Imou Cell PT Solar Powered Security Camera $125.99 Delivered and more @ Imou Direct NA via Amazon AU

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I got one of these Imou solar camera kits in February this year for my workshop - was happy with it and wanted to get two more for the workshop.

Reached out to IMOU on Amazon and they offered it a bit cheaper than last time at $125.99 with code CF5SLD5C - add it at the coupon box when selecting payment method which should bring it down to $125.99.

They offered some deals on these other 3 products if I was interested, but in my opinion not as good - but will share anyway:

Imou 2K Light Bulb Security Camera Outdoor Wireless with AI - use code GD4OC7I7 to bring down to $59.19 the price for this is now available without a code
Ranger RC 3MP - use code M3VLU2T7 to bring down to $40.99
Rex 2D 3MP - use code QVYOU5IG to bring down to $46.19
(As of time of writing I have trial carted each item individually and checked to confirm validity of codes)

Imou indicated these prices will be $0.01 less on prime day - but i guess anything is possible with lightning deals or other random stacks during the promo period.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • does it do rtsp? :)

    • Can’t say for sure sorry, I just use the Imou app to view my 7 Imou cameras between 2 sites. I know the rangers do (or did?) support rtsp. Not sure how a solar fed camera would handle a continuous link to streaming.

    • +2

      Notes I've taken about the Imou brand after using the Imou Cruiser SE+ and Imou Cue 2C bundle:

      Only after the Imou Life mobile app sign-up & Activation of the unit can you even do anything.
      ^ Regarding alternative activation, I had no success with Dahua ConfigTool (Win/Mac software).

      Does RTSP - not sure about total ONVIF compliance - "rtsp://admin:********@"

      where ******** put your SAFETY CODE that is on the label underneath the unit.
      ( is an address it assigns itself, without an answering DHCP…)
      subtype=0 should be the full resolution stream, where subtype=1 is a low res.

      SmartPSS can control many things locally and users & access control; but it's clunky software.

      Once it is working on your lan, you can try to block it from the wan on an OpenWrt in a pinch:

      ssh [email protected]

      uci delete firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic;
      uci set firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic=rule;
      uci set'my_reject_wan_traffic';
      uci set firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic.src='lan';
      uci set firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic.src_mac='11:11:11:11:11:11 22:22:22:22:22:22';
      uci set firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic.dest='wan';
      uci set firewall.my_reject_wan_traffic.proto='all';
      uci set'REJECT';

      uci commit firewall;
      /etc/init.d/firewall restart; service firewall restart;

      uci show firewall;

      replace 11:11:11:11:11:11 and 22:22:22:22:22:22 with WLAN and or LAN space-separated MACs.

  • +1

    I cant confirm if its onvif compatible.

    • Can ask, did you mean the solar one?

      • All of them tbh.
        I just need something i can add to my existing nvr.

        I feel like it will drop off wifi when sleeping. Ill have port forwarding on but still not be a good idea …. i think

        • +1

          Imou rep advised me:

          All of our cameras support onvif and rtsp except the battery cameras (Cell PT B0CJRF25MC /Cell go B0CJRCLTT1)

          However, the exact how and limitations are maybe unclear.

        • I’ve asked imou to make or provide a tech document that outlines the rtsp and onvif setup

  • Recently looking for something to monitor the side of my property blindspot that people have been using to dump rubbish once in a while, wonder if something like this is good or I can get away with a cheaper and more of a trail camera type thing.

    • I use the current one to monitor a blind spot in my workshop front, and adding two more to the other 2 blind spots. Has lights, can rotate from app.

      If you don’t care about app and have no other cameras you need to link altogether there are maybe other solar options from Ali and similar. But I can’t say for sure the quality.

      • Yeah it'll only be light use, probably require motion alerts and video clips a few times a year. Debating whether I want to spend that much, because preferably I would like to set it up in a bit of a sneaky spot as well, so people don't just try to stay out of sight of the camera.

        • if you're talking that light in use..maybe not.
          i use mine every day. I did put it really high up (about 4m) and although it affected the max distance, it does cover the whole width of my blind spot in that area.

  • I bought this last time.
    It’s great for the price :)

    • +1

      cant argue with the price for sure

      @I Smell Pennies always with the sickest amazon finds i swear

  • Can you set it to do 24-hour recording or does it only record motion/AI events?

    Does the AI sensor record human/vehicle events far off in the distance or do the targets have to come close enough to trigger the PIR sensor, light etc?

    Just got a Reolink camera that's similar to this, and found that it won't trigger an AI event or detect human/vehicles unless the target comes close enough to be triggered by the PIR sensor on the camera. So we were trying to cover a driveway, but the camera would only store events or trigger AI detection if someone walked within about 10m of it. If they were farther away nothing would happen. Even though when you live view it in the app, it will show humans or vehicles far out in the street with the AI detection analytics boxes around them.

    • +1

      No , only records via events (though I’m just using the app) - I have eufy outdoor cams x 4 around my place that do support 24/7 recording where it just keeps looping over the sd card.

      Within about 7m iirc was the most distance, consider if you mount it higher and point it downwards , the distance is effectively less (think about the hypotenuse of triangle ).

      10m I think maybe asking too much of a basic consumer grade camera, or if the sensitivity is maxed you’ll get a bunch of false positives.

      I always try to position my cameras at choke points of blind spots as opposed to getting it to just watch a huge area.

      • Just wondering whether you considered eufy solocam s340 previously? If yes, what are the reasons to choose this over s340?

        • +1

          Well for one.. it’s like half the price

          If I had the money I’d love a few of these bad boys

          I am running a network of cameras made up of eufy and imou, I just like to not put all my eggs in 1 basket.

  • generaly speaking what i have found is those cameras with battery and solar charging etc dont have rtsp feed, they are event based recording only to conserve battery power. The poe and wired omes usualy provide 24/7 feed and event alerts in some cameras.

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