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One Way Airfare: Perth to/from Adelaide or Melbourne $99 (Fly 28/6 to 31/8) @ REX


Snap 48 hour sale on flights to/from Perth and Adelaide/Melbourne for $99. Sale covers travel dates 28 June – 31 August

From their media release:


• 48-hour fare sale offering $99 flights* to Perth from Melbourne and Adelaide
• Book now for travel 28 June – 31 August (includes winter school holidays)
• Five weekly flights between Perth and Melbourne and three from Adelaide
• Checked baggage and refreshments included
• Double status points offer for Rex Flyer members on sale routes

To celebrate its inaugural domestic flights to Perth from June 28, Rex is offering travellers a one-off $99 sale fare* to Australia’s sunniest capital, just in time for the winter school holidays.

More on their website www.rex.com.au

Happy Travels!

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  • +1

    Great price, $198 return, includes luggage and a snack. Plus it's onboard regular jets, not small regional prop planes. The date I checked was a red eye, departing Perth at 11:55 pm.

    • +1

      a red eye, departing Perth at 11:55 pm.

      I've caught those red-eye flights on Virgin or JetStar before, and it's only a ~3.5 hour flight to Sydney.

    • +4

      Plus it's onboard regular jets, not small regional prop planes.

      The distance from ADL to PER is approximately 1,317 miles (and MEL to PER is obviously longer). I don't think you'll find any airline operating prop planes on these direct/non-stop routes due to range limitations as well as other factors.

  • +1

    Doesn't REX have a bad refunds policy?

    • +6

      Can’t say, I’ve never needed one from them. They’re pretty consistently the most reliable and on time airline.

      These are promo sale fares which usually aren’t refundable on any airline

    • +2

      Thats all airlines unless you pay for the mid tier economy packages

    • Refund for what ?

  • +2

    Plenty of dates available in August.

  • UFC 305 here we come

    (We walking back I guess)

  • +7

    OZBargain meetup in Perth?

  • A shame about the departure times, otherwise I would book, all overnight flights :/
    For those who are okay with that, it's a great deal.

    • Yeah pretty unideal, I hate dealing with sleep deprivation for a holiday/ time off

  • +1

    Looks like they're all sold out

    • Are you looking at departures within the sale dates, 28 June – 31 August?

      • Yeah I punched in 30 jun - 6 jul and the following week.

        • Yeah I got sold out those dates too but then on refresh it came up again. Might be a lot of people on the site?

        • +1

          Actually I think the issue is they don’t fly that route on Saturdays which is throwing the website. Shift the return date and it should work

        • +1

          Yes, lot of the dates are sold out, especially closer to weekends, but we did manage to get a couple of tickets. However, had to book an extra night; the hotel charges are marginally cheaper than the non-discounted airfare, so decided to stay for an extra night.

  • +2

    I've heard they do biggies too.

  • +2

    FYI; Upgrade bids are very easy to obtain on ZL. A $120 bid into Business should easily clear.

    • Great to know. Probably worth it if you were able to secure the initial flight at a low enough price.

    • +1

      That would be very handy. However as a result of this super cheap sale you'd be competing against a greater number of pax generally, and then because the flights are long distance and/or redeye a greater proportion of those pax would be bidding (and potentially bidding higher amounts).

      So it'd be interesting to hear how people go with their upgrade requests in this case.

      • +1

        Cleared 24 hours prior to departure at $130 from PER-MEL

  • +4

    Virgin has priced matched (at least the ADL route).

    • +2


      • It's a fair comment. I live in Melb and can see how someone visiting might find it boring, especially if you're not a foodie or into sports.

    • +8

      This isn't a deal for Brisbane - Sydney flights so you must be in the wrong comments section.

    • But there are 3 cities listed in the deal.

    • Pretty sure Brissy is more boring than Melb? And Darwin?

  • +2

    Thanks OP. Booked in a family getaway for a long weekend in August!

  • +1

    Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks - booked PER-ADL and then MEL-PER with good departure times. Will catch the Overland ADL-MEL to tick that off.

    • Overland Adelaide to Melbourne?

      Oh wow, just googled that. (Only thought it was the Indian Pacific or Ghan)
      Now I'm keen for that too

  • I wish I can visit Perth more often. But gosh…5 hours-ish from Sydney is a long flight for domestic in a domestic airplane.

    Flight cost from Sydney also not cheap - Flying to Bali can be cheaper sometime.

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