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Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Gen with Magsafe Case USB‑C ​​​​​​​$299 Delivered @ Amazon ($284.05 Officeworks Pricebeat)

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AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) with Magsafe Case (USB C) $299.00 (-25% from RRP) - Australian Stock. Possible price beat with Officeworks for $284.05 Price beat expired.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      ♪ p(^_^)q ♪


    • many listed on ebay, I tried like 4 times and never got an authentic one :D

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    Matching Catch

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    3 has to be soon surely

    • I bet it has AI built in, somehow. Or head tracks for the cheaper Vision Amateur.

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        every freaking new tech related thing is going to be AI this AI that..

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          I feel like 'No AI' will be a feature soon.

          • @bleeder: It’s called corded headphones.

            • @alexdagr8: Too bad the USB ones always break so quickly… Miss the headphone jack 😫

            • @alexdagr8: BTW my Google corded ones still have 'AI', bloody Google Assistant coming up all the time by accident, have to go into settings and turn that shit off.

        • So over AI

  • something something something $300 xD

  • Good price but HODL for 3!

  • These $299 AirPods Pro 2nd


    These $248 Beats fit Pro?

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      Been looking at the Beats because I want wingtips for the gym but they've been much cheaper including $186 from Mobileciti a couple of weeks ago.

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        i got them for $111 - just a month ago on ebayplus, so best wait…if anyone wants them - w/o wingtips

        • Nice, reputable seller?

        • from who? cheapest I've ever heard of - not fakes I hope

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        soundcore have the sport x20 ($126 with the 10% sign up discount) although probably a step below Beats (just went through this process myself to replace some Beats powerbeats that are a few years old). If you could get the beats for $150ish then probably get them

    • bro those beats were 130 few months ago and i didnt buy them at that price lol

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      I don’t have any problems with the bass. Are you sure you have/had a correct fit?

    • lol what are you on about? These have great audio quality so much so that I sold off my Airpods Max

    • Lots of bass in mine

    • These have ridiculous amounts of bass. Arguably too much sometimes. You likely have a fit issue which is hard to do considering there's an ear tip size test, they are super easy to fit and adapt in real time to the current fit.

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    Got these recently, upgraded from airpods 2, and used with my samsung s23, sounded the best. NC was awesome.
    But the fit was so uncomfortable. So stopped using and returned to old airpods 2.

    Not every ear is same. YMMV

    • Might be worth trying foam ear tips. I've still got the gen 1 AirPods Pro, and bought the Comply foam tips. Now they stay in rather than slipping out, are more comfortable (especially when wearing for an hour or more), and seal up much better for my ears. There are a lot of foam tips available on Amazon and elsewhere which might work for you.

      • It's right ear inner antitragus that pains. Is that something same for you?

        • I had to look that up, good to brush up on ear anatomy.
          For me it was more the pressure on the upper ear canal, and then when they’d slip it would be resting on the inner antitragus area you’re talking about. With the foam tips, the load seems to be better distributed around the whole ear canal, so they stay in and there’s no weight on other areas. It may help you, may not- hard to know but there are some $15 sets that might be worth a try since the headphones are so expensive.

          Hope that helps.

  • these or moondrop space travel?

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      $30 vs $300? lol completely different budgets and characteristics.

  • I just bought these a few days ago for $339 noo

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      If you bought it from Amazon, can you buy another one from Amazon at the cheaper price and return that latest unit using the original receipt?

  • Whats the deal with all the cheap ones in eBay for under $200 - are they all fake?


    • They seem legit, but the ones you linked are the lightning cable version, the revised 2023 version with USB-C are still cheaper at $249.95 though (possible grey market imports hence the lower prices) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/116201673625?epid=10063381484&it….
      If you looking into the seller "aussiegoodies" history, items, feedback etc you'll notice that all seems good & they've been around since 2016.
      None the less you should be covered by eBay & PayPal if any disputes.

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      Feedback of 74 no specific description
      Screams fake

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      yeah they are fake, but so well made that if you check the serial number online it will pass. I bought them off FB last year (there was period that the FB was flooded with these fake Airpod pro - now all Airpods are banned on FB). Took me 2 weeks to find out they were fake when they started playing up. Brought them to Apple store and they had to check them using their system.

      PS: I never owned Airpods previously so I didnt know, but after I bought the real deal, I can see slight difference on the packaging. And the quality of the real ones can't be compared to the fake ones!

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        Markings on the inside of real ANZ airpods are different. Fake ones even with Apple’s check they won’t be able to tell as the serial is borrowed. But it will show a lot of claim/repair records, that’s how they know it’s fake. We are lucky as the fakes don’t copy our regulatory markings, yet?

    • How can there be positive feedback if they're sending out fake ones?

      • Probably from people who don't realise they are fake since they look 99% identical.

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    $50 more than the previous low.

    Should I wait for possible EOFY deals or should I PM with OW

    • HODL!

      • Objection!

        — Phoenix Wright

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    thanks OP - price beaten @ Officeworks via phone :)

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    Just price beat at Amazon for $284

    Perfect timing as I lost the right pod from my Gen1s a few weeks ago :(

  • will good guys match this? because they texted me a one time use 30 dollar off coupon for instore purchase, im wondering would they match amazon price so i can use the voucher to make it 270

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      Hi friend

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      Just had a call with the good guys, they said No for Amazon deals

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        good news, officeworks has lowered its price to match the amazon deal, should work with goodguys price match now

        • Tried The Good Guys and was told they can't do it.

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            @darthsparrow: thats strange, i did it with the price match phone number on thier site, but the physical store also said they could do it no issues

            • @shajiby: hmm wondering if i should go get it and use the 30 dollar coupon or wait for next years iteration of the airpod (they seem to release one every 3 years next year is due for an update). i got a Samsung earpod rn which is fairly new only few months from the 99 dollar telstra deal and also bose earbuds for workouts

    • just did this on the phone - price match with officeworks and used my $30 instore code - $269

    • Good Guys said no over the phone.
      I went to the store today and showed JB Hi-Fi and office works selling at $299 and the manager very reluctantly with a very long face approved and entered password to override

      Cashier said $299 please and I oh I have a voucher and gave the code which was promptly accepted without any issues. Paid $269 and walk away with AirPod Pro 2 :)

  • is it worth upgrading from the lightning charger version to USB-C version?

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      Nope. That’s the only change.

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      Depends, if the sound quality is good enough and you're happy with the lightning version then I suggest keeping it and upgrading when the old ones wear out. The only difference is slightly better sound quality due to better chip leading to better noise cancellation, transparency mode, pinpoint find my, longer battery life, better mic and USB-C. It's a marginal upgrade if you only care about sound quality and honestly the noise cancellation is good enough for me.

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    Purchase for the sole purpose of work zoom meetings and claim on your tax. From the ATO "If the item cost $300 or less and you use it mainly for a work-related purpose, you can claim an immediate deduction for its cost in the year you buy it."

    • a wise man once said…

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      i wana make sure people understand this, coz there are alot of dummies, you do not claim the total 300 back in your pocket, your only reducing the tax payable for your total income for that year minus 300, which you would be saving a few dollars in actual payable tax

      • +1

        It's not 1:1 but if you make over $120k and hit the 37% tax rate, a $299 deduction is still approx $110 dollars back in your pocket. Otherwise $97 or so for making over $45k and under $120k annual.

    • Have the 1st gen pro. It has started to play up recently but is still totally useable. Now I am completely convinced to get the 2nd gen. Thanks

      • I think I’m in the same boat. One side refuses to charge sometimes without me wiggling it inside the case and battery life is starting to show its age!

  • dont forget to use it if you have any left over 10% off amazon gift card in your amazon account instead of price beat officeworks only 5%.

  • AirPods pro gen 1 user here. Is the upgrade worth it? I charge wireless so don’t care about lightning or USBC.

    • Interested to know as well.

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      its a huge upgrade in sound quality and noise cancellation performance

    • Absolutely. I have been using gen 1 for few years now. Tried the gen 2. Much better! As I also use iphone 15pm, I can get rid off the lighting cable completely and finally !

      • I still cannot get rid of lighting completely .. still have an APM! Apple need to hurry up and release APM2 with usb c already!

  • Bought these for $325 from OW only a couple of weeks ago… guess I can’t do anything now?

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      I believe OW you can return a product within 90 days.

  • Thanks OP. Just price beat at OW

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    Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) with Charging Case is $154 on sale on Amazon .

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    I have Airpods pro, but bought these cheap QCY HTO5 for 37$ and they are very good.

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      Any chance they connect with Siri commands and Apple Watch as well?

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        You can tap on ear phones for Siri to work and can setup other shortcuts via app.

  • Worth getting now at this price or hold out until APP3? I have the OG APP with lightning and they’re starting to show their age (battery wise)

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    They’re now 299 @ OW. DAMN no price beat now.

    • They were changing the price right when I was on the phone with OW!

      • Dammnnnn that would have really sucked!!!

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    Catch have stock at 299$ and I think most of you should have access to 5% Catch GCs.

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    JB on $299 also.

    • Thank you for the heads up.

      Placed an order with JB using a gift card puchased through Reward Gateway = extra 6.5%off.

      Total cost me $279.56

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    With officeworks price match is this over the time?

  • The GoodGuys have not updated the price and refused my price match request via the phone

  • JB have them at $299 too now

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    CommBank users see if you have a JB Hifi cash back offer and combine with discounted gift cards (mixed payment)

    • Thanks,

      Did this. 5% off GC + $10 off $50.

      • Awesome. I did that today too :)

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