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Free Ramen 7-9 Dec 2012 at Hakataya Ramen, Mount Gravatt, Garden City Shopping Centre, QLD


Hakataya Ramen is offering free Nagahama Ramen at the Mount Gravatt store to celebrate the stores grand opening.

It's for three days, from Friday 7th - Sunday 9th of Dec 2012 and each day they are giving it away until stocks run out. They start serving free Ramen from 11am.

Their normal free kaedama/free extra noodle is also available on the day.

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    Don't forget it's also free on your birthday

  • Nice, I'll be there!

  • I was at the Sunnybank store grand opening last time, it took 3 hours to get a seat.

  • Sunnybank store is so busy, they sell out, around 3-4pm.
    Then they opened another Sunnybank store, across the road.

    Even so, during lunch/dinner there's always a line.

  • note to self have lunch at 11am on Friday.

  • they could move half the ramen places from syd up there and make ton of business, WHO WOULDVE THOUGHT?!

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      I tried a couple of ramens shops(thou not a ramen specialty shop), in syd, not as good.
      Tried about 3-4 others in Brisbane and Gold coast, not as good either.

      Tried another 3-4 (There's LOTS) when I was in Taiwan, not as good.

      Every time I head to Gold coast, had to have one (if its not closed or sold out), so glad they opened up in Brisbane.

      Can't wait for a chance to try some in Japan.

      • I haven't tried any in Oz - just a lot in Japan!

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    Love Garden City, love eating hanaichi… So I will give this ago.

  • Delicious broth (Tonkotsu), extra noodles for free, local & FREE!! Great!
    Pork bones simmered for 39 hours. Generous with the sliced seasoned pork. Top with freshly ground roast sesame seed.
    Free ramen usually costs $10.
    Outside Woolies entrance.

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