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JBL Clip 4 Ultra Portable Waterproof Speaker Black $55 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Good price drop on Camels, get one!
I just realised that all my speaker and headphone purchases in last year were all JBL. The JBL Quantum TWS Gaming buds were a criminal steal at $49 at Officeworks few months ago, got two :)
Home theatre speakers too - JBL Stage A130 and A120. And this one :) Strong brand.

About this item

  • The JBL Clip 4 is your on-the-go music companion designed to be stylish, waterproof and dustproof, built to survive any adventure and provide the soundtrack to your life's most memorable moments
  • A small mini speaker with a powerful sound, equipped with JBL Pro Sound for rich audio and punchy bass for music that inspires whether you are pushing yourself in the outdoors or just relaxing at home
  • The JBL Clip 4 's bold colors and design are inspired by today's street fashion, letting you express your individuality through your speaker as well as through the music you play
  • Featuring 10 hours of battery life and an integrated carabiner for partying on the go, simply hook this light wireless speaker directly to your belt, bag or buckle for music that travels with you
  • Items delivered: 1 x JBL Clip 4 portable speaker made with IP67 waterproof and dustproof materials with integrated carabiner, in blue, with a type-C USB cable, quick start guide and safety sheet
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    Was previously $36 a month ago: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/846932

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      Disappeared in 1hr :) And add shipping.

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      And can you get it for $36 right now?

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    Jb hifi should be able to price match this + the $10 coupon. Seems good price thanks OP

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      After I bought a MTV mug for $10 using $10 perks coupon, I was banned from $10 off perks :)))

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    Thanks, OP! I just purchased one for the garage and… shower!

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    Alternative is the Harman Kardon Neo for just over $47 on eBay using code NONFY20 here.

    • Same parent company. I wonder if it was designed by the same engineers?

      • Good point. Isn't Harman Kardon like their premium line though?

        I didn't realise until posting this morning that the Clip 4 is actually 5w. Compared to the Harman at 3 and the previous clip was also 3w I think.

    • The Neo doesn't sound as good or play as loud.

      Personally I think it's worth it for the aesthetics as the build quality is much higher and definitely looks more expensive.

      It also floats if you're using it at the beach/pool.

      • I haven't opened mine from the 2022 deal.. 😅

        I'm genuinely tempted by the Cip 4 though because of the clip and now finding out it's 5w compared to most of the other compact speakers that get posted here.

        Still don't think it's loud enough to listen to music on a motorcycle at slower speeds.. 😅 Thought I could tuck one between the speedo and the windshield.. I use a pair of Wonderboom 2's in the garage but they're a bit too bulky to use on the motorcycle.. 😅

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    Isn't Harman Kardon like their premium line though

    I'd say Harman Kardon is considered mid range in the Harman portfolio, with brands like Mark Levinson and Revel being the premium brands

    JBL is a weird brand because they sell all kinds of stuff - live professional audio, studio professional audio, and the consumer line ranges from $35 bluetooth speakers to speakers worth six figures

    • Damn, those look like what deadmau5 has in his streaming studio.. 😅

      I didn't realise Harman had soo many lines.. I just assumed like Lexus is the premium/luxury line of Toyota, I thought Harman Kardon would be the premium/fancier line of JBL's. I didn't even know they were partnered/parent tbh.

    • and the consumer line ranges from $35 bluetooth

      I think I read JBL sell the most bluetooth speakers in the world. and also it's their most profitable market which makes sense.
      all these portable speakers that have maximum appeal to most people and they all have internal battery which means after some time if it breaks customers will buy another to replace it.

      JBL also have that "upgrade" line up going, so if you start with the cheapest most likely eventually you will go up a size, and then go up a size again and so on.

      I know batteries in simple electronics can be replaced but a lot of consumers just junk their stuff once the battery dies.

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