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[PC] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $5.99 @ GOG


Cheapest ever for the base game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the RPG epic with a mature, non-linear story that reacts to your decisions, a vast open world with a living ecosystem, dynamic and tactical combat, and stunning visuals, is available on GOG.com!

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    Thats a lot of awesome game for a very low price of entry. Wow.

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    • Yes please 🫴

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    • yeah, same for me

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    Note that this doesn't have the two expansions. If you want those, get this https://www.gog.com/game/the_witcher_3_wild_hunt_game_of_the…

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      And worth adding, these expansions are a must

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        Do those add story, plot only or modify the game in some other way as well?

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          Yes, Yes & Yes.

    • @BoltThrower should I buy this now, play it, then wait for the expansion to price drop further?
      Or just HODL till the expansion drops further?
      I"m in no rush, I have plenty of other games to play.

      • +2

        Don't buy just the base. The GOTY edition doubles the size of the game, it's…mandatory! :D
        You'll only see the GOTY drop by around $2 (I can't remember the All-time low) and you could be waiting a while. You'll find that DLCs will often be more expensive than the GOTY version, even when on sale. (happens with many games) So you'll get the base and then need to buy the GOTY version.
        The game is often on sale, there's no rush to buy it if you have other games to play.

        Semi-related, but I packed up my PS4 due to this. PS+ would give you monthly games, I redeemed XCOM2 and couldn't buy the Complete edition because I already owned the base game. Same with "For Honour" and many others.

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    cheapest ever

    Was a freebie on epic at some stage

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      No it wasn't.

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        Sorry, you're right. I paid $6 for it on a coupon deal.

        At this point, I just (wrongly) assume I've never paid for any games in my epic account

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    rather buy on steam

    • +13

      Isn’t gog better without drm and no launcher?

      • +2

        you may be correct, oops

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        I think the newer CD PROJEKT RED is also DRM free on steam, I believe this includes the Witcher 3. I still prefer gog tho.

        • What you described is not true DRM free.

          Yes. But doesn't on Steam actually require the Steam client and as such a Steam account to download and then install it. And any subsequent reinstallations require the same Steam account and account. As such it's behind a Steam DRM to be able to download and install. As in download and installation is locked behind a DRM. Basically the Steam client itself is a DRM. And since the installation files are stored on a Steam server, well you can't download and install that without requiring the Steam client which is a DRM. Therefore locked behind a DRM.

          On GOG you can download an offline installer (without requiring a download client, you can use a web browser) which requires no internet access to install on any computer. And you can place that offline installer files on say a USB flash drive to any computer to install and play the game without requiring any internet access. That is one heck of a benefit. True DRM free means requiring no download client (and online account) to install and play.

          • @hollykryten: I think you can uninstall steam and still launch the game independently.

            Sure you still need a steam account to download and install it, but you'd need a gog account to download the installer anyway. Maybe it's not quite as good, but it's still DRM free.

            • @Castcore: As i said if you download the offline game installation files from GOG. Then you don't need a GOG account to download later if you store the files. You already have the GOG installation files for the game. It's what i did with a whole bunch of games which i bought from GOG. I went out and bought a 4TB portable hard drives so i could store the game installation files on. Just plug the USB portable hard drive in and install the game from the offline installer. No internet or account required. It works just like how a long time ago you used to get games on CD or DVD with an installer.

              • @hollykryten: If you download the installation on steam, and then copy the downloaded files onto a hard drive, you can put it on another computer and it'll work.

      • I'd still rather purchase games on steam if they are the same price.

        My friend got BG3 on GOG and the amount of trouble we had trying to play online was insane. Seems to be an issue with a lot of players using GOG and steam.
        But steam players such as myself had no issue.

    • They see me rollin and gogin. They hatin.

  • Witcher fans are still strong :D still trying to play this on a switch with out a mouse and keyboard its painful with the low FPS.

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    Thanks OP. You've been a busy boy overnight.

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    Amazing Game, played few times before.. then got too busy to finish.. and forgot where i was up to.

    Third times a charm I'm almost finished the game now.

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      Make sure to get into Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine, both absolutely incredible for different reasons but are mandatory imo

      • +2

        Will do!, I've got both expansions installed.

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    I have this on gog already but they recently added amazing mod support that includes what looks like an easy to use interface in steam without the obnoxious advertising and false delays you get on Nexus. I am considering buying again on steam

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