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BOGOF Choc Toffee Blend 2 x 1kg for $64 + Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ $80 Order) @ Little Marionette


Limited edition Blend which looks to be quite an interesting mix of beans.
A limited promo while stocks last (Last offer lasted around 3 hours)

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The Little Marionette


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    The popup, full screen acknowledgement of country is a little over the top. Put it somewhere on your website, whatever, but don't shove it in people's faces and make it a condition of viewing the site.

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      Wow… it read to me more of a message out of respect and acknowledgment. A simple “continue” dismisses the pop up.
      Did your feelings get hurt?

      • +4

        No, seems yours are though, how dare someone not think the same way as you?!

        • Classic projection

          • @CookedChook: Maybe you could try projecting some bargains…member for almost 6 years and zero posts.

            • @Ham Dragon: Wow don't get hurt feelings, I'm here for bargains not virtual signalling like some

              • @CookedChook: Lmao you're the one having a sook because an internet stranger objects to political statements on retail websites. You need a Snickers.

                • @Ham Dragon: More projection. So sad

                  • @CookedChook: More concern trolling. So lame.

                    • @Ham Dragon: "you need a Snickers"

                      "Concern trolling"

                      Damn man, is the projection is like an addiction?

                      • @CookedChook: You need a new punchline…bleating the same tired schtick about "projection" got old after the second time. Try putting as much effort into posting bargains as you do at trying to insult people, you'll probably find more success.

                        • @Ham Dragon: Just living in ya head rent free huh

                          • @CookedChook: No one made you to reply, but you did, the visceral urge to seethe publicly was & continues to be too strong to resist. Stay mad!

                            • @Ham Dragon: "no one made you reply"
                              I know it's a cliche for someone to tell you this at this point, but dude, your projection onto others is hilarious. "Stay mad" I feel like this is your internal monologue haha.

                              • @CookedChook: Is that why the upvote ratios are so strong in my favour? Nice.

                                What's also nice is of a total of 81 comments in almost 6 years, you spent 7% of them just on me (so far), the most you've ever replied! What were you saying about rent free again?

                                • @Ham Dragon: You sure do spend a lot of time looking into me, I don't think about you at all.

                                  • @CookedChook: 2 clicks & mental arithmetic takes less than 10 seconds, don't flatter yourself, any fleeting thoughts are entirely contemptuous.

                                    • @Ham Dragon: Is a ham dragon slang for servicing men in public toilets?

                                      • @CookedChook: And what if it is? Does that turn you on mate? Love the thought of it? Now who's really projecting?!


                                        • @Ham Dragon: Yeah man, suck me off

                                          • @CookedChook: That previous comment must really have stung if you need to stoop to low key homophobic remarks. True colours revealed.

    • +3

      Honestly I'm surprised it's not happening more often. I work for NSW health and it's an expectation to start each meeting with acknowledgement

      • +1

        Yeah, pretty much every professional meeting now, regardless of public or private has it now. Just an observation, not commentary.

    • -3

      Yeah, agree it's not just annoying but it also perpetuates social division, plain dumbness. And more importantly, 64/kg+delivery is not a deal

      • +2

        Its not $64 a Kg, its $32/kg,

    • Do you get this worked up about cookies as well?

  • -6

    Damn, racism alive and well on Ozbargain . Shame.

    • +1

      BOGOF coffee is racist? Crikey, looks like I missed the latest memo on What Society Deems Racist This Week.

  • +2

    Sanchez 7 was a better deal at $25 per kg.
    Didn't expect that promotion end after a few hours.

    • I also agree. Sanchez is one of the best coffee beans imo.
      I can't comment on this, but they are a good roaster

  • +2

    12.5$ shipping is a deal breaker 😞

    • If you know someone who would enjoy coffee split the bill with them. With the Sanchez I got 4kg 2kg for me and 2kg for them and we just split the bill.
      No delivery fee over $80

    • +1

      Sometimes i find myself thinking this but i think it’s still fair. I sent a return package back and had to pay shipping, it was about 2kg or so and cost me $28. I assume a lot of these online shop businesses have better shipping deals with Ozpost but still it must be significant. I don’t think it’s that unfair nowadays. Especially if the item is <$100.

  • Nah, no thanks.

  • Firstly I can’t apply the code for the coffee and secondly when did 64/kg+delivery become a deal ? This is purely advertisement imo.

    • +2

      Add 2 x 1kg of the coffee to cart and add the promo code at checkout.

      It works out as 2kg of coffee for $64 plus shipping.

      • Need to update that in the title ? The 12.95 shipping for 90km away is a killer with this deal

        • +3

          So it's $38.50/kg coffee from a pretty well regarded roaster.
          That's not bad.

    • +3

      Sorry buddy, i thought the BOGOF was a commonly used acronym for Buy one get one free.
      Code definitely still works.

  • $64 for 1 kg of beans on a non-sale price is pretty ex. 2 for 1 and adding on shipping kinda makes it back to square 1 vs comparable local roasters to choose from (and without having to commit to 2kg of new beans to try). just my 2 cents in pricing / positioning for an online coffee bean push

    • I can't talk against this blend as I haven't tried it. However these type of deals work good with friends or family who also want to purchase. As mentioned earlier I got the Sanchez deal for me and my mate, ordered a total of 4kg got free shipping.

      • do you by chance own a cafe? how do you finish 2kg of beans within a month from roast date (assuming pretty serious abt consuming fresh roasted coffee)

        • +1

          You freeze them in vacuum-sealed bags.

        • I work from home and have people visit me. I go through coffee fairly quickly. Drink on average around 4 cups a day.
          But if I feel that the bag will get old. I will put it in freezer

  • I still have 2kg from another deal but would be interested to try this. Maybe next time.

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