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Dell S3422DWG 34" Curved Gaming Monitor $489.50 Delivered (Earn Double Dell Reward Points) @ Dell

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Dell 34 Curved Gaming Monitor (S3422DWG) direct from Dell for $489.50 inc. delivery (EOFY deal)

34" curved WQHD monitor with VESA Display HDR 400, a 144Hz refresh rate providing a truly immersive gaming experience.


  • WQHD 3440 x 1440 (DisplayPort: 144 Hz, HDMI: 100 Hz)
  • 2 x HDMI
  • DisplayPort 1.4
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 upstream
  • 3 x USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 downstream with Battery Charging 1.2
  • Audio line-out


  • Height: 427.31mm ~ 527.31mm (16.82” ~ 20.76”)
  • Width: 807.90mm (31.81”)
  • Depth: 234.18mm (9.22”)
  • Weight (Without stand - for VESA mount): 7.71kg (16.99lb)

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  • +16

    $454.23 after TechRadar coupon (-$34.27) and rounding adjustment (-$1).

    • which coupon is this?

  • +1

    Almost had a heart attack thinking it was the AW3423DW(F) that I ordered for a few more coins a few weeks ago!

    [Then busted ready the wallet to add a second one to WFH setup if it was!]

    • What's the difference?

      • Budget ultrawide with a RTing's in the 6's, vs something in the 8's.

      • +4

        AW3423DW is oled

  • +7

    I think it's important to include that it's a VA panel type. Anyone who's on the hunt already knows its generally VA at this price point, but still worth mentioning.

    • +9

      This is an excellent VA though. No noticeable blur at all when gaming or working

      • +1

        Out of the box there's noticeable black smearing during movement in games. I managed to reduce it a bit by turning on DisplayHDR400 in the monitor settings and calibrating it using windows HDR tool.

        • Wow, I thought I was picky, but haven’t noticed anything. I guess I don’t play CS/fortnight to get the fast movement?

        • No need for HDR400, if you haven't already, the main thing you want to do is set Response Time to 'super fast' for optimal results.

          other options I changed as per rtings recommendation

  • +2

    If you enable gsync this monitor will flicker when playing certain game just something to note

    • +3

      i had a similar issue with my xiaomi 34, turned down to 120hz and had no issues after this

  • I heard there are there a bunch of new OLED monitors being released this year? Still holding out for an ultrawide

    • Been waiting years for these OLEDs, I'm guessing they're all going to be over $1K though. I'll probably have to wait a few more years until they're ~$500. By then there will be some new tech I am holding out for haha.

      • Yeah similar boat but I'm going to justify the purchase of a new OLED because I've held out for so long I deserve something new and shiny.

        I guess what I'm trying to understand is (because I don't follow the monitor scene closely) which one are the new OLED monitors. I know these ones have been around for a couple years at least

        • I think most manufacturers are just starting to release 27" and 32" OLEDs are various specs, don't know the specific models though.

  • +2

    had it nearly three years now without any issues

  • Is the picture quality any good? Been using ips all my life and afraid regret spend on a va panel. Unfortunately cant find a 34" ultrawide ips monitor with at least 100hz, at an affordable price point. Ny use context includes 50% work, 25% media consumption and 25% game (diablo etc not hardcore fps games)

    • +1

      Well, think of it this way.

      Bright, Clear or Impressive.
      VA, IPS or OLED.

      Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Even OLED has downsides, but it has all of the advantages. Including the price. IPS often has trouble with black because it’s edgelit unless you switch to QD or Mini-LED which you’re heading into OLED price territory.

      I have this monitor from a few years ago. It’s great, but I don’t use it much. Gsync flicker is a hassle, but I just don’t use it once I switched to OLED. I would use it for work, but, I don’t know.

      It’s very hard to compete with a 42” or 48” LG C1/2/3 OLED, especially if it’s under $1000, but you can get some great 34” UWs.

      QD is an even better option if available, but the price is prohibitive and the AW QD-OLED is a tricky option due to the triangular pixel structure. It throws people. Hence why you see them on sale a lot.

      VA does ‘offend’ people because the accuracy of white and black is skewed. It can be calibrated, but off-angle colour is occasionally skewed. Brightness also falls off as you are at an odd angle. But it has a great vivid contrast of dark and bright colours.

      A monitor review needs to show standard whites, YouTube vivid colour, HDR range and blowout/smearing, ghosting and dragging windows around to show white smear/grey smear, as well as off-angle colour and brightness. A more expensive VA panel will reduce these problems, but it’s not a deal breaker if it’s cheap.

      The biggest example is Word/ browsing. Standard white screens are the quick test of quality. How the cursor moves around, where the pointer lines up with your tracking and precision on corners.

      A cheap VA will look mediocre with a standard browser, scrolling will smear, the white will appear orange/green and have varying brightness. A cheap IPS will have a beautiful contrast of pure / gray-blue white depending on the mode, but it will also have a diluted black.

      For work content, UW is useful since it can easily handle 2 A4 equivalent windows to have a pseudo-second screen, or reference two windows at the same time. Media at 16:9, with some stretching is great. But, 34” is very similar to having 2x 27” screens.

      You get used to the discrepancy of a single panel, but it is sort of addictive for certain use cases. Not everyone does get used to having to manage locations and windows with the curve, so it can be offputting to switch. Some people just can’t adopt looking up and down, left center right, moving their head while focused on work, because it doesn’t feel normal to be switching focus.

      Same with the super ultrawide 38” which is a bit like looking at a VR headset if it has that super-curve. It’s quirky without seeing it in a store, but it is very immersive. Unfortunately.

      VA tends to be easier to drive for vibrant content. Solid whites tend to be off-skew until you calibrate or use a more standard viewing mode.

      It’s hard to switch from IPS for most people, since the trade off for a brighter screen is the pop and vivid contrast.

      Environment/Room brightness is the biggest factor for comparison.

      The most typical problem for both IPS and VA is grey or dark black isn’t quite as good, it becomes muddy at low brightness levels on VA, IPS becomes muted or diluted.

      Since most movie content will have black bars on UW, the VA quality needs to be higher than normal. Reviews are critical for this purpose.

      Enough to get used to, but not for HDR content which often relies on low grading and caves, corridors and solid contrast for bright areas. The higher frequency of VA improves the ghosting or grey to grey response, but VA usually has a murky texture that you don’t get with IPS or OLED.

  • An alternative to Dell maybe MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR at a touch higher price tag $587 (currently discounted at Officerworks - https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/msi-mpg-ar…)

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