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[Oculus VR] Stilt $2.73 (Was $27.32) @ Meta Store


Becoming a daily occurrence now. Here is another game that is 90% off. This one I'm actually a bit excited for as it seems to be quite a decent game.

Here is a decent review of the PSVR2 version:


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  • Actually wanted this game. Thanks!

  • +1

    This does actually look good, other than Max Mustard, the rest of the 90% off deals have been pretty underwhelming.

    Shame to move there is a reliance of jumping up and down and it being in first person. Will probably give me motion sickness.

    • +2

      Yeah that's the thing stopping me from getting this, the motion sickness

    • Looks just like gorilla tag

      • Just bought it and had a quick play, it has a similar movement mechanic but a lot springier…. which feels pretty cool actually.

    • It might give you motion sickness… but because you are physically moving your arms to perform the movements it may not be too bad since it tricks your brain a little. You can actually move without jumping by moving your arms alternately as you would normally walk with your legs.

  • Stupid question, do you put the code in AFTER you press the buy button?

    • +1

      Click the price, and then when it shows you the total, underneath that should be "add promo code"

      Don't click confirm until you see it's down to $2.73

      If you mess up, oculus can prob refund you, I did it when they were having a sale but you had to manually put in their sale code, so they refunded me and i bought it again with the code

      • Beautiful, got it!

    • yes. There is a section clearly marked as promotion code.

      Edit: woops sorry @R3STRIKT3D I got into a conversation mid commenting so writing a few words took like 5 minutes 🤣😂

  • +1

    Wonder if beat saber will be 90% off? (I know it won’t)

    • I am surprised there are people who have an Oculus, but don't own Beat Saber. It is sort of a mandatory purchase on day 1. There is no incentive to heavily discount when it is consistently in the top 10 apps for years now.

      • +1

        I view Synth Riders as a hard upgrade to Beat Saber so I have it instead. Full official support for custom songs built in, too.

        • I personally like how massive the modding community is with Beat Saber as well as the game aesthetics. Lots of community submitted maps, and songs, all within the headset. Lost a lot of weight from it.

          I have tried Synth Riders it didn't quite "click" with me, felt at times I was playing a boxing game, I have a certain fondness for light sabers. But yes, Synth Riders is another very popular choice.

      • +1

        Totally this. The thing is, buy the Steam PC version so that it's easier to mod it with custom songs.

  • +10

    Just sharing the rest of the list (to date) if anyone is curious!

    • Cheers mate, I missed a few.

  • This one looks like a lot of fun, similar to Max Mustard which I'm having a blast with. Nice deal!

  • Doesn't appeal to me, but for $2.73 I'll make the kids appeal to it.

    • I don't think it can be influenced to like your children… but I suppose you're welcome to try

  • Developing a 'meta pile of shame' of games I might never play…..

  • +2

    Never used Oculus, no intention of ever buying Oculus, signed up to Meta Store and bought this game just to lock in the savings.

  • Whoa - I'd vomit hard playing this. I'll pass.

    • I don't find it too bad due to the locomotion method. It feels like you are actually using your body to perform the movement so kind of tricks you brain into believing.

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