Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue (30 Count) $18 ($16.20 Sub & Save) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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$0.60 cheaper than last month. Looks like Amazon is price matching Coles $18 + a further 10% off with sub & save on Amazon = $16.20.

Contains 5 packs of 6 rolls (30 rolls total).

For rural users. If you are unable to order to your address, try this work around.

$0 delivery with Prime, $59 spend or subscribe & save if you already have an active subscription. You can change your Subscribe & Save date here. You can cancel your subscription here. The price is NOT locked in.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Shit deal. In the best way.

  • +1

    This or 36 x regular Quinton for the same price?

    • +1

      This is $0.54 for s/s/$0.60 per roll
      The double-length is $23.18s/s or $25.57 for 20 rolls so $0.58/$0.64 per standard roll.
      Standard 45 pack is $0.75 per roll (no s/s)

      Personally, I like the double length as I don't need to replace the roll as often, but the extra softness from the Gold might be good?

      • +2

        4 ply is 140 sheets per roll, down from the 180 on the normal rolls. 3 ply double length is 360 sheets.

        • +1

          I knew I missed something! Was trying to get it out before going to use the horrible Kleenex Cottenelle paper I have :(

          I guess you would probably use a little less being that its much thicker.. so could work out about even

          • +1

            @BlasterBoy: Username checks out?

          • +2

            @BlasterBoy: Kleenex Cottenelle is indeed horrible.

            • +2

              @JimB: Yeah I wish i didn't buy so much, I am going to get some Quilton and keep the Keenex for emergency, or xmas presents or something.

              Quilton is still the king, made in Australia too! I made the mistake of getting "Who gives a crap" pretty sure they named it cause if you use it, you don't give a crap about wearing down your snapper muscle.

        • +2

          We have used both. This 4 ply gold and the 3 ply double length. consensus is that the 4 ply is not as good or strong as the 3 ply.

          • @cheach: My experience is different. 4 ply was stronger than the 3 ply version. I found i used less sheets when using 4 ply as compared to 3 ply sheets.

        • how is this 180 sheets and this 190 sheets but same price?

  • Order placed, thanks.

  • +2

    Aldi fans, where are you :)

  • ordered, Thanks 🙏

  • Is it definitely 30 total (5 packs of 6 rolls)? Mine is showing it just as a pack of 6 at that price.

    • +1

      Yeah all good, it's been like that for months. See here for confirmation.

  • out of stock

    • Still there. Amazon are restricting particular items to some areas (particularly rural).

      If you are unable to order to your address, try this work around.

      • +1

        seems they may have stopped this work around. when setting my actual delivery address at checkout it now says unable to deliver to this address and won't let me continue.

        • Ah :(

          • +1

            @hamza23: it's weird, some things are still letting me bypass via the change postcode but others now won't when I actually go to checkout and it sets my real postcode

  • thanks hamza, orders one

  • Can't order as a prime member in a semi-regional area (Bundaberg, 4670)

    Temporarily out of stock.
    We are working hard to be back in stock as soon as possible.

    • +1

      Regional areas x 2 in Vic and x 1 in QLD were no go. Melbourne and Gold Coast fine. Someone mentioned something about adding to cart with metro postcode then checking out with regional working.

    • Sign out…then add to cart, sign in and checkout

  • How do those feel using this 4 ply compare to the normal 3 ply ??? Big difference and worth to pay 10c more per roll?

    • 10c more per roll sounds less than 25% extra per roll, roughly

    • Worth it, the 4 ply is noticeably thicker and stronger

  • How long do deals like this usually last? Want to grab some but won't be back in the country until next week, knowing amazon's delivery speed and my area it'd be stolen by then if I'm not around.

    • +1

      just ship it to a friend or the local post office

  • This is for rich people

  • +2

    $22.73 for me ….

    • That's king size, different variety.

      • +1

        The regular one is no longer available.

        • Still available.

          Subscribe & Save: 10%

          You might need to refer to the third line if it says it's not available to your address.

  • Have purchased this from Amazon weeks ago and found the quality being very different with the same product at Cole/WWS

    • +1

      So Amazon ones worst quality?

      • Must be in the wipe….

  • +1

    Thanks, placed an order - my usual Quilton 48-pack 3-ply is currently unavailable.

  • not a big fan of 4ply. 3 is the spot

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