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Lexar NM790 4TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4×4 NVMe SSD with Heatsink $299 Delivered / MEL C&C @ Metrocom


Lexar are doing a short, very limited, EOFY deal, via their local retailers.

Big shout out and thank you to our local OZBargain Lexar Rep for organising this and making it possible.

Only Metrocom & Mwave have updated their prices. BPC and JW are still to follow suit, so wait and watch to see what happens, or just buy @ $299.
Comes with Heatsink and without. I understand you can remove the heatsink but still have the warranty intact.

YouTube Promo on the drive.

Also available from

Edit: The other two have followed suit. Everyone is now at $299.

Edit 2:

There are a lot of questions about the heatsink.
PSA confirmed by the Lexar Rep: You can safely and carefully take out the heatsink and use it as is. Inside the heatsink is the exact same drive as the non-heatsink version. The warranty sticker is inside the heatsink, and stuck on the drive itself, so as long as you don't remove that sticker, it will remain under warranty.

The warranty is immediately void for user-induced damaged (not for removing the heatsink).

Edit 3:

Metrocom has sold out, so now buy from BPC. I believe Mwave has fees. JW is another good C&C option.

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  • +2

    Annoying the good prices are only the heatsink ones my motherboard has the heatsink already ontop

    • +31

      remove the mobo heatsink, store it in the mobo box and forget about it for the rest of the mobo's lifespan

    • +4

      Just double heatsink it

      • Wont fit under

        • What will not fit under?
          If you remove the heatsink, the card will still not fit?

          • +11

            @lordra: Obviously he was referring to double heat sinking it

          • +1

            @lordra: How easy is it to remove the heatsink?

            It will fit once heatsink is off.

        • you haven't seen my heatsink later.

      • +1

        Yeah just double slapped it like Maxibon!

    • +8

      The heatsinks on the drives are very easy to remove. 4 small screws and it all pulls apart with a little pressure.

      • +1

        Do you need to heat it up before removing the thermal pad or paste?

        • +1


          • @JustinFR: Thanks. First time buying an internal SSD, didn't realise the heatsink could be trouble to fit into an enclosure or swap it out with my laptop's ssd.

      • -2

        This will normally void warranty

        • +2

          Removing the sticker doesn’t negate consumer law as per ACCC.

          • @skittlebrau: Yeah right. You can always quote the ACCC in a phone call to a help desk but they still have to say yes. Otherwise you're going to small claims court

            • +2

              @Micsmit: Granted, that can and does happen.

              I have flexibility with work where I could take something to small claims court if I wanted to, but not everyone has that luxury. In my experience, the threat of a customer following through can be enough. From the company's point of view, it's not usually worth it in terms of time/money for them to send a representative to dispute a $300 claim.

    • You can just leave that heatsink cap off.

  • +3
    • The promo only lasts until July 1st, so this should be the real deal. Just got one myself.

      • +1

        Well, till stocks run out. So be quick.

        • Yep, that too.

    • Yes mate, already in the description.

      • +2

        Was 349-370 in the description earlier.

        • Oh, yes, I see what you mean. That was my draft from earlier.
          Do you need one?

          • +1

            @lordra: Very tempted at this price, but the issue is i have no more m2 slots so ill either need to take out a 512gb samsung pro drive or a 1tb other drive… would prefer a 4tb ssd, which I do have space for.

            • +1

              @wisc: Buy now, think later.

              You can put the old drive in an external case?

  • +3

    Any chance to knock off the price of the non heatsink one?

    • Waiting for this

    • No idea mate, I think only the heatsink version is on special.
      You can remove the heatsink and still keep the warranty.

    • For those looking to upgrade laptop storage, check if it'll fit with the heatsink, otherwise you'll need to remove it first.

  • Anyone have feedback with this in a ps5?

    • Works great! I’ve had mine in my ps5 for about a year.

    • +1

      I got these in two PS5's and they work a treat!

    • +1

      i bought the 2tb version last year EOFY, works good so far.

  • What's the knock for not having DRAM cache and using host RAM buffer instead? I mean it's still PS5 compatible.

    • +1

      It’s actually a good thing. Keeps power draw down and doesn’t affect performance. Have a read of the review at Tom’s Hardware.

    • When I was purchasing the 2tb version last year, in my research there was concern that if say you lost power or windows just cold shutdown you >could< corrupt the drive.

      I've had lots of brown-outs this year where my pc has shut off unexpectedly. No issues at all, drive is blazing fast and works fine (mine doesn't even have the heatsink).

      Great drive, can only assume the 'competition' trying to bad mouth these or it's outdated information.

  • +10

    This is not a good price when you consider these have been as low as $225 before (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/808011)

    • +27

      But my time machine is broken

      • 😁🙈

    • This is the version without the heatsink.

    • +6

      I didn't realise M.2 had got that cheap. I wanna see SATA 8 and 16TB models cheaper, much cheaper :(

      • FWIW, there's not much reason for SATA to be cheaper nowadays. Same flash chips, just bottlenecked by the slow interface.

        In practical terms NVME is better in every way. If you have no slots, just get a bigger NVME drive instead and get rid of the old one instead imo (or upgrade to a PC with NVME slots)

        • +3

          Not when my NAS has 14 SATA ports……..

    • thats a great deal the no heatsink version aswell

    • +7

      This was during a time when there was a significant NAND memory surplus in the market and every manufacturer was dumping prices to get rid of them. Probably won't see it this low again for a good while.

  • Bingo! I was hoping for prices around the $260-$290 range but at current M.2 prices I will grab one.

    • Yep, this is as good as it will get in 2024!

  • Is this a good price for a 4TB boot drive, or better to wait for a better deal?

    • +1

      As low as it will go mate, for value per tb, including performance. Much better than the Crucial P3 which can be had for about $290 without ebay price jacking if you're quick.

      • +1

        Are BPC and JW likely to drop more, or should I buy now? Others have said that the former have already dropped as much as they are willing to..

        • This is it mate.

          I was hoping for less, but alas.

  • I see some comments saying " this version without heat sink," but OP post shows the product sold with integrated heat sink.Can someone please clarify.

    • +2

      That was someone reolying to an old deal, which is not for the same SSD. That deal was not the heatsink version. But this one is…

    • This deal is WITH HeathSink.

  • Damn, recently bought the Samsung 990 Pro 4TB when these would do just fine for PS5.
    Haven't opened it yet, wonder if I should get this instead and return the 990 Pro I got for $423.90.

    • +1

      If you really want to use the drive only in PS5 and dont care about the gaming data, Lexar should be fine.

      990 Pro is the top tier drive with DRAM and margainally sustaining faster speed, which is much more expensive.

      Personally, I would do the return if I were you.

      • Why would there be an issue with "gaming data" with this drive?

    • The samsung is ideal for read/write ops, with large files, if you were editing videos, photos, etc.

      For games, I understand a majority is only reading, rather than writing, so here, the Lexar would be the better value for money option.

      In saying that, if you want the best of the best, stay with the Samsung.

  • Hi anybody who has had installed this Lexar SSD (2TB or 4TB) in a laptop & then taken the 'idling' temperature),

    If I am to take the heatsink off to install it in a laptop to use, what would be the idling temperature?….. and Oh! Is it safe?


    • +1

      From my memory, the idling temp of this drive is about 40-50 degrees celsius. Would recommend to apply a thermal pad touching the bottom lid if it is metal.

      • Agree, mine ideals 44-45c and only goes to 56 under load atm.

  • Will this fit in a Satechi USB4 SSD enclosure with the heatsink?

    • heat sink is removable

  • -7

    Seems to be for sale for $287.04 delivered from Amazon US. including $8.50 delivery


    • +2

      $287.04 USD?

      • +1

        Yes convert to aud and its much more.

      • no its AUD, just added in to the cart final price AUD 287.04.
        but its 2tb version, just realized it

    • +2

      USD $290 = AUD$437

      • -4

        Its AUD.

        Order Summary
        Items: AUD 240.86
        Shipping & handling: AUD 12.79

        Total before GST: AUD 253.65
        Estimated GST to be collected: AUD 25.37
        Exchange rate guarantee fee: AUD 8.02
        Order total: AUD 287.04

        • +2

          are you trolling @clnsky ? 😅

    • +7

      that's 2TB version mate

    • Went through to checkout to see. Comes in at $508 AUD, after conversion and apparently they have a rate garuantee fee as well lmao

  • How does this compare to the samsung 990 pro? Would be mainly used for storage

  • +2

    BPC joined $299

    • Bought last year from them for $289, looks like price gone up a bit.

  • +1

    I bought this last year without the heatsink and it's already full with Steam games. I will wait for 8TB or more to be honest since 4TB isn't enough these day.

    • +1

      wow you must have alot of games what did you pay for without heatsink?

      • I paid $279 for mine and yeah I do have a lot of Steam games. My original 500GB PS4 and 1TB PS4 Pro with portable 2TB and 5 TB hard drives are all full of PlayStation 4 games as well. I have more games not installed on other hard drives but I'm gonna shut up now as I haven't even play through most of them.

        • +1

          You're supposed to buy/claim and only install when you want to play.

          • +1

            @CodeXD: I just like to collect physical and digital games for fun I guess. I don't know why but I have so many games since the SNES era but I just end up playing RuneScape…

            • +1

              @amoretpax199: I feel your pain, why play through your exciting and lively steam library when you can play the osrs browser game for 10 years straight… Its great game, jagex are doing everything right

              • @lew380: I ended up buying RuneScape merchandise too! As a matter of fact, the third novel just arrived today and the three books cost so much money to collect.

    • +1

      Do you have slots on your mobo?
      Why not use a standard HDD?

      • I already use the two NVMe M.2 SSD slots. My motherboard disable the other SATA connectors for HDD if I use the two M.2 SSDs. I have no idea how to connect a hard drive to a SATA connector using the provided cable to be honest. It's easier for me to buy a portable hard drive and plug it in the PC via the USB port or install a M.2 SSD. My MOBO is the Gigabyte B450 AORUS Pro WiFi by the way.

    • +1

      Same, got the non-heatsink one last year for $279, and its been great as a game's drive. Fortunately for me 4TB is more than enough for games, since I tend to delete games once I finish them, don't exactly like to see my STEAM so cluttered with installed games that needs to update all the time.

      For general use this DRAMless drive works just as fast as DRAM SSDs, there is no differences in game loading times or install time. Only when transferring data between drives greater than 200GBs would you see a transfer speed drop off, which would be quite substantial.

      • It's great so far and I bought it on eBay but then I saw that I just missed out on buying the bundle that includes a free headphone on the official site. Did you get the bundle with the free head phone?

        • Yes I did, it was from BPC Headphone and Lexar SSD bundle.

    • Did the same and broke a few rules eg: put it in a new laptop I purchased… as the MAIN drive (OS and all). Because the laptop only has one ssd slot.

      I'm constantly down to 2-300gb as the laptop is now my main bluray/4K ripping device. I need to play catch up and move my rips to other external hdds.

      • Oh well, we learn through our mistakes! You should have bought an enclosure and plug it via the USB port instead of doing that though. How do you get into ripping 4K? I know nothing about it.

        • +2

          Been ripping dvds since 2004, but bluray and 4k only since 2020. Initially I justified the effort in doing so because I had a faulty player that was wrecking my discs. After an expensive process (most dvds were still $30+) in replacing them I sought other measures.

          At first I was satisfied with making a physical backup. But since 2010 I've been backing them up digitally. I've never been satisfied with any streaming service - inferior to what can be better achieved with little effort (except for the time it takes). I love being able to cycle through a menu and change to the next thing I desire to watch vs ejecting the disc and replacing it. And I still retain the purchased disc in case I need to re-rip it (have done this with a few things recently like missing tv series episodes, or now wanting to rip the extras from a movie).

          As for 4K ripping the is out there. Many more hoops to jump through, but my 4K collection is building nicely.

  • @lordra will mwave also offer a warrenty if heatsink is removed?

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