was a Burger King (same company) overseas. I've had them in different stores in different states and really haven't been that impressed for ages. Unless it's just that we're now used to better quality burgers with all the boutique burger shops opening up everywhere. The main thing they had going for them was they were cheap, but now they've jacked the prices so much, it makes them a much harder sell.

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    Carls Jr opened up near me and with app deals ever month so all set .
    Yummy Fat Sugar Fat Burgers and Super Fat Waffle Fries
    and Fat Fat Sugar Shakes ..

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      Yummy Fat Sugar Fat Burgers and Super Fat Waffle Fries
      and Fat Fat Sugar Shakes ..

      Super Size me…

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        Turns out he was a chronic alcoholic. Makes sense.

        • Isn't alcoholism linked to junk food consumption?

          There is definitely a correlation.

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            @jv: Yes. Nothing I love more than riding my Lime escooter down the footpath with some Hungry Jacks in hand being sloshed.

            • @Clear:

              escooter down the footpath with some Hungry Jacks in hand

              Which is illegal.

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                @jv: Fun.

                • -1
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                    @jv: I was arrested and unarrested the other night. My birthday party was illegal.

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        Super fake me, scumbag tampered with his own experiment to get an outcome that would sell more.

    • Do people actually like Carls Jr? Every time I've tried it, it's been bland as.

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        Yes, people do like Carl's jr and I am one of them. It's always good and chips are always fresh

        • Huh, fair enough. Maybe I just had a crappy store then.

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        Do people actually like Carls Jr?

        Three people do.

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        Their $2 cheeseburgers are pretty yuk .
        You gotta get the specials on the app ,
        their California burger etc .
        Just stand next to the defibrillator when you eat it .

      • Their Angus burgers are pretty good, kinda expensive for a competitor to Hungry Jacks / McDonalds though. Free drink refills in-store is a plus since Hungry Jacks ended theirs some years ago. I think Grill'd / Burgertory are pretty decent burgers but having to pay extra for chips sucks.

    • carl’s jr have free drink refills so it’s worth it, if your meal has small drink, not a problem just refill ….

  • i got 'nah brah'd' by the app on dat one

  • Got a $1 whopper in March, got another one last week. The algorithm targeted ad gods are being kind to me.

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    Nothing on the app for me.

  • Sadly I didn't win this lottery.

    • I won the lottery with the $0 Whooper in the Hungry Jack's app :)

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    All I got was a garfield toy recall

  • Yeah, real shame no one is out there using these 1 dollar whopper deals daily, and then going across the road to use a mcdonalds bday voucher daily. cough
    Definitely only once a year deal. Totally not a free food exploit.

  • -1

    where is it ?

  • GOT 1 in both of my accounts. rebel whopper is the bomb.

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