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3 Pairs of Footwear for $120 + Delivery ($0 with $150 Spend/ $0 C&C) @ Skechers (Online Outlet)


Final Days of Skechers bundle deals are back with new stock added!! Women's, Men's & Kids Styles available.

Any 3 pairs of footwear for $120. Make sure to use code SAVE3 at checkout to redeem the offer across online outlet products.


Discount available when you buy sets of 3, 6, 9, or 12. Product looks to be selling quickly, works out to be $40 a pair with discount.

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  • +8

    Was 3 for 99,a week or 2 ago

    • Agreed, but there are more models and sizes available.

  • This or new balance 1080 for the comfiest shoes?

    • Haven't tried the new balance but I love sketchers - pretty much the only shoes I now regularly wear and last a long time. On and off in 2 seconds too, excellent for lazy people like me.

    • hopefully you're less superficial than me. I haven't compared the two, but I have a hard time mentally getting over the idea of Skechers being "uncool" lol

      • +1

        Mentally over.. the same words in my head.. im in the same boat but.. cost of living pressure.. went for the 3 for 120 deal.

      • Skechers is uncool?

        • Yes. Generic shoes without much character pretty much

    • 1080s are great, on cloudmonster similar but less durable and kind of weird. Skechers foam tech is kind of outdated.

  • +3

    Remember the recent fiasco with the 3 for 99 price when some customers paying with paypal were charged $100 more than they agreed to in the checkout process and some reporting that Skechers refused to cancel the order

    • That happened to people who tried to order 4 or 5 instead of 3. When they added 4 shoes price was still $100 and they thought it's an error.

      • +1

        I ordered 6 and still got charged $100 extra, their promotion T&C says the code qualifies for quantities 3, 6, 9, or 12.
        Thankfully I paid with PayPal and was refunded in my favour after no response from Skechers and I provided them with the screenshot of their T&Cs.

        Skechers held back one of the shoes and cancelled it without notifying me after my PayPal refund went through.

        Not a good experience, very dishonest and unprofessional. Will not shop with them again no matter how good the sale is, they are not trustworthy.

    • +2

      Yes. I am one of those got scammed from them. Many here got same scam as well. Still waiting for dispute from my bank. Buyers be aweared that you will get charged more than the total amount they show on their website (charged me $100 more than the total amount they showed). Then if you seek customer support, they are rude and won't be any helpful, also will refuse to refund. Never buy from them again. Shame on you Sketchers!

      • I ordered 3 for $100 without any issues

      • Can you just return them, either in store or online? I bought three in the recent 3 for $99 deal. Returned one pair in store with no problem. Got the $33 refund on my card in two days.

      • Buyers be aweared that you will get charged more than the total amount they show on their website (charged me $100 more than the total amount they showed

        But wouldn't PayPal have said the total before you committed to the payment?

      • Buyers be aweared that you will get charged more than the total amount they show on their website (charged me $100 more than the total amount they showed).

        Did you buy 4 pairs instead of 3 for $99?

        also wouldn't have paypal showed the total you need to pay?
        how can they take more money than what paypal showed as total amount?

        • Yes. Ordered 4 pairs.
          I paid by credit card.

          • @Megaman69: that's probably why you got overcharged..

            The deal was only $99 for 3 pairs.

            Was paypal not allowed or available?

            • @pinkybrain: I dont use paypal.
              Whatever the deal is, the final amount it shows should match with what they charge. If it doesn't match, it's a glitch, so it's their fault. Otherwise it's a scam. They trick customers to see lower price, then charge for extra without any warning. Don't say that it's customer fault. My only fault is shopping with them. Never again!

            • @pinkybrain: Also many people paid with paypal experience same scam. You can check the previous sale post here

    • +1

      I'm one of them too, worst customer service I have ever experienced in Australia.

  • +2

    Hmm, was better when it was 3 for $99.. and some of the shoes offered now are still the same… So, potentially same shoes for higher price. (Yes, there are some new additions to the sale items)

  • I bought 6 pairs when 3 for $99.99 deal was on. 2 pairs out of 6 are not brand new, broken boxes, no paper wrapping. shoe laces are dirty, dust on sole, etc. If they indicate beforehand that customers might receive samples or returns by other customers, then I don't have any complaint.

    On the other hand, my experiences with New Balance has always been good, not that I need customer services much.

    • I got one pair not so brand new. Returned in store no problem. They refunded $33.25 in two days. The other two pairs were brand new.

      • The two pairs I had which were not new are the two pairs I like the most. And I have been really busy to visit a store. Hoping customer support can sort me out by swapping or something. But they don't even reply. Chat was hopeless too. So I have to decide what to do within 30 days.

  • +1

    After the last deal, don't trust these guys. Still fighting them for the $100 phantom charge AFTER checkout.

  • +1

    Got charged more than $120 what website and PayPal showed, no resolution and not getting back $15 delivery if I return (order total was more than free shipping threshold but got charged anyway?…). Really horrible website, never buying from them again.

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