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Unique Xmas Gift: Multi-Purpose Cases for iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy S3 (Only $19.99)


Christmas Sale: 50% on selected items.

Multi-purpose cases for iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy S3.

  1. Store and Touch Smart!!

    You can top up, touch on and touch off on public transport in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

  2. Reduce the level of your exposure to mobile radiation.

  3. Prevent heat from the battery

  4. Lasting-long battery

Free Postage offered!!!!

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    1. I doubt it
    2. Insulate phone to prevent heat escaping, thus baking battery
    3. See point 2, the opposite will happen

    I'm all for putting a prox card on the back of your phone, seems like a good idea, but the rest of the claims are utter BS.
    Also $20 for a phone cover seems to be absurd.

    • -1 vote

      a case comes with EMF Shieldicker, which means they don't insulate the heat but they absorb the heat.
      We use a smart technology $20 is a big bargain i think. Ordinary cases are from $5-$20.
      Cheap one doesn't not guarantee the Quality.

      Plus, delivered for free.

  • "Cheap one doesn't not guarantee the Quality."


    I normally look past all the spelling/grammar errors (I'm sure I've made plenty), but this one made me laugh ;-)

  • I think the whole 'mobile radiation' thing has been well and truly disproven.