$450 Trade-in Coupon for Purchase of Galaxy Z Fold6, $250 Trade-in Coupon for Purchase of Galaxy Z Flip6 @ Samsung


Saw the other deal post about the 100 / 200 trade in bonus, but there is actually a $450 bonus as well.

Mod Update: Original deal was 'up to' $450 bonus trade-in credit. Bonus trade-in credit: Fold6 is $450, Flip6 is $250 and Watch Ultra is $200.

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    Read through the issues with Samsung/Asurion before jumping in head over heels: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/asurion%20type%3Afo…

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      Even more issues on product review

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        I was planning to trade up to a new galaxy watch when announced but this has certainly changed my mind. Had enough issues trading in with vodafone 6 months ago. Don't need it again. Thanks guys for saving me the hassle!

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          Out of a thousand of people who had positive experience with them, probably didn't bother to leave good review about it. Hundreds who had bad experience, will most likely write a bad review.

          I have used them many times, no issue and smooth process. Don't literally believe what you read on internet straight away.

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            @Taro Milk Tea: 2 from 2 trades have been without any issues for me as well.

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            @Taro Milk Tea: Well you can add me to the list of those who had a very bad experience with them. I didn't leave a review but this has prompted me to comment.

            If you do use this service with anything other than a worthless device (I don't recommend it), be sure to very thoroughly document its condition before you send it.

            These guys rejected my device trade in with no visual evidence of any of the damage they referred to. They then ignored my emails querying this and wouldn't even send the phone back!

            In the end I sent them an invoice for my phone's original trade in value and kept chasing them for it until they relented and paid it. This is over probably like 6 months.

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            @Taro Milk Tea: but your comment is on the internet

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            @Taro Milk Tea: Amongst my friends we would have easily done 10 trade-ins with Asurion without issue.

            It's important to be honest in your phone assessment - scratches/cracks/dents are scratches/cracks/dents. And take photos too just in case.

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          I would never deal with Asurion again. Must be 4 phones I've had problems. Even almost 12 months later I suddenly got an email for 2 phones saying they weren't in condition. Happened to quite a few people too. Luckily each time I took multiple photos and videos of the phones also in the boxes and proof of sending.

      • Even more issues on product review

        ProductReview is the absolute worst site to use if you want to get a balanced idea on any company. People who have had no issues won't bother going there just to write a post saying "My trade in was fine" - they're all just happily using their new device.

        If ProductReview was a reliable source, Apple must have absolutely terrible customer service.

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      Oh God they are a damn hopeless bunch from my dealings with them.

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      Trading in worthless devices has worked well for me. Combined with some other coupon they're often the best deals on Samsung products.

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      I've had 0 issues and Ive traded up every year for like 4 years. If you're paranoid just film your device being packed .

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        And do what with the video? Watch it for nostalgia when you miss the phone?

        They say your device wasn't as described, you dispute it in the prescribed fashion and then they simply ghost you. You never hear from them. At least that is what happened to me. Of course I'm not going to follow up on $75 relentlessly and that is what they are counting on.

        • So you can use it as evidence when you speak to the ACCC, as you should when you have major issues with any retail companies?

          The reason these companies can run like this , ripping people off, is people like you who have no clue.

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            @KenDiaMoi: The ACCC doesn't resolve individual disputes. That you think they are going to watch your video is quite cute.

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              @Hermsh: I'm sure you realise he meant the relevant Fair Trading office your state.

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                @eug: I have no clue, though, so why would I?

    • Beware! They lost my s23 phone i was trading in. Ausrion are as useless. Took months to get a refund. Between them and auspost multiple to and fro.

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        Why'd you send it in the first place. Just cop the $30/60 admin fee and sell your phone on gumbook

        • It was a $500+ trade in i didnt need the phone.

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          Next time, I'll sell privately.

        • Don't think it works that way:

          Provide your payment details
          You’ll need to provide a valid payment card for the Security Charge. You won’t be charged until you use your Trade ID on samsung.com/au/
          The Security Charge is equal to your estimated trade-in value.

          Return your original device to us to receive a full refund of the Security Charge.
          When your original device is received by us, we will confirm its condition. If your device matches the condition you declared to us, then you’ll get a full refund of the Security Charge, which may take up to 5 business days to appear in your account.

          What if I don’t return my device?
          If you don’t return your device, you will not receive a refund of the Security Charge. If your device is not in the condition you declared, you may receive a partial refund of the Security Charge.
          After you’ve received your new device, you’ll have 7 days to return your traded in device to us. If we don’t receive it back within 14 days, you may also be charged a late return of up to $60 that is non-refundable.

        • @krisspy
          It doesn't work that way, they charge you upfront for the trade in value, once you send the phone and if it matches to what you described they will refund you. So if you dont send the phone you pay $60 plus the trade in value they already charged you.

          • @Yoo05: Yea but if the phone is worth more than the trade in value you can sell it on the Marketplace, make the trade in value back + the extra. You also keep whatever trade in bonus Samsung offered you

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      Also had a bad experience, tried to say my phone was not in good condition, when it was in great condition to screw me out of a $5 trade in. I don't think they even look at the phones and just try to rip people off

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      They pretty much stole my S22 Ultra. Should have sold it on marketplace.

    • This reminds me. I didn't send my device (February). I received 1 'reminder to send' email a week after I was supposed to send but never heard anything back since then. Is this normal? Should I still be expecting to get charged $60 or have I gotten away with it?

    • I have had issues but my overall experience with Samsung products and service have been way far positive. No issues with asurion till date. Did over 5-6 trade-ins.

    • I had a good experience with them trading in iPhones, I did film it and let them know in the letter to them.

      But I've heard many people complain too though

  • They removed Samsung Galaxy S7 from the trade in list 😭

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      just pick the s8 and let them charge you $5 lol

      • $5 ? Isnt it 60 if we don't send the device?

      • Except you need to provide the IMEI to match the device…

      • I have an old S8 that is broken, would I just have to pay the $5 or $60 if I send them that?

        • $65

  • It seems to be a very targeted list or devices they're accepting for trade-ins. I'd still go ahead and sign up for the $100/200 bonus just in case this doesn't work for someone.

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    The $200/100 bonus code is unique, I don't know whether it could be stacked with $450 trade in code, coz both marked trade-in. If it can be applied at EPP store, I will buy the new Zfold for sure.

    • the Unpacked 200/100 bonus can be stacked with the $450 UNFOLDAI code. Used it myself earlier

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    Patiently waits for $450 trade in + $450 rrp discount + 20% epp discount + loyalty bonus for the S25.

    • And secret code 10% off

      • 20% off bundle offer

    • Patiently waits for $450 trade in + $450 rrp discount + 20% epp discount + loyalty bonus for the S25.

      • free watch
      • and $200 worth of accessories for free, which we cancel right after ordering…

        • And 5% app discount

        • +1

          How does the cancel accessory after ordering work?
          Do they refund you and do to lose the $200 value?

    • honk me when it comes.

    • -1

      You would get minimum $690 trade in. Learn to math.

      $40 device
      $200 email bonus trade in
      $450 samsung trade in bonus

  • Lol I've an S8 to burn, $5 is all it's said to be worth. I do wonder what discounts I could accrue with the 200 and 450 plus 5% store app perhaps……

    • +1

      only if the watchface folds I guess

  • $450 can be used on new devices only or S24 Ultra as well?

    I highly doubt, i am gonna buy either.

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      The Galaxy Unpack will be on Galaxy Ring, Fold 6, Flip 6, Watch 7 so will most likely be for those devices

  • So how do you get this 450?

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    if you get the folds they just break in a year or so lol. i don't know why people bother with these phones. the screens so bad, nothing changed over the years. their all made the same way, fold in half, meaning will break apart.

    This is a warning, look at reviews and pictures. i see so many on sale second hand.

  • The newer gen flips and folds don't seem to be coming up for trade in or am I just missing something. I have a screenshot of the Fold 5 there for $700 trade in a couple of days ago.

    • Omg only $700 for zfold5 ?????

    • I'm really thinking the site is broken. So many phones not on there

    • I couldn't find my Flip.

  • Seems like a Galaxy A55 isn't even on the trade-in list, just bought it for eofy but wanted the pixel and was waiting for that go down in price. Haven't even opened the box for the A55 yet so I guess I'll take it back to JB..

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      Phone is too new to be on the list. A54 is on the list which came out last year.

  • Am I going crazy I don't see the the S20.

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    Any idea how to get the loyalty discount voucher?

    • I have emailed the loyalty team multiple times using three different email addresses and had zero response from them in the last three months. They used to respond straight away with the voucher. Are the team gone now?

  • With the bonuses in mind, any old phones worth buying to trade in? I have a OnePlus that isn't eligible

  • Why am i not able to find s21 ultra in the list. ??

  • Anyone able to apply UNFOLDAI code?

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    UNFOLDAI code is $250.00 for the Z Flip6

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      Thats what Im getting too when I try that code

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    none of the codes work for watch 7, no trade in offer too.

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      The trade in offer gives me $50. I was logged in and had a trade in selected. Not quite the $200 promised, not even "double" in the first 72 hours

  • Is EPP cheaper? Don't have access :'(

    • Yeah the starting price will be 20% off

  • best I am getting is Fold6 256gb with buds3 for $813.50 all up. on EPP. hopefully I can cancel buds like last time and get it to $600+

    trading in S24U 256gb. do I want to tho. fold6 is kinda big, and I am not keen on flip lol

    • +3

      why would you trade in a better phone?

      • flip6 comes down to $44. if I can cancel accessories lol. otherwise it's $253.50 together with buds3, same trade in, stacking preorder coupon and UNFOLDAI

        • if I can cancel accessories lol.

          You mean remove from the cart? I'm trying this out now and all it does is reverts the price of the phone. So you're better off with the keeping the accessories in your cart?

          • @CVonC: nah. once you place the order, and in this case pay $253.50, once the order is "confirmed", you edit the order and cancel the buds3. in invoice they will be $203. this will refund you that amount and means you only paid $44 for the phone

            unless they closed this loophole since January

            • +1

              @shabaka: Seems like they closed that loophole according to other users :(

      • ah you know, just curiosity. these Samsung preorder deals are ripper

        will check if theres any good options on watches tomorrow. good luck!

    • I've got access to EPP but only got it today. Did the quiz require a 100% score and would you know the deadline for it? I didn't get any documentation on it.

    • Can you share the breakdown? How are you getting $813.5?
      Also, is this on normal site or EPP? Is this unfold code applicable on EPP?

      • all on EPP. yes both individual trade in bonus and this UNPACKAI are applicable there for me

      • trading in S24U 256gb

        • Thought 24u is still better than F6

    • that is with s24u.. hmm so probably similar if i am trading zfold5 512gb..
      no way i will do it if i still have to pay $800+++ just to upgrade zf5 to 6

  • +1

    I am getting ZFold 512gb white and Galaxy Buds 3 for $1784.54 on the Government Portal

    • I've managed to get it down to 1627 with a 5 percent first purchase discount.

      • Why dont I have that?

        • Use samsung shop app to get 5% off your first app order

      • my app doesnt reflect edu store pricing :/

        • +1

          Go to the menu and select the edu store. If you're eligible it'll switch you to the edu store.
          You'll also get the 5% off first order

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