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JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker $36 (RRP $89.95) + Delivery ($0 C&C) Online Only @ BIG W

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Personally got it for $26 via JB hifi price match and applying $10 perks voucher :)


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    I have this speaker and use it around the house to listen to podcasts and the occasional music with my phone.

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      So is it good or bad?

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    Give me back my wife!!

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    Darn, I never get these $10 perks voucher. Just the usual $30 off $300 purchase.

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      You only get them once upon signing up, you can keep getting them via making new accounts 🙄 (without using same mobile and email)

      • +2

        Ah thought it was a seasonal thing.. cheers!

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          Make 12 accounts and put birthdays each month of the year you'll always have a voucher.

          All those boost Sims have to come to some use

      • How do you get new mobile numbers?

        • Free sim cards

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    I don't have this speaker or know anyone that does.

    but apparently the clip feature is very very underrated. (very handy)

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      I had the second gen, and then upgrade to this one after the clip breaking on the first. Both have been great, and both continue to work with mainly use in the shower.

      • and then upgrade to this one after the clip breaking on the first.

        plastic clip I am guessing? plastic can be pretty strong these days but not invincible. I heard it doesn't cost much to replace small plastic part with aluminum because high quality plastic is quite expensive now. so maybe JBL should have used aluminum clip if they are gonna charge so much money in the first place. 😅

        • it was the rubber bit the clip went into. The one I had had a metal clip itself.

          Which for the number of years I had it, I'm totally okay with especially when it's spent so much time in/near water and it still works with good battery today.

      • My 2nd or 3rd get turns off with too much bass or volume to loud. super annoying lucky it was only like $19 on clearance

        • spreak engrish ? my 1st get turns off two

    • I have it. The clip is great, I use it all the time, either clip to my belt, my backpack strap, my bike etc.
      The other great thing about it is that is less bulky than other speakers so is more travel friendly. The physical shape is wide but flat so packs nicely in a bag.

      Oh, also the sound is pretty good for something so small. Sure you're not running a house party with it, but it works well for personal use or small gatherings.

      • The physical shape is wide but flat so packs nicely in a bag.

        yeah these kinds of things matter a lot for small speakers. the clip, the flat shape.

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    Must have got lucky, JB typically don't price match clearance products

  • Wait for ShopBack Westpac cashback tomorrow

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    No stock left in any major city!

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    • Why does that listing look like a fake?

      • Because it is.

      • @impoze What makes you think it is a fake?

        • +1

          @Ronney I've not had experience myself but I believe there are many counterfeit JBL products on ebay. The colours not matching the JBL product photos are biggest marker that makes me suspicious. JBL actually have a guide on there website showing what giveaways they typically notice on counterfeits.

          Researched JBL a bit for a previous deal.

          • @Gravity: Thanks @Gravity. I didn’t know that.

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    I've this speaker hanging in the shower for about two years as it's water resistant. It's been reliable with no issues, sound quality is good but not amazing. This price is probably more appropriate for the sound quality.

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    Sold out already..

  • Refused to price match on jb live chat. Best they could offer me was $55

    • +1

      they don't price match clearance, in general JB are some of the worst to deal with in regards to price matching.

      • Was hoping I'd get to use my $10 birthday voucher this year so gave it a go.

    • Weird I got it price marched first attempt on jb live, i was in a big que though maybe I got lucky as he probably rushed through.

      • Thats what the rep said may have happened for you. Will try again tomorrow maybe.

  • The thing I hate about these is the little screw that holds the clip comes lose and eventually falls out and the screw is so tiny you will never find it then your left with a JBL half clip 4.

  • Out of Stock for Melbourne

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        No JBL in the title and listed as unbranded

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        One of the negative ebay feedback comments, take it as you will: "false advertising, speaker is made of plastic , 100% fake , the wording is just stickers, i asked for a refund and they offered me $8 and told me to destroy the item and send photos to them , totally ridiculous, "

  • Always wanted this speaker after hearing it was better than the Go 3. But Amazon never properly discounted it so I have a Go 3.

    • -1

      Maybe you should have a go at this deal and go for a Go 4

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    Looks like it's out of stock.

  • Clip 5 and go 4 out soon

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    Does anyone know if JB Hi-Fi can still do a price match if the item is out of stock?

  • milady got one of these from JB Hi-Fi for discount maybe $60-80 or so

    and happy with the sound - she uses it on the sofa for Bluetooth sound from her laptop

    I didn't know about the water-resistant idea for the shower - I used to have a waterproof radio for the shower, but guess I'd have to set up a Bluetooth source before using this in the shower - sounds a bit hinky for me so I probably wouldn't do that.

    but yeah - being JBL - sounds to me better than non-branded crap

  • I got onto this late and I might have got lucky.
    Just successfully price matched through JB live chat.

    The agent was more than happy to do it, no questions asked and even said he’d had a lot of enquiries about it today! Applied the $10 perk coupon as well. Very happy

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