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Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets Varieties 350g $3.15 ($2.84 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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  • Nice, thanks op

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    Honey variety good with chopped up banana for lazy people like me.

    • Same, but brown sugar and cinnamon is my favourite.

      • yasss brown sugar cinnamon is the 🐐

  • Thanks OP, delicious

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      these are oats

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    Looks like they're all out of stock. Woolies wins this round I think.

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      Rechecked in a private browser with a postal address which default to wherever my ISP sends my internet traffic, and lo and behold they have mountains of stock. Must not want to make Prime free shipping available to us out here in the boonies.

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        Yeah this issue has come up in the past couple of months, see here. Very poor.

      • Another OzBargainer recently noticed this issue for their location, and when they asked a number of Amazon reps about this, they were eventually told their postcode was "restricted" and that any orders should use a different postcode.

    • Yep I can't get any of them to 4670, Yay prime

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    Just buy own brand from Coles ($1.90 per 900g) or Woolies ($1.60 per 750g) and add your own flavourings. They are just rolled oats in a fancy packaging!


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      I find the cheap oats are nowhere near as smooth as the Uncle Tobys

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        I soak them overnight and they become so smooth. In morning add your favourite topping and enjoy delicious oats.

        • It's a vast improvement. I've been doing the same this winter

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      Agree, just add cinnamon, banana or blueberries etc.

    • They are thicker and more bland, I have tried to use Aldi Goldenvale rolled Oats poured into an empty sachet packet . I then present it in the sachet add milk and honey and they know. They do what a parents call a "Manus Island."

  • Add a bit more liquid and stir through a scoop of protein after they're cooked, and you've got a relatively nutritious meal.

  • so it’s the same oats as the big box, just in sachets and flavours ?

    • Yep, the 1kg box is currently $5.

      You're paying for the convenience.

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        If they had kg boxes of flavoured, I'd be in.

        • Avoid at all cost. Any brand is better than Uncle Toby's

      • I would avoid those see my comment bottom of thread

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    'Temporarily out of stock' to my postcode. Change to a Melbourne or Sydney address and it magically reappears. Have had Prime since the beginning. Neg for not being transparent with subscribers.

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    Changed my delivery postcode on page to a Melbourne address (country Vict here), and checked out which then brought up my normal delivery address and it went through without a problem

  • BTW not sure if you guys are aware I have had weevils with Uncle Toby's Oats. They crawled out of the cardboard boxes underneath squeeze their way out at the bottom and infested my pantry

    The 1kg plain ones

    For the first time ever since I used the product.

    Quality assurance is down the drain

    Called customer service twice and happened to all 4 boxes. Flat out deny and say it's transportation and supermarkets not handling well

    I would think twice before getting any Uncle Toby's oats

    I told them to recall include batch number still did not acknowledge. Very poor form. All four were Nov 2024 expiry

    Imagine you have been swallowing worms and weevil eggs in the morning with Oats mixed in. Filthy and disgusted

    • Was it quick or traditional oats?

      • Quick Oats 1kg $5 ones

    • Weevils aren’t harmful, it’s just extra protein

      • yeah i’ve seen Bear Grylls eat all sorts of worms and bugs , and women love him. just shows uncle toby’s don’t use harmefull chemicals.

      • Sure thing you are suggesting it's fine for companies to sell infested goods….

        • i’ve had weevils in my pantry and they even eat through foil satchels, and seem to love chocolate bars, don’t know where they came from as i didn’t have uncle toby’s oats in my pantry , but considering they exist in many parts of the world , find air tight plastic containers keeps them away. and don’t leave stuff at the back for years.

          • @garage sale: In my case I did fault finding got rid of the source which was Uncle Toby's Oats… All weevils gone

            Understand it can come from other foods but end of the day expect products to not be infested in the first place.

            That batch had the issue

            • @neonlight: That's fair, it is pretty common with rice if you don't use it up in a normal amount of time. I doubt you'd see it again with oats but an easy fix.

    • Happened to me several times and they kept saying it was something I did to let them in the packet while they were stored or happened at Woolies "during transport". But they're all sealed individual sachets, so I'm sure they aren't doing any quality control.

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