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$24 Cashback on amaysim 120GB 28-day Prepaid SIM Plan for $24 Delivered @ TopCashback AU


A good cashback increase of $24 on a $24 120GB 28 day SIM card from amaysim. Essentially getting it for free after cashback.

As usual follow the terms.

  • Cashback is ineligible on use of any codes not approved and posted by TopCashback.
  • SIM must be activated within 20 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in cashback being declined.
  • Recharges to existing services are ineligible for cashback.
  • Phones & phone deals are ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on use of gift cards as payment and/or purchase of gift cards.
  • Most retailers calculate cashback based on purchase amount excluding taxes & delivery charges. Your cashback may be slightly lower than expected due to this.
  • Cashback is eligible for new & existing amaysim customers on purchase of a new service (SIM).
  • If you cancel / return / exchange / modify your completed order, it will no longer be eligible for cashback and will be declined in your account.

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Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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    How to make sure cashback is tracked? Top cashback never works for me not sure what I'm doing wrong

    • +1

      Only use Chrome mobile browser (no add-ons anyway) from your phone and your own data, unless if your home wifi doesn't have adblocker (normal).

      In Chrome setting - privacy and security:
      Third party cookies are allowed
      Send a "Do not track" request as Off.
      Use secure DNS: either Off or your current provider. Don't use adguard/NextDNS etc.

  • +1

    Same cashback as Cashrewards, better stick with CR.

    • +3

      I dunno… TA is with TopCashback now. I know who I'd trust to have my back in the event of cashback getting FUBAR'd.

    • Agreed. Tracked and payable within 7 days with CR vs over 12 weeks with TCB.

      • vs over 12 weeks with TCB

        12 weeks is a generic estimate for all stores. As an example, all purchases of Amaysim SIMs for May that were activated within 20 days are already payable to members. As I stated in a previous post, if CR is approving to members prior to knowing whether SIMs have been activated, then kudos to them for wearing the risk. Hope this helps, and have a great weekend :)

        • Thanks for the clarification TA that sounds pretty good. My order last week has already changed to "confirmed" so hopefully it will become payable soon.

          • @xers: No worries at all. This may also help explain the 3 steps to 'payable'. Cheers.

            • @tightarse: As a side note, all the sims I purchased from amaysim came pre-activated which probably explains why CR is willing to risk approving it early.

              • +6

                @xers: Makes sense! Give me 15 minutes. As a gesture of good will, I'm going to approve all Amaysim SIMs for June that are locked (and wear the risk), just to keep you guys happy. Will let you know when done :)

                • @tightarse: Wow that would be wonderful. Thanks mate.

                  • +2

                    @xers: @xers and others - OK, as a one off, I've approved all Amaysim orders that had status of 'confirmed' up to 5pm June 14. It's my small gift to show how genuine we are about winning members over. Please check your accounts and do reach out should you ever need assistance. Enjoy your weekend :)

                    • +1

                      @tightarse: Wow amazing. I kept hearing praises for you but never got to see it first hand. You are every bit as good as people say you are. You've earned a loyal TCB customer mate.

                      • +1


                        You've earned a loyal TCB customer mate.

                        That's what we want! Thanks again, appreciate the kind words :)

                    • @tightarse: Recommended to a friend and she said it did not track (28-day SIM with 32GB). Had to guide how to process a claim.

                      • @armageddeus: How did it go after a claim was made? Did they add the cashback?

                        • @jon: No reply yet apparently from TC. Such a hassle to follow up especially when you recommend TC to a friend. It's seems more hassle than worth.

              • @xers: I haven't used Amaysim before. When it's pre-activated, does it mean you lose out on the number of days it was activated earlier? I wonder if it's Cashrewards that activated it

    • Cashrewards hasn't had as many amazing deals recently tbh, I'm expecting good things now TA is with TopCashback!

    • Bought one with Cashrewards and looks like it didn't track. Tried another one with Top cashback and tracking came through in half an hour.

  • Bought 2 via tcb yesterday and tracked well

  • Does anyone know if we can get the esim option instead of a physical sim?

    • should be able to transfer to esim

    • @tightarse are eSIMs eligible for cashback?

      • +1

        I want to confirm with Amaysim on Monday to be 100% sure, as I want to add this to our terms going forward. But having read some comments in previous posts, it appears others have tracked fine with eSIMs.

        • You’re legend as always

          • @nosrad: Definitely no legend. Just want to do what’s best for members. Enjoy the weekend :)

    • Until TA confirms with amaysim, I'd get a physical sim and convert to an esim after CB is tracked. Done with boost, no issues

  • when it works they are ok. problem is only half the time. still waiting on optus from mths ago and now 1 temu tracked (and waiting) and another 24 hours later not. have least problem and quickest resolution with cashrewards then tossup between topcashback and shopback. havent used honey much.

  • +1

    How many Sims can we order with cashback?

  • When will this deal end?

    • +1

      At this stage, on the 17th of June unless Amaysim withdraws it earlier :)

  • Is amaysim the new boost?

    • +1

      Nah.. No profit and it's the optus network.

      • +1

        Plus the automatically activated thing is a bit annoying.

  • I assisted a mate for this deal, the cashback tracked in 27mins! Amazing!!

  • I'll try my luck here, clicked through tcb from desktop Firefoxand purchased a $24 sim. Tcb site had a banner that said the visit was recorded

    But I'm not seeing anything "My Visited Merchants" history for some reason though, I can see amaysim in the "My Browsed Merchants" history.

    Now tracked, took about 30mins.

    • second order also tracked.

  • +1

    I purchased the $24 Amaysim card around 4pm yesterday.

    To date, still has not tracked on TCB.

    Should I be worried?

    Purchased via the TCB mobile app.

    • +1

      Tried out TCB tracking, still hasn't tracked - has been one day.

      All of my CR has tracked within 5 minutes though.

      Will submit a claim..

      • Yes I did the same thing. Thought I’d try out TCB. I should have stuck with CR

        Don’t you need to wait 7 days before submitting a claim?

        • +1

          Purchased on the 16th and now over 3 days later still not tracked.

          @tightarse - Can you help?

          I purchased one on CR and it tracked and the $24 has been paid already.

          Didn’t know TCB would be such a hassle.

          I may have to end up cancelling it - otherwise It’ll end up costing me $24 for the SIM card if I don’t get the Cashback!

          • @proudwanderer: Hi. Please shoot me a screenshot of your invoice and your TCB email address. Can’t comment on why yours didn’t track as plenty did. If you check the CR amaysim posts, their comments around failed with them, so it’s difficult to know why. Anyway, here to help. Thank you.

            • @tightarse: Thanks for sorting this out for me @tightarse.

              Cashback is in my account and payable already!

              Always good to know we are being looked after. Thanks!

            • @tightarse: Hey @tightarse, was hoping if you could help me with this for instant support rather than having to wait a long period of time?

              Just thought I'd try out TCB instead of CR for one tracking and unfortunately it didn't track for me either.

              Thanks & hoping to hear back soon :)

              • +1

                @AkuroPlays: Of course I can help. As above, please PM me your invoice and your TCB email address. Cheers.

                • @tightarse: Issue is now resolved, thank you so much for resolving this for me @tightarse!

                  Cashback is already in my TCB account within minutes of contacting TA & is now payable.

                  100% recommend TCB, and props to TA for being a great rep. Could not ask for any better support. :)

      • See here :)

  • @tightarse, was hoping if you could help me with no tracking issues below. I have PM you with my 3 Invoices and my TCB email for your reference just now.
    I have made 3 x $24 separate transactions last night (20:59pm/23:02pm/23:08pm-2/7/2024) and unfortunately they all didn't track for me. Previously, I have used TCB on 16 June 2024, they all tracked within 3 hours. As always, I like to support you TA & TCB. Thanks!

  • @tightarse I'm just wondering how long it takes to go from confirmed to payable as it seems to be taking forever. I did one order that was made payable in less than 1 week yet a second order I did has been marked confirmed weeks ago yet still hasn't been made payable.

    • Please see here & here :)

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