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Seasonic Focus V3 GX-1000, 1000W 80+ Gold, Full-Modular PSU $203.22 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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@mods - this is not insufficient quantity, Amazon just keeps adding more stock… it was 1 left 5 min ago and now 4 left…. Please don't delete the post….

Do my eyes deceive me? Unless I am misunderstanding the product I am looking at, a top tier power supply with ATX3/PCIE5 at a reasonable price?

No electronics are a lifetime purchase but I think this will be one that will keep being relevant as the ATX/PSU standards don't change that often and with 1000W Gold+ rating, it's sure to handle whatever you throw at it as a regular gaming/server build.

Or maybe I just wasted $200.

Rare complaints about a slight fan noise or coil whine, seems like as good as any?

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • -1

    Very long warranty but then very hard to claim warranty due to Amazon US

    • +1

      I was actually wondering what I'd do. Wouldn't seasonic accept a RMA from their resources here too? (if there is any, no idea)

      But in the short(er) term you have amazon's customer service at least, which has been pretty good by all accounts.

      • +1

        The stock fluctuates between 1 and 5, interesting. Looks like enticing people to get that very last stock before it jumps back to 5 after you bought it.

      • No the local importer won’t warranty parts purchased overseas, so factor this in to considerations when purchasing.

        • Yeah not importer, whah I meant was more directly to seasonic. Which is what I mean by “not sure if they have resources here” as in directly seasonic.

    • +1

      Been using Seasonic that's more than 13 years old and never had any issue. I'd be happy to buy the same brand again. I have 2 computers with Seasonic, the other one is slightly younger but still well over 8 years old.

      • +1

        I had a seasonic 620 fail on me long ago. It was brand new DOA. Connected just the power cable and turned on, shorted the shit out of itself and smoked. Took it to the service center. He said he wanted to test. I told him what happened and he was like - OK I am not trying it, here take your replacement. Replacement had no issues.

        • Have you tried knocking it with hammer first before returning it?

    • That one includes shipping for me, but I did find these at a glance. This one makes the total cheaper

      Think And Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised And Updated For The 21St Century (Think And Grow Rich Series) https://amzn.asia/d/01aTabqK

      Or this adds some decent looking type c cables for only a bit extra

      INIU USB C to USB C Cable, 100W [2-Pack/2m+2m] PD Fast Charging Type C Cable, Nylon Braided USB-C Charger Cables for iPhone 15 Pro Max Samsung S23 S22 Google Pixel iPad Pro MacBook Pro Switch https://amzn.asia/d/0fL5hUy9

      It would be nice if someone could sort the items and find the cheapest lol

      • +1

        Not sure what the downvote is for, the first link I sent brings the total to $199.55 if you add it to your cart with the psu.

        If you find an even cheaper item it could go as low as $191.03

        • +1

          How do you sort the qualifying item by price? finding cheaper item is a nightmare.

  • bought 2pcs to keep in stock! Thanks!

    • I was thinking of using this more my future RTX5080 build and passing my RM750X to my gas/server build but now you are making me want to get another one lol…

      What if my server hits 8-10+ HDDs, will I need more than 750w for a TrueNas server with a Ryzen 3600 (and potentially downgrading my 3070 for transcoding and such…) ?

      • +3

        You realize that server will be running such a low load most of the time that the Gold (or even the Corsair) standar power supply will be so far out of it's ideal efficieny window that you end up paying more for electricity?

        • Hard drive take quite a bit of power, especially when they are spinning up.

          I think 10 of 3,5” 7200rpm HDD like an alone might be enough to overwhelm the 750w I have.

          Idle, yes sure. It’s absolutely overkill. But server can only idle if it can start…

          • +1

            @Larsson: Hard drives do not take that much power.

            The ozb fav 16tb Exos x16 is 10W max operating load. 10 x 10 = 100W
            Even if we assume double for spin up.
            20x10 = 200W.
            750W will be fine for 10hdd, Ryzen 3600 and 3070 gpu.

          • @Larsson: Not even close. Not even half in all honesty. And besides how often do you spin up every drive at the same time? Really weird network config to be running drives like that.

            • @Yekul: Ah yeah, I mean I read this on Reddit. So take it with a salt lake. But I also can’t seem to be able to find any info on it either.

              Ah well I am mostly worried about start-up. Apparently staggered start is a mono feature and truenas can’t control it.

              Which is concerning as I’d like to use a SAS card in the future and that will take the mobo away too.

            • @Yekul: It's like what 2025 said above - depends on your HBA and MB.

              And sometimes, this is an afterthought that you might find out about after adding a drive that takes you over the line… then your "server" suddenly won't boot because a drive isn't getting enough power to spin up.

              To make matters worse, this is not using the 12v rail, but either 3.3 or 5v rail, meaning 300w (for 10 drives) will likely require a 1000w psu (or even greater) to supply enough on those rails.

              I wouldn't use this psu in a server build, but for a gaming build, it looks great.

        • +1

          From what I remember the RMX range is pretty good down to 20W loads, still maintaining ~80% efficiency.

      • I think it should be ok if you don't use the RTX5080 in that 3060 Rig.

        Anyway this PSU is very good for the value.. as retailer like mwave, scorptec they are selling it for $319 at the moment.

        I always recommend to get the good PSU as you can use it 5~10 years without replacing it even you are upgrading any other components inside.

        • Yeah tempted to buy another one now and sell my 750w

  • +1

    I would be worried about warranty. But seasonic are great. Have them in some servers running 24/7 for the past 8 years no issues.

  • -2

    gold only :(

    • +2

      nothing wrong with that, but gold is the bare minimum i would get.

      • +3

        Agreed, but friendly reminder that Efficiency Rating != quality

  • +2

    I've had 3 seasonic power supplies since 2012, none have died or had issues (not running all the time but still). I've had a few brands too; Seasonic and Corsair have been the most consistent for me.

  • +2

    While this is a good price, I personally recommend the Vertex line as opposed to the Focus PSU's. Also, as others have said, getting warranty is a pain since it's fulfilled by US as opposed to locally here in AU.

    • I did see the vertex line, what's the difference?

      • -2

        Google is your friend.

  • +1

    Have a 4090 with a 5950x, water cooling, 32gb ram, 3xssd all been running fine on Corsair 850e psu.

    Do some research - 1000w is overkill

    • +3

      650w was also over kill not long ago mate…

      • A few more years maybe

    • Whoever neg you don't know much about computer.

    • OC 4090 and OC 14900KS with the same system components. And suddenly wont be enough.

  • I just bought 2.. It said only 2 left but still showing 2 left after my purchase :)

    • total was $382.05.

  • Picked one up, cheers.

  • Seasonic, trusted brand, I have the older 1000w model of this - very reliable.

  • You be better served just buying the FSP hydro G on sale and keep warranty local

    • It really isn’t in so many ways… I don’t know how you can justify that decision lol.

  • +1

    I presume we have to buy aus power cable to the psu?

    • You know what… didn’t even think about that…

      Maybe post here if you can find a cable for it please!

      • From what I can see, we can use our old ones or buy it for like 10-15 dollars on Amazon

        • Just go around council cleanup days. Usually along with old flatscreen tv

  • +1

    Top tier PSU manufacturer. Grab a serving while it's hot, lads!

  • -2

    Just buy thermaltake ATX 3.0

    • Such a random reply. Why?

      You just buy seasonic mate.

      • 850w for 50$ cheaper. You don't need 1000w

        • +1

          The disregard for individual situations and total lack of self awareness.

          How do you know what I need and don’t?!?

          You know what I don’t need mate, I don’t need to buy a 850w psu, upgrade things along the way and pay another $2-300 for yet another psu before 5 years…

          I know it shouldn’t but comments like this that mislead people irks me…

  • Does it come with au plug ?

    • Someone else raised that too. Given it’s coming from US, probably not tbh. But don’t know.

  • +1

    Just bought one. Thanks.

  • BTW, this deal is not expired. You can by it right now for 202 A$

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