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ToolPRO 12V Drill & Impact Driver Kit 2.0Ah $59 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Toolpro 12V drill/driver combo from Supercheap - $59, reduced from $99.

I have these tools and I find myself using them all the time. Not super powerful, but the form factor is great, they're light and very easy to use. Battery life is really good as well. Drill will go through hardwood and thin alloy no worries, and the driver is perfect for lighter jobs. You're not going to be driving batten screws with it, but it's very usable.

There's a new equivalent combo from Supercheap that has a fast charger instead of a slow charger and is $150. I suspect the impact driver might be a bit more powerful in that kit, but I can't say that for sure. I also suspect this kit will disappear leaving only the new kit.

At $60 with a battery this is great value. If you only had one drill and driver this might not be the kit for you, it doesn't have the power of 18v. However if you're all you're doing is putting together flat packs and putting screws into softwood this would be perfect.

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    Thanks OP, I was looking for these comes up for sale.
    got one now :) thanks

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    Sweet, more ToolPro bits to add to the collection!
    I want the soldering iron too!

    • +2

      Looks like a straight up copy of the Milwaukee soldering iron.
      If it's even half as good then it's worth it, my Milwaukee has been used constantly for a couple of years, thrown around in tool bags and boxes and is still like new.

      • Niceee! Hopefully it goes on sale for us one day.. 😅

    • Yes, soldering iron is expensive though! I'm also after their 3/8" 12V ratchet as well - super handy to have. Had an ebay one that died after 2yrs.

      • +1

        I bought the 3/8" ratchet skin, start of last month for $50. Haven't had the need to use it though.. 😪

      • I wish they make a long neck ratchet power wrench. That will stop my hands from getting all scratch up.

        • In true OZB spirit we'll probably have to get a Ryobi or Milwaukee and use a 3D printed 18V battery adapter to use with the 18V Ozito PXC batteries.

    • +2

      The soldering iron will sell out quick if it ever goes on special - I'm watching for it too.

      • +1

        Hell yeah! Hopefully someone posts it up because I haven't yet learned to keep a track of items pricing.. 😅

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    Use commbank code for extra 15% ($10 off). Good deal

    • What Commbank code?

      • 15% off in Commbank yello ("specials" section)

    • damn! missed this post and I JUST put through the purchase

    • Thanks for the reminder. Picked up a kit for $50.15. cheers

  • +3

    SCA sells the battery and charger for more than this on their own.

    The ToolPro 18v drill / driver / 2 x 1.5 Ah kit is also on sale.
    Down from $180 to $99.


    ToolPro 18v battery is apparently compatible with:
    Worx PowerShare 20V
    Rockwell 18V Lithiumtech
    Rok 18V Green TypeB
    JCB 18V (circa 2018)
    From: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591076

    • Is this good enough to drill a home in the wall? I am new to this thing.

      • +3

        Depends on how big you want your home to be /s.

        It's not a hammer drill, so it wouldn't be any good for drilling into brick.
        If you just need holes in plaster or soft wood, or the random odd job, this should be fine. (fyi - i don't have anything ToolPro).
        It's probably the cheapest not-horribly-horribly-bad kit with batteries you would get.

        If you're not a tradie or super-serious-DIY'er, you don't need makita/dewalt/etc.

        Or look at the 12v the OP posted for $50. That should also be fine for the odd hole in plaster and pine framing.

        • +2

          The specs on that look fairly decent. Brushless drill and driver with 3 years warranty under $100 is excellent.

          Edit: User above could get that and the hammer drill skin for $29 https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-18v-hamm…

          • @Duff5000: Thanks for this and to WSDtightwad (plus the OP) I have to do a bit of brick drilling & this 18V setup looks to be ideal for this very infrequent DIY'er

            • @havebeerbelywillsumo: Picked up today (tho cannot comment on tool-was a returned item -defective battery??? put back into stock?? so to be returned again by me - MAKE SURE BOX SEALS ARE INTACT B4 LEAVING STORE) 2 batteries is good tho a number of reviews say tool great but batt weak tho.

  • My thanks to the OP.

    Order just confirmed and ready for pickup in Penrith.

    I normally use DeWalt for big jobs but these 12V tools have been brilliant around the house and particularly cars etc (small size) where I can't justify a DeWalt etc. My wife likes them too as they're a bit smaller etc.

    TBH it looks like they're cancelling this range but who knows? The battery packs are easy to open and the cells are just standard 18650 cells so no reason not to buy IMHO.

    • How come it seems like they’re cancelling? It looks like they’re releasing new tools i.e. the multi tool and the inspection light. I have a few and agree these 12v ones are nice and compact, miles cheaper than milwaukee m12 but obviously not comparable apart from form factor

  • +3

    These are really good for the price. I've had mine for over a year and going strong.

    • -1

      Is it powerful enough to drill a hole in wall (concrete)?

      • +2

        you can’t use it to drill in concrete because you would need a drill with a hammer function to drill in masonry. they don’t make hammer drills in the 12v range

      • I haven't tried, i doubt it though. I mainly use the drill for plasterboard and metal/plastic on my car.

      • +2

        Depends on the size of the hole you're drilling.

        Up to 6mm you can drill into concrete fine with this drill (and any other non-hammer drill). If you're drilling 7-10mm, a 18v regular hammer drill will do the job. 12mm and over, you will want a proper dedicated hammer drill with an SDS type chuck and drill bit.

  • Is the trigger on this variable? I have a 4v screwdriver, but it annoys me that it's either "on" or "off". If I could control speed with this then I would much prefer it.

    • 99.9999% sure that it will be variable.

    • Yes for both

  • +1

    owned a set for 2 years now, cant be happier for what they can do for the price.

  • Wish this deal got posted sooner so I could’ve bought one before. I already bought the Makita drill from Bunnings last week and I think it’s also 12V rated.

  • Thanks OP, just bought my first drill kit :)

  • The battery profile looks like my AEG 12v batteries. Keen to see more epics and confirm.

    • +1

      The form factor is similar to a makita 12v. I bought a battery from aliexpress that looked pretty similar to mine and apparently fit the makita. When I got it it didn't quite fit, however I was able to snap off a piece of plastic and make it work. Problem is that it won't stay in place properly.

      Would be interesting to see which batteries they are exactly compatible with, but as far as I can tell the answer is none.

  • Can this be used as an electric screwdriver?

    • The drill driver is an electric screwdriver (the one on the right of the picture)

  • Can anyone confirm or deny if this range works with the AEG 12V range interchangeably?

    I've got these: https://www.aeg-powertools.eu/en-eu/products/drilling-and-br…
    and one of the tabs on the battery is broken so it no longer clicks in.

    Just looked a little closer and can see that the battery retention system is different - so no need for me to even look at these.

  • +1

    This deal is a no brainer, excellent deal even if you're not in the toolpro system.

    My toolpro impact driver is my most used tool, now I have two 😁

    • I wasn't, but then a deal came up for the rotary tool and I got two because they were cheaper than a second battery. Then the impact wrench came up and I got that. Now I've got these too. What's next?!

      • +3

        What's next?!

        Didn't think of getting a second rotary tool just for the battery! Will have to keep an eye out for that. Hoping the soldering iron goes on clearance.

  • Side note: I ordered this with 6 pairs of the gloves (under $10).

    They called up to say they couldn't fulfil the gloves part of the order but I can come in and grab the Toolpro drills and they'll sort the refund (BNPL/PPin4) when I come to collect. A few days later, the email refund comes through but they've refunded the whole order.. 😅 BINGO!

  • anyone noticed the aldi 12v tools coming up sale? they look very similar to toolpro 12v

    • interesting to see if there are any 12vs that will get price matched

      • i would say not person in my local said they are not longer stocking the Toolpro 12v so will gradually reduce price and clear them i think.

  • Can someone confirm if i can drill holes with this on outer brick wall for CCTV or do I need a powerful tool than the 12 v ?

    • Definitely not the right tool for the job. You might be able to make it work, but better with a cheap 18v drill with a hammer function

      Or if you're doing lots of holes, but an sds drill

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