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Hello everybody,

Just spoke to ING regarding their 'Refer a friend' campaign ( and just wanted to share the information I received.

a) It is vital to use a code that hasn't been used by more than 5 people and/or being super quick to open and activate the card. The consultant on the phone said that ONLY the first 5 people will receive the bonus and as there is no reliable way of knowing the number of times the code has been used, it might pay off to activate quickly. Or ING might just pay off everyone eventually, I'm not sure how they will act, but this is what they told me.

b) This is the important bit.

Those people who use the code and activate their cards between now and 31st December and the people providing the unique codes, will have their bonuses in by 8th January, 2013.

So if you are a new customer and haven't received your bonus, I'm guessing that means 5 people activated before you. Might be worthwhile to call them up after that date to check why the bonus hasn't been credited and they might make a goodwill deposit, who knows ?

To those people providing the codes, if you receive less than $250, that means you still have a code or a few codes left (simple math to find out, 1 code = $50). If you have codes left, you can still give it out, since new customers need to open and activate by 31st January. Both parties will receive their bonus by 8th February.

Yup, I think that's about it. If someone else feels like cross checking that with ING, that would be nice :)

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  • I've still got three codes left,
    send a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

  • +1

    3 codes left. please pm for a quick response.

  • 5 codes available. PM me if you need a code.

  • Guys,

    I have 4 codes left, Message me and I will send you the code within minutes!

  • Does anybody know how long it takes after registering a new OE account to receive the email/code (and hence be able to invite friends yourself)?

    Or any way to speed that up

    • You may or may not get it. You need to start actually using the card first!

  • 3 codes left pm me :)

  • how can i get my own referal codes? i want to invite my wife

    • Hi,

      It seems only people who registered for the 5% cashback deal before this new $50 referral deal was announced received a code. I can message you one if you'd like, my code still has a fair few uses and your wife could use that. Unfortunately, unless you got a code yourself, you can't refer others :(

      • Only some who were already registered & met ING's marketing criteria were sent codes. No one I know received the email.

  • I still have at least 4 uses left on my code, even though plenty have posted already, PM me if you still need one :)

  • I still have 2 code left if anybody is still interested…

  • I've still got three codes left,
    send a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

  • I still have three codes as well. PM if anyone needs.

  • More codes over here

  • nightmarez3k you don't accept PMs.

    If anyone still has code uses left plz pm me am after 2 if possible, will let know if yours is used.

    • Fixed it. So you can PM me if you still need.

  • I still have 4 codes left.PM me for instant reply.Thnks

  • I have 5 codes here, just pm me!!!!

  • Feel free to pm me for my codes.

  • 3 codes left now :) Just PM please.

  • PM me for a code!

  • Ok I have 2 codes to use now,hurry up and pm me :)

  • I've still got two codes left,
    send a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

  • Anyone need a code PM me

  • Hi guys,

    still have 2 left. PM me if you need one. Cheers

  • Code pm meeeeeee !!! ;D

  • I still have 4 codes left. Pls PM me if you need one.

  • I have one last code, hurry up and get it for $50 bonus :) PM me please.

  • Damn, I have just setup an account for my missus to get the 5% paywave rebate, anyone got any idea to get her own code so that we can get $50 each?

    • It took me a week to get an e-mail with the code after I activated my card. You can wait or I'm happy to give you my last code :)

      • Thanks for the offer, I'll wait for her card to come next week and see how thing goes. I might pm you later if it's still available until then :).

  • I've got 3x $50 bonus's- PM me if you want! cheers

  • I've still got "2" codes left,
    send a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

  • Anyone got a valid code left, i.e. you have not given it out more than 5 times then please PM me, I will post back once I have it, cheers

    • +1

      i just sent one to you via pm

      • thanks coolsteps, used your code, nice and quick, cheers

  • I've still got codes. PM me for one!

  • God this thread is boring. Anyone got any cash from them yet?

  • Can someone please PM me a code that they have not shared with anyone else. I am singing up tomorrow morning.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Got one for you, but you have to turn your PM on: My Account -> Settings -> Allow Private Messages tick box.

    • Hi There,

      have you got the code yet?
      pm me if you still haven't got it yet.

  • I have 5 codes left. Please PM if you'd like one too :D
    Joining in on the band wagon!!

  • I have 5 codes, pm me if interested.

  • Hi guys I have just activated my pm. If u could try again that would be great as I a signing today

    • Hi Just sent you a code.

      • Boo!

  • 5 Codes available here

    • PM'ed you :)

      • Thanks - PM sent.

  • Have a few left as well pm me if you need

  • Hi all,
    I still have a working code. Just two left
    Pm me if needed

  • Four codes ready to go. Shout out if you need one.

  • Hi all

    I still got 2 working code.

    PM me if needed

  • I've still got "2" unused codes left,
    send a pm and i'll get back to you asap.

  • :)

  • Hi all,
    I have three referrals.
    Pm me if needed

  • I have 4 codes up for grabs. PM me for code.

  • Can someone please pm me a code that they are sure is still valid. Thanks

    • Hi mate:) I dropped you a PM earlier

  • need 2 referals…pm to me please. Cheers!

    • I tried to, but it looks like you need to go into your accounts settings and enable private messaging.

      If you send me a PM I should be able to reply to it and give you my code. (I have 4 referrals left.)

      • Thanks Jonno,
        Try again now. That was my first post :-). I changed the setting.

  • I have 5 codes. PM me for quick response :)

  • Still have one :)

  • Two left. Let me know if you want one.

  • I've got a few codes left. Please PM me :)

  • Hey all, I've still got two working codes (positive working!), message me and I'll reply within the hour!! :)

  • 1 more code that will definitely work. pm me and i'll forward the info.

  • I have 5 codes left. PM for details. Cheers

  • I have 4 codes left, guaranteed to work. Send me a message here :

  • Still two left. PM for details. Cheers

  • I have 5 codes left. PM for details. Thanks.

  • I have 5 codes left. Please PM me for details. Thanks

  • I have a code for anyone interested, please PM :)

  • Anyone know when the money is due to come in?

  • Does anyone have a referral code that they are willing to share?

    Also, could you kindly confirm that you were definitely an account holder prior to the start of this promotion, that your code came in an email addressed to you and you have not used up all 5 referrals? (I don't want to miss out on the $50 for us both)

    Would like to sign up today. Please PM me.

    • PM sent

      • Thanks. Application done and activated. Enjoy your $50!

  • Anyone still have a code available?

  • Have 3 codes left pm me

  • Guys,

    I've got 4 codes left that are guarenteed to work, You don't want to be in a situation where you signup for an account using a code that you later find out that was invalid or already used….So message me here and I will provide you with a 100% working code :

  • I got 5 codes left, please pm me!

  • I still have codes available. Please PM me.

  • Anyone have a code, that they are sure hasn't been given out too many times?

    • +1

      Hi Greg, Sent you a PM with my code. Check your messages.

  • I still have a working code available if anyone's interested. Please PM :)

  • I am also certain I have 2 codes left. Please PM me if you would like one :)

  • Hi I have 3 code left. send a pm

  • I still have 4 codes left. PM me if you want it!

  • Have 5 codes, never used. PM if you want :)

  • Have 3 codes, PM me for a quick reply

  • Still have a code… grab it quick!

  • Hello all,

    I have got 4 codes left that I am certain have not been used by anyone else. Being an ING customer from many years I was assigned the referral code through an official email about the promotion so rest assured they are 100% working codes. Message me here if you are after one:

  • Have 5 codes; never shared. PM me.

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