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MacBook Air 13.3" M1 8-CoreCPU 7-CoreGPU 8GB/256GB (2020 Model) $1198 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ OnePass/ C&C) @ OfficeWorks


Just found this Macbook air which apparently they are cleaning the stock. Not much stock left and is a 2020 model so….

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  • +8

    Hmmmm I'd rather pay an extra $150 for Magsafe, M2 and the better screen.

  • i only want to see m2 for $300 less

    • -2

      I only want to see m2 for the same price but with 16GB RAM. Again, only want to see.

      • oh yeah, must have 16gb ram

  • +7

    Expensive for 8GB RAM config

  • +6

    Not a good deal for a very old and lowest spec model.

  • +7

    Yeah, $1200 for a four year old computer with only 8GB RAM….

  • this M1 is more than enough for most people for the next couple of years… 8G ram is a different story on ios

  • +1

    Apple so stubborn and still not bring this down to $800 or below

    • Coz people are still buying this, and its all supply and demand. The image that Apple has created sells everything for them. The product is pretty good though but Apple's milking it.

  • Interesting to see the absence of the twenty or so 8GB neggers in this deal. :)

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