50% off Coffee Beans (1kg Blend $25.20, Decaf $26.55, Single Origin $35) + $8 Delivery (Free >$60 (Expired)) @ Blackstar Coffee


Blackstar Coffee Roastery is offering 50% off coffee subscriptions (can be cancelled after 1 delivery) with code: CFTWELCOME. This is currently the cheapest freshly roasted 1kg or 2kg decaf and 2kg blend coffee bean deal delivered. (Update: Free shipping over 2kg/$60 now expired)

Here is the current coffee deal breakdown (ignoring yes the ALDI beans):

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans/Ground Prices including Delivery

Blackstar Lime Blue Coffee Conservatory
1KG Blend $33.20 $32.50 $38.40
1KG Single Origin $43 - -
1KG Decaf $34.55 $36.38 -
2KG Blend $50.40 $57.99 $69.95
2KG Single Origin $70.00
2KG Decaf $53.10 $65.77

Note Lime Blue deal ends today and Coffee Conservatory on Sunday.

  • Airjo based on stats will likely have a deal from next week or at the end of the month. At around $32/$33 for KG, that is marginally better for 1kg but not 2kg.

  • Inglewood hard to say but maybe end of this month? They heavily discounted in June so not sure about this month.

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  • No info on single origin? Coffee snobs love that sort of info.

    • +1

      It's on their SO Coffee Page:

      Origin: GUATEMALA
      Farmer: LOS PINOS

      Tasting Notes:

      Varietal: CATURRA BOURBON
      Process: WASHED
      Altitude: 1900 MASL
      Points: 86

      • Oh I misunderstood the link. It was for a subscription of their current stock. Would've been nice to still include that info on the subscription page, though.

  • How does it stack up against other beans frequently posted here - Airjo, Binglewood, etc.

  • +1

    Good post Neil - The comparisons and hyperlinks really tickled the Tisim.

  • +1
    • for repping Mos Def & Talib Kweli… Or David Bowie.
  • That's very cheap single origin! I have 1.5kg due today but might have to grab a bag to freeze.

  • Thx op, anyone know - How fresh?

    • +1

      Received mine today and was roasted 9 Jul

  • +1

    Thanx have ordered to try

  • +10

    I'm the owner of Blackstar Coffee. We're getting lots of orders via this ozbargain listing and I'm a bit concerned - so I've requested that the listing be taken down.

    Please note that the Facebook Ad is designed to target coffee buyers who are wanting to address deforestation with us, offering 50% discount off first shipment, to customers wishing to join our Coffee For Trees subscription program. Thats why we offered it at such a crazy price! Subsequent orders are 10% off our RRP - which brings it to $50.40 plus delivery /

    The reason the 50% order works is because - as a loss leader - it is funded by the future orders that subscribers make.

    If however the community here are looking at it as a "one and done" get the deal and quit the subscription, it will really hurt our small business. Especially if you're ordering singles and multiple kgs with no shipment.

    You guys are industrious and no blame here from me.. just letting you all know where we are as a small business.

    • +3

      Thanks for being transparent and taking the time to explain it to us. I've held back from buying this time.

      • thanks shiny1

  • No deal as per post from business owner (would love it if you consider us in the future though!)

  • +2

    Some updates for Ozbargainers.

    1. For the time being we will leave the deal active (with one caveat) .. we need to increase the free shipping to orders over $200 (basically 4 kgs or more).

    2. We are considering a 40% discount code for ongoing recurring orders for those of you who have signed up here on ozbargains.

    Interested in feedback from the community here?

    • I would be interested. Received the Revolution blend today (fast - thanks!) and it's very nice.

  • Hi @martymotes, whats your suggestion (Top 2) for a smooth delicious long black? I brew it in a plunger. Thanks..

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