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Samsung 990 PRO PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe 2TB $215.30 Delivered @ Samsung Education Store



Samsung Education Store exclusive. Check your email for a coupon code.

The email says: Use this code at checkout to redeem your $50 eVoucher:
Use the app for your first purchase to drop it another 5% to $204.5 delivered.

Standard Price: $379
Offer Price: $265.30 (30% off)
Code Price: $215.30 (-$50 discount)
First Time App Price: $204.5 (5% discount)

Probably the cheapest you're going to get it for in this economy and global shortage.

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    Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs? Do I need more SSDs?

  • Would love a code if anyone isn't using it

    • also would love a code please

      • And me, if we're doing codes :D

    • Me too haha

    • I bought this.

      • -1

        That's apples and oranges mate.

  • Would love a code if anyone has! Didn't see any in my inbox :(

  • I have a 1Tb nvme gen 4 and a 1Tb HDD for my personal files (pictures, archived documents, etc).

    Is it wise to use a NVME SSD to store them instead? Does not really need speed on those files, and gen 4 gets hot.

    But I do get a bit annoyed when I open the HDD and it takes 5 seconds to wakeup and load the folder.

    Was wondering if I should reinstall windows on this 2Tb and use my 1TB as the HDD replacement

    • +1

      If it's a hdd (not ssd) then one benefit is the nvme should be more reliable.

      You could possibly reduce that 5s delay by adjusting power sleep settings for your hdd.

      I'd buy this if i had a code

      • Thanks, yeah same, probably will jump if I get a code, and the 5% first app purchase

    • Get a 10TB or a 16TB from the deals posted.
      Get this 2TB Pro for windows, blazing fast.
      Use your old 1TB on your other slot. Or get the 4tb lexar at $299, you'll be broke, but worth it.

      • I don't need that much space, I do cleanups regularly and never went over 1.5Tb total

    • No benefit reinstalling windows on the 2TB if it is on a 1TB gen 4 drive already.

  • I'm signed up with 3 edu email addresses and none of them have received a code.

    • Are you subbed to the newsletter? Maybe that's one of it?

      • +1

        Pretty sure I am. Email history shows last voucher received was back in May.

  • +1


    It looks like this code is from unidays

    • Came to me from Samsung though. You could be right, it maybe related in some way to UniDays. But I don't know.

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