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TCL 75" C855 4K UHD Premium QD Mini-LED Google TV (2024) + TCL S643W Sound Bar $2,211.30 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


TCL 75" C855 4K UHD Premium QD Mini-LED Google TV (2024) comes down to $2,056.08
TCL 85" C855 4K UHD Premium QD Mini-LED Google TV (2024) comes down to $2,492.88
(If you can return the sound bar)


Best price so far I think!

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    Not bad good size

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    another great deal, especially if you can return the soundbar. cheers op.

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    I returned the sound bar. No issues

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    Good first post OP :)

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      Thank you :D

  • Pros and cons of this vs the 75 inch C755 deal?

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      Better contrast, more dimming zones
      Highers brightness
      Better reflection handling (I think)

      Dunno how big the difference is in reality as reviews are lacking for the 855 in particular

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      How do you figure? I googled a bit and other retailers seem to be selling the tv alone for more than this.

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        Probably because last year's model (the 845) went for 1700osh during black friday and when they were about to be replaced by the 855 earlier this year.

        If you don't want to wait til November, this is a great deal.

        • Cool, good info, thanks for that

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    i dont need it, i dont need it, i need it

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    Does anyone have an opinion on this versus the LG QNED91 (2024 model)?

    Well actually the LG 75" QNED91 v the 85" C855.

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      LG is usually great for OLEDs and terrible for LCDs, I got the TCL.

      • Thank you.

        I already had the LG ordered from the JBHIFI deal so was thinking about cancelling but have missed the boat so shall run with it anyway.

  • 98” at $4988. I think it needs to be in the low $4xxx to pull the trigger. Maybe even start with $3xxx….

    • Isn't Samsung qn90d 98 inch a better deal then? (If you have EPP or edu)

      • I’d need to look up side-by-side reviews to decide. I believe the TCL is much brighter than the Samsung.

      • +1

        There’s someone on Whirlpool who bought both and decided to return the Samsung

        • That's the only thread I see that puts Samsung qn90d under the the TCL 855 even with TCL at a higher price point.
          I have bought the qn90d and may be buyers remorse but I am hoping it to be better than the TCL :)

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    85" C855 at $1999 is what to aim for . HODL
    Combine with deals in Oct/Nov with TCL Cashback, JB BF offers , 15% off TCN cards.

    Got the 75" C845 for about $1200 delivered last year

    • The 75" Sony KD75X8500D UHD LED LCD Smart TV I purchased in 2017 is finally ready to be on-gifted. It was actually quite a bad TV in the end I regret buying it, I'll be glad to see the back of it.

      What are the viewing angles like on the 85" C855? I'm not in a hurry, I think I might do what you said and put it on a watchlist here on OzBargain and grab it at its best price.

      Is there any other make/model I should stretch my budget & consider?

  • Is the brand any good? Had one of their phones and it didn't last long. Dropped it.

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      One of the best value TV’s especially C845, C855 series etc.

  • I purchased a brand-new 55" TCL Android TV two years ago but unfortunately TCL seems to neglect either optimizing the Android TV OS or providing decent system specs that can run the OS smoothly. The lack of updates and sluggish performance has been frustrating. I suspect that the TV’s underpowered CPU is the culprit.

    In my experience, the only way to use apps remotely effectively was to install a Chromecast with Google TV in the HDMI port which is just insane considering the entire point of buying an Android TV is to avoid doing exactly this. Pretty disappointing.

    • +1

      Sounds like you bought a low end model?

      I have the 75C825 from 2021 and have rarely had any performance issues

  • Ive had the 85 inch model for a few weeks now and am absolutely loving it! Got a q990d soundbar with it and its been a dream. Only downside ive noticed so far is the reflections arent great.

    • Are reflections only a problem in daylight?

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        Yeah nights fines. I would have thought with the high britghtness it would be heaps bettet than my oled but its definitely worse.

  • Wow, they are coming down so much. I can hardly tell the difference now between QLED and OLED. QOLED does have an edge though. But for 99% of people QLED is amazing.

  • Anyone know what the gem is in the advert on the wallpaper on the TV ??

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    I can vouch for the 85" C855. I bought mine for 2600 (with JB-hifi discounts) a few weeks ago. It's wall mounted in my theatre and the performance for the price is incredible. It's practically indistinguishable from OLED for 95% of people with the sheer amount of mini-LED dimming zones

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      Are you wall mounted into studs? If so, which mount did you use?

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        Aidoru Universal 50-90in LED TV/Monitor Wall Mount/Bracket Fixed VESA 400x400
        Works a treat.
        I drilled into the bricks, no studs. You'll need a 12mm drill bit btw

        • Cheers.

          The 85" has a VESA 600x500, is the 400X400 safe?

          • @Pusdi: Never mind. Just read the big W description which is rather ambiguous!

  • Is the c855 a good TV purely because of the price vs performance? if this tv was priced similar to the samsung mini led tv's would anyone buy the TCL?

  • Anyone not intending to keep their soundbar?

  • Damn saw this one too late….

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