40% off All Reports @ Crypto Tax Calculator (First 100 Users Only)


For all you early birds keen to get your crypto taxes sorted ahead of time, you’ve come to the right place 😈

We’re doing a whopping 40% off all plans for first-year users. Limited to the first 100 users who sign-up, don’t miss out!

Code: RIPPER40

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Crypto Tax Calculator
Crypto Tax Calculator


  • +7

    Crypto is so last year. We on ai train

    • +2

      Hey ChatGPT, how can I make money from AI?

      • +3

        1) Create a website called aitaxcalculator.io
        2) Post on OzB with a “limited places and time deal”
        3) Profit

    • -1

      What about AI projects built on the blockchain? :OOOOOO

  • +4

    Crypto wasn't invented to be declared, wimps!

    • Sorry Bertus, we don't make the rules :(

  • wHaT boUt mY nFT's?

    • Depreciated assets, babyyyy

    • +2

      Nfts have been renamed to FCO's (future capital-gain offsets)

    • *nervously checks my own NFT portfolio

      But yes, can sure offset those losses if they are realised.

  • Does it calculate tax if i made $200 million?

    • Sure does - it computes your tax no matter how much you've made or loss. Congrats on your profits ser #makeitrain

  • +1

    I'm a return user, do you have a code for me?

    Also where do you add the code? I cant see an option anywhere in my account.

    • Unfortunately, we don't offer codes for returning users. Sorry :(

  • I've been using Koinly last few years. I'm thinking of switching as I'm unsatisfied with the accuracy of Koinly. Can I just switch to this for FY 23/24 ONWARDS?

    • What do you mean regarding the accuracy of Koinly? I've never used it before so forgive the ignorance. Is it calculating lower taxes or something along those lines?

    • It'll still need to know your cost basis for the coins you currency have though.

      • Yes correct - you should import all your data from when you first started your trading activity so that we have an accurate record of all your cost basis across different exchanges/wallets.

  • +2

    I have it, it's good, the pricing tier is shit though, you have a few shit coins and now you need the $249/yr plan for some trivial feature.

    • +2

      I just had a look at pricing. Sheesh, you're not wrong! When you add a bare minimum of $49 (for their base subscription) on to your typical tax return costs (via a tax agent) that puts a decent dent in future returns.

  • I've just logged in to my account for the first time in a while and i'm not a fan of this layout. Is there a way to change back to the old more simple design?

    Also, my Kucoin is coming up as sync failed in the integration section. I haven't changed anything so not sure why it's failing now having previously worked. Do i just need to delete the current API and replace with a new one from Kucoin? I recall having to manually fix up transactions a couple years back i'm not keen on doing again, will replacing the API undo all my changes from back then?

    • Hi Johnny, we don't have a way to change the layout back to what it was but appreciate the feedback on the design - I'll pass this onto the team.

      In regards to KuCoin not syncing - do you mind shooting a message through to our support team ([email protected]) and they'll be able to help you out here :)

    • +1

      Kucoin has updated their API keys from V2 to V3. You will need to create a new key. The old one wont work.

  • Hi OP

    How do you sync to DeFi?

    • You can simply type in your wallet or blockchain network (e.g., Solana) in our Integrations page then enter your public wallet address & click sync :)

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