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Whole Cooked WA Rock Lobster $13.50 @ Coles in-Store


Looks like lobster’s back on the menu boys! Absolute steal this one.

Asked the lady at the deli, she said this was a company wide promotion. Your mileage may vary, but for context I’m in urban NSW.

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    lady at the deli is a reliable source

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    Can someone explain what is certified sustainable seafood mean? Thank you.

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      Its certified by a company named SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD PTY. LTD.

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      Essentially means it's not an endangered species, they only fish healthy fishery stocks, they don't decimate the populations there and they take measures to reduce bycatch/prevent damage to the area.

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          Username checks out

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          Yes, sadly (some?) international seafood certification companies have been exposed as lazy, incompetent, ineffectual grifters. There are docos around exposing their practices. Don't know whether that applies here.

          Update: seems it does apply. MSC certfication was the topic of the doco I mentioned.

          These people aren't impressed either.

          The truth MAY lie somewhere in between but it's naive to think the certfication is a guarantee. Possibly a case of better something than nothing?

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        Why is it so hard to find a fishery that gives a dam about destroying the planet like me? I honestly was going to buy until you said this.

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        Decimate means kill 10% which will be not a bad number though?

        • I always thought it means to divide the number by ten (aka, kill 90%).

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        At this price, I'm going to decimate the stock at my local Coles.

    • They are not in danger of stock depletion. Crayfishing boats follow the rules.

      Lobsters are the cockroaches of the ocean, living under rocks and scurrying out at night to scavenge for scraps on the ocean floor. They have been here since before the dinosaurs, and will outlive humanity.

      So, this or the $13.50 frozen duck?

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    Do you guys just throw this on the BBQ for a quick 20-30 seconds or how do you prepare it? I never buy pre-cooked seafood but this is too cheap not to lol

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      I’m making pasta with it. Just take out the meat and toss it in fairly late in the process. Don’t forget that you can use the leftover bits and pieces to make broth as well.

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      Just eat it like this, or make a mango salad out of it.

      Cooking it will make it tough. Frozen cooked seafood is average at best.

    • Squeeze some lime juice onto it.

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        And then munch down on it, shell and all.

    • i make a bechamel and use this to make lobster mornay

    • If I'm feeling fancy I make a seafood chowder in a big round crusty loaf of bread and put the meat in at the end.

    • halve it lengthways, butter, on bqq and give it a nice char. optional cheese and/or mayo on top

  • can anyone in VIC confirm

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    Just saw it at Blackburn in vic

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    We were at the beach
    Everybody had matching towels
    Somebody went under a dock
    And there they saw a rock
    It wasn't a rock
    It was a rock lobster
    Rock lobster
    Rock lobster
    Rock lobster
    Rock lobster… ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

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      Iraq lobster

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        Death to America,
        And buttersauce.
        Don't boil me!
        Im still alive!
        Iraq Lobster!
        Iraq Lobster!

        lol love the FG reference - I myself cannot not-think of it every time I hear or read about rock lobsters

    • I came here looking for this reference. I have a mining ship in Eve Online named Rock Lobsta.

      Rock Lobsta!. And of course the original B-52's.

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    Given it’s Tuesday, I’m guessing this is the last day of the promotion?

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    It’s also available online for delivery in QLD at least

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    Getting rid of stocks before all going to China soon?

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      The exports going to China help the rock lobster industry and those employed there but massively inflate the price so the average Australian can't afford to buy them when they go back to 60 bucks a lobster.

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      China was never closed to Frozen Lobster, just live, every coolstore in WA is chock a block full with these they catch so many.

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    Basically COVID prices except cooked and not fresh off the boat. Good times.

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      Probably more like China's trade ban on rock lobster.

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        Probably more like China's continued trade ban on rock lobster

  • My local WW had 50% of the sticker price for uncooked Lob. comes to the same price as this in Coles.

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    They looked kinda small in my local coles

  • How large are these for the price?

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      more like a large prawn with a lobster head

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        Got 6 . They’re roughly half a kg each

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      Deli staff told me they have to be minimum 400gm.

      In gastronomic terms about two mouthfuls once you have spent half an hour de-shelling every last bit.

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    They're almost as big as the prawns!

  • Lobster ravioli back on the menu!

  • do these actually taste firm and crunchy like they do lobster in ginger and shallot

    because I feel like they will be rubbery and mushie

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      More rubbery and mushie than live lobster from a Chinese restaurant with ginger and shallot.

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        hahaha thought so

        sure once it's fished out they boil it to reduce bacteria but keep them alive until cooking time taste the best

      • What if I cook these again using the ginger and shallot recipe, how will the lobster taste like?

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          rubbery and mushie ginger and shallot lobster.

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    Since I leaned free- diving and I can catch WA crays for free no longer need to buy this crap in Coles. You only need to apply the lobster license for $50 a year

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      Wow. thats easy. all i got to do is learn to swim, free-diving, a flight to WA and probably a place to stay as well for the night. Sounds cheap for me

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        No you dont need the flight, just start free-diving from where you are! Might catch some WA lobsters on the way there

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          Will they still be called WA lobsters, if i catch them on my way to WA?

      • You forgot about spending $500-$1k on dive gear too

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      can you wear a go pro next time? I want to see how a pro does it

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      In WA isn't freediving one of the code words for long pig live baiting?

    • Forget Cray's. There's a lot of abalone around.

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      Is it risky? I don’t want end up as food for lobsters.

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      Love the bargain aspect. But WA waters seem a bit sharky for my comfort…

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