Seagate IronWolf Pro ST10000NE0008 10TB 3.5" 7200RPM 256MB NAS Hard Drive $260 Delivered @ mujitech8 eBay

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Just saw this deal in ebay.

Seem like a good deal, still thinking whether I should get it.

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  • eBay and store name (mujitech8) in title.

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    I've seen this store before and they are heaps cheaper than they should be, which leads me to be very suspicious…. I've given them a miss… if somthing is to good to be true, it usually is.

    Always buy tech from a trusted seller.

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    FYI: item located in Australia but seller is based in China…

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    looks doggy to me too… would wait for a good deal from a bigger store.

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    I purchased the 12TB version a few weeks back and they are genuine new drives. The reason they're cheap is because they were manufactured 2021 - 2022 so there's only 2 - 3 years of warranty rather than the standard 5 years.

    They're packaged well and ship from Aus. Either way, assume that you are still taking a risk that if the drive dies the warranty process isn't going to be as straightforward as buying from a local shop.

    • Did you do a serial number check? It can show it was sold through which distributor as well. remove the PCB also can check the printing on it.

    • So the warranty begins from manufacturing date, not point of sale?

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        If you purchased from an authorised reseller (there's a list in the Seagate AU website), you can contact Seagate support to extend the warranty period to match date of purchase.

        Source: Done this a couple of times.

        • Good to know :)

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    These will be refurbished drives with all the SMART data wiped. Usually from data centres that change drives every 3 years or so

    • Agree, but without hard prove peoples still believe it is new from manufacture .

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        These are enterprise level drives. Even if they have 20,000 hours on them, they still have 20-30k at least of life left i.e. many years to go. We're talking 3 years at minimum.

        I have no gripes with using refurb drives as they contain rare earth metals that can't be recycled, but to advertise them as new is unethical.

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    I purchased 4 of the 12tb version from that seller a few weeks ago for 280. They were really good versions but fake. The QR code check failed as well as the serial numbers were also inorrect. 1 of the hdd also ended up dieing as well.

    He asked me to send then back to china on my dime, even though he is set up as a local seller.

    He has lots of positive reviews but just do all the checks when u first get the drives..

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      Thanks for the heads up. Good to know these finer details. I've been burned with Chinese eBay sellers before.

  • In their eBay listing pictures the serial number of a drive checks out for the model, but not against the retailing country:
    So no direct warranty through Seagate RMA. If that's what you care.

  • I wouldn’t buy specially if it’s your production server/NAS.

  • My issue with this seller is they keep on creating new eBay seller accounts, presumably to artifically inflate their ratings. For cheap hard drives, East Digital is still the way to go.

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