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amaysim: $9.75 Cashback on $10 32GB SIM | Dell: 12% | Chemist Warehouse: 6% @ Topcashback AU



  • Cashback is ineligible on use of any codes not approved and posted by TopCashback.
  • SIM must be activated within 20 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in cashback being declined.
  • Recharges to existing services are ineligible for cashback.
  • Phones & phone deals are ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on use of gift cards as payment and/or purchase of gift cards.

Chemist Warehouse


Amaysim: $24 cashback on 120GB $24 SIM

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Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • Thanks OP, good deal. Any other good deal to part away from Amaysim and come back?

    • +1

      I use lebara when on special otherwise i have a stack of boost to use up

      • Yeah hoping Lebara to go on special this week. Boost offers have dried up lately.

    • to part away from Amaysim and come back

      Reason ?

      'What else is essential?….Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM).'-> https://www.topcashback.com.au/amaysim/

  • Why lose 25c on the $10 32GB SIM plan when you can pay essentially nothing on the $24 120GB SIM plan?

    • +1

      Tell us….

    • +1

      In case….

      • Seems to imply that money-back offers are ALWAYS-at-risk…Amaysim &/or Topcashback can turn-on-you anytime ?

  • No promo code is listed in topcashback-amaysim site, will the cash back get rejected? A bit concern to risk my $24, but I need a new sim :(

    • +1

      No promo code for Amaysim. You can check amaysim website for the $24 promotion. Top tips:
      ✓ Turn off any adblocker/vpn app if you use (certain vpn has adblocker feature).
      ✓ Use Chrome mobile browser from your phone (no add-ons) with phone data unless if you are sure that your wifi network doesn't block trackings. I can set NextDNS in home router setting previously that can block ads, trackings, etc.)
      ✓ In Chrome mobile browser, tap Settings - Privacy and security:
      Third -party cookies are allowed
      Send a "Do Not Track" request OFF
      ✓ Login TopCashback in Chrome mobile browser and buy the Amaysim.

      I never fail with trackings from any cashback companies (Cashrewards, Shopback, TopCashback).

      • Thank you.

      • thanks, it seems like worth installing a separate browser with no plugin with do-not-track turned off ..

        can't afford to run my main browser so "naked"

        • Of course running main browser naked only when I want to shop through cashback companies.

          In my phone, I use Adguard app combined with NextDNS setting to block ads, trackers, malware, etc.

          I use Chrome mobile browser for shopping and reading news mostly. Brave browser or Firefox browser with ublock origin etc. for running YouTube in the background. Kiwi browser (another Chromium based browser with extensions! for Facebook (can open many pages, very useful rather than Facebook app for me). I use extension such as Social Fixer for Facebook in Kiwi mobile browser that can see the latest posts (even 1 minute ago or few minutes ago) in Facebook group. The default view in Facebook is NOT latest posts in Facebook group. Vivaldi browser not much use, let's see later (Chromium based browser too).

          Firefox mostly for Ozb …

          These apply in android phone. In iPhone/iPad, any other browsers are just another Safari skin with webkit engine because Apple doesn't allow other engines.

      • May be it's MORE-than tracking problem…FULL-disclosure please.

        Novice read your comments are motivated to buy these offers, but are likely to fail their money-back claims. Thanks

        • My Amaysim purchase from Cashrewards has been approved within days after purchase and can be withdrawn. Same with NordVPN through Cashrewards (approved). Waiting for the cashback withdrawal in my bank account.

          I am waiting for my Temu shopping (tracked and pending for approval) from TopCashback.

          Also waiting for my other Temu (different new account) and David Jones shopping (tracked and pending for approval) from Shopback.

        • I have replied your PM. New number is okay and accepted as new customer for this kind of sim card promotion. My Amaysim with new number through Cashrewards has been approved and I am waiting for the withdrawal process. The cashback money (along with NordVPN cashback) hasn't arrived in my bank account.

          I use the same old Amaysim account.

  • Any tracked?

    • Did it end up tracking for you?

      Edit: Nevermind, tracked within a half hour, eSIM

  • Can’t find $32G SIM on amaysim website, anyone bought it?

  • I wonder if Amaysim will shadow ban users like Boost did…. and if yes, what's the limit?

  • If I got the $10 sim with $9.75 cash back. Can I also start a new $24 120gb plan with $24 cash back? Or will it become ineligible since I already got $9.75 cash back from the other sim

    • +1

      Yes you can. Always buy ONLY 1 sim card from any cashback companies. Don't buy 2 sim cards in 1 transaction (must be 2 separate transaction). After the first transaction, go to TopCashback website again and click the Amaysim link again to buy the second sim card.

      Read the terms and exclusions:
      "Cashback is eligible for new and existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM)"

      So, you'll have 2 numbers in your same amaysim account after you buy another new sim card.

  • Just bought via mobile chrome browser by clicking through Topcashback. Is there anyway to check click history to confirm that the site logged my activity?

    • It will be listed in "earnings" as pending

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