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[PC] 20% off Baldur's Gate 3 $71.96 @ Steam


Baldur’s Gate 3 is a story-rich, party-based RPG set in the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, where your choices shape a tale of fellowship and betrayal, survival and sacrifice, and the lure of absolute power.

The Steam Summer Sales have landed and I'll finally bite the bullet for this game I've heard so much about!

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  • +4

    Worth it at full price, incredible game!

  • This game is quite gpu intensive. My GTX1080 can’t run it smoothly

    • +1

      Not even in lower details?

      Act 3 seems CPU bound.

      • Yeah Act 3 is a big problem in terms of performance. Def CPU bound, not a GPU thing from what I've read in the past about it. Not sure that can or will ever be fixed by Larian.

        • I'm pretty sure its because NPC pathfinding etc are not multithreaded so they could definitely fix it in a future game if they do some work on the engine.

    • That’s because you’re running a 1080. What did you expect lol.

    • It's been fine on my i7 8700 32GB + GTX 1080, settings pretty much maxed out.

      Maybe I haven't reached the problematic scenes…

    • Played a bit of it on an RX 480 8GB without too many issues. Usually hits around 50-60fps, dropping down to the 30s in some places. This is 1080p low settings but with high textures. Not great, but perfectly playable.

  • +4

    Just bought after resisting for a while. Looking forward to seeing it in my backlog

  • That's a lot of gate!

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