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Register for Samsung Unpacked Event, Receive $100/$200 Trade-in Bonus for New Upcoming Product Purchases @ Samsung AU


$100 trade-in bonus will be doubled if redeemed in the first 72 hours of pre-order (starting 11:00PM AEST 10th July and ending 10:59PM AEST 13th July).

Samsung is likely to announce the following products in their upcoming unpacked event on 10 July:

  1. Galaxy Z Fold 6
  2. Galaxy Z Flip 6
  3. Galaxy Watch 7
  4. Galaxy Watch Ultra
  5. Galaxy Buds 3 Pro
  6. Galaxy Buds 3
  7. Galaxy Ring

Complete all 4 questions and receive an exclusive $100 trade-in bonus.

After registration, it shows:

Your exclusive $100 trade-in bonus will be sent to your nominated email address.

Remember, your exclusive $100 trade-in bonus will be doubled in value if redeemed in the first 72 hours of pre-order, starting 11:00PM AEST 10th July and ending 10:59PM AEST 13th July.

Mod Update: Post all code requests here.

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  • +9

    Not going anywhere near earbuds unless they have the locator built into the base - it's too easy to lose them

    • The leaks suggest that the new earbuds looks similar to the Airpods with the stem.

    • +3

      Also need to fix the issue of junk getting in and clogging the buds, making them completely useless

      • +2

        Actually had this happen recently and did the suggested solution of either using hot water and/or alcohol and submerging the ear tip to break down gunk (since gunk is stuck in the ear tip's filter).
        I think this issue is just inevitable due to how we stick them in our ears for any ear buds. But good point though!

        • +1

          it just needs a good filter than lets air out but doesnt let gunk in. never had that issue with any ear bud in my life until now

      • +1

        Don't know if it's only me but my buds 2 roast my ears and they get itchy and infectious.

        • Mine don't roast, but I'm sure they make me prone to irritation and/or infection.

    • +9

      if you won't go anywhere near them, then you'll never find them. In fact, buying them will be somewhat of a challenge.

    • +16

      Really? I've used the 1st generation and 2nd generation buds for the last 4 years and have never lost them despite daily use and using them while bike riding, running etc. so good opportunities for them to fall out.

      I think you'd have the problem of losing any listening device if you are careless?

    • Yesss - I recently lost my Buds Pro 2 case on the Bus. Earbuds were in my ear. Thought I could track the base on the Find app but sadly you can only locate the buds!!

    • my friends earbuds have a lactator built in. I am scared to go anywhere near them tbh

  • +1

    Can you still trade in old ear buds for $1 like the previous deals?

    • Won't know until the event, but that would be a nice discount

    • no way

    • +7

      Nope, they removed the option to trade in head/earphones.

    • +2

      I got $1 for trading in a $2 brand new pink wired earphones form Kmart back then. Haha

      • +3

        I got $1 for trading in random wired earphones i found on the street back then. Hahaha

        • +1

          Managed to get $1 for trading old qantas in-plane wired earphones that I forgot to return.

  • +4

    Received the same emails this morning. Interested in Fold 6, let see what they come up with.

    • +8

      Hopefully it folds

    • +1

      Its the same as the 5. Just more square and less borders on front screen which is still too narrow

      • +4

        Thats what I am after i.e. a wider front screen as all folds so far had pretty narrow front screen which was hard to use.

        • If you have any of the current folds, thats aboit how wide it will be. Very narrow compared to normal phones! Was hoping they changed it more this year

      • I saw rumours of a new hinge?

        • Yeah, thats another area which tends to have issues in previous models.

          • +2

            @OZBsince2018: I had 2x Fold 4s, kept getting them replaced on warranty. On Fold 5 now for 4 months, hope it holds

    • +1

      if they dont upgrade the cameras again im never upgrading

      they screwed the last 2.5 versions not improving anything but the soc. what a scam

      i just need faster charging, as thin as the Honor v2, s24 cameras

      bonus integrated S pen

      Dont change the width of the phone. the narrow front screen is perfect for one handed use. people complain that its too narrow either forget the s24 exists or forget their zFold can unfold

      samsung knows their customers want this, but wont do it cause no competition

      • -1

        Typing while it’s unfolded isn’t easy. Thats why a balance between slightly wider front screen and one hand use will be ideal.

        • if it were any wider like the standard s series, then for me itd be difficult to type

          i can easily reach to the opposite end of the display to do one handed swype typing with the fold. its great

      • -2

        people complain that its too narrow either forget the s24 exists or forget their zFold can unfold

        People spending this kind of dosh expects the best of both worlds .. phone thats just as wide as bar phone but also can unfold for reading. That's what the competitors have already done, release a folding phone with that criteria.

      • agree with furry3 for people with smaller hand like me i will not buy new zfold if the outter screen is wide. whats the point owning folding phone if you using in folded mode 40x a day and unfolded only 5x a day?

    • Really hoping they put the pen inside the phone this time, but I'm not very optimistic. That'd get me to switch back.

  • +3

    Still rocking with my S23 Ultra…

    • +17

      That thing is ancient…

      • +19

        😭😭😭 Cries in S22 Ultra

        • +12

          S20 FE looks in from the bushes…

        • +2

          traded in mine in Jan, got S24U. so much better

          • @shabaka: Can't work out how to do it now. Need 1 for me and one for spouse. Regret not jumping on the pre order as it seems everything since hasn't even come close. Still dreaming it'll get back to that level one day soon.

            • +2

              @seamonkey: probably worth waiting for S25U preorder. was deal of the century with the accessories cancel trick and free watch.. cost nothing essentially

        • Called S22 Ultra AI now. Unlike the newer iPhone 15/+ not capable of AI (not enough RAM)

        • Note 10 plus here.

    • ahah, Loserr grandpa

    • great phone, camera setup is awesome

    • +4

      S20+ with green and pink lines on the screen checking in lol..

      • Thats a limited edition 😆

    • Still love using my S23 Ultra. Only thing that would really catch my attention is if the S25 Ultra came with Qi2 wireless charging that's meant to have a magsafe like experience. Using 3rd party magsafe causes the digital compass to malfunction, the S pen doesn't work either but don't really care about that.

  • wanna trade in my S21U to S24U but prefer to be on black friday… useless

  • Has anyone registered for this and received the code they say will be sent?

    • Was going to ask the same, no can't see any code for myself yet.

    • +5

      It won’t be a unique code. Just wait for others to share it after releasing. I guess it would be something like “UNPACKED”.

      • +5


        • Probably going to be UNFOLDAI

      • just got the code, seems somewhat unique.

      • Unique voucher code received. Please register if you need it.

    • I received the code, looks pretty unique. May as well register no harm.

  • +2

    My wallet is ready for the fold6

    • +4

      How have you escaped this cost of living crisis?

      • +8

        I am no longer living.

      • by working in the mines lol

  • Just remember that "I understand by submitting this form I am opting to receive marketing communications from Samsung and its partners."

  • here we go again.
    anyone remember how much the trade in value for zfold4 512gb toward buying zfold5 last year? thinking to upgrade if not much out of pocket

    • +1

      read somewhere plans were fold6 were going to retail for $2.6k in aus. I'd only trade in if I was getting $1.9k in discounts/trade ins….

      • Maybe we'll get some decent deals from JB/Telstra/OW that would work out with a contract termination fee

        • JB/Telstra/OW that would work out with a contract termination fee

          i thought they patched that loophole few years back? i got my galaxy note 10+ for just $600 (that is, the termination.fee)

    • here we go again.

      what people think whenever you incessantly comment x50 times in a samsung thread asking the same stupid questions

  • +1

    Curious about the galaxy ring. I like the idea, but will see how it looks

  • That means I can look forward to further discount in older generations

    • yep thats the smartest. buy current gen when new they releasing new gen.
      even better, get them second hand from not smart people who think they always must and need the latest gen every year

  • Ty OP, waiting for the fold 6

  • +2

    Say what you want. But despite all the premium buds i have the Galaxy FE buds are the best fitting bud ive ever owned in my life..

  • Here's hoping the flip gets UWB

  • Anyone know if this credit would work on the govt portal?

  • Is email meant to come right away, or does it come prior to event? I have not received anything yet.

    • Registered yesterday no email yet

      • +1

        Oh…. I never got an email

  • Been wanting to switch to a foldable but none have ticked all the boxes for me yet

    • there will be no perfect phone in this world..
      just like there will never be a perfect wife.. sadly…

  • Nice one. Thanks OP

  • Just received the codes on all my emails which I used to register for this trade in bonus.

    • all different?

      • Yes. All are different codes in this format:


        • adding to this, codes start with FF6-

  • +1

    Ok I also just got an email with a $200 trade in bonus or $100 bonus after 72 hours.
    No idea if these work, with Govt portal :(


    Voucher code is valid from 11:00pm AEST 10 July 2024 and expires 11:59pm AEST 13 July 2024

    • No idea if these work, with Govt portal :(

      almost certainly not

    • It worked last time with the s24 ultra pre-order. There was a similar trade in bonus promo

  • T’s and C’s include Trade-In Bonus is only available for use at Samsung Stores, Samsung Online Store and eligible Enhanced Partnership sites.
    So hopefully there is a chance that it may work on other portals too.

  • I thought they already had a $450 trade in bonus?

  • Still no code in my email, registered again with a different email

  • +1

    If only we could trade in older Galaxy Buds, instead of just phones, tablets and watches.

    • +1

      Yep, the phones are way too overpriced. Registered as I thought the code would work for the buds pro.

  • Products announced:

  • Trade in bonus code works for $50 on the regular Watch 7 (44 Bluetooth at least)

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