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ASOS 20% off Everything


It’s the big kahuna of sales. It’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Enter SAVVY20 at checkout for 20% off everything

24 hours only

From their FB page

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  • Where do you enter the code? I cant seem to find the box to enter the code at checkout.. :S

    • On the checkout page, under the list of the items you're buying and above delivery and billing addresses; there's a text link for "Promo Code". Click it and enter the code there :)

    • My god help you find some other box instead :)

  • thanks! It actually works with the sales items as well!

  • I'm getting promo code is no longer valid…. i guess it's becos its past midnite london time…

  • great deal. Ended up buying a pair of shoes and a couple of bags

  • Thanks. This code is pretty good as the discount also applies to items already on sale.

  • the discount code "Savvy20" has already been used and is no longer valid
  • Doesn't work on Superdry jackets :(

  • Spent my entire week's pay check yet again thanks to ASOS.

  • code not workin anymore

  • bugger, had 6x items saved in my basket to buy this morning (was getting late and wasn't thinking straight last night) but the code no longer works :(

  • the discount code "Savvy20" is not active

  • From their Facebook page for 20% off: SHOPSAVVY1. Was working as of 10 minutes ago.

  • seriously…
    the discount code "SHOPSAVVY1" is not active

  • 24 hours has passed

  • SHOPSAVVY2 works for 20% off!

  • When I tried this last night, half the items in my cart (mainly Superdry stuff) were not eligible for the coupon. In their promo email they said "20% off literally everything * "
    * Valid on selected items only (fine print)

    I guess if you add a '*' to any statement, you can say anything you want. It's like saying:
    " Everything is free! * "
    * after making payment (fine print)

    There didn't use to be so many restrictions on ASOS stuff :(

    • That said …. SHOPSAVVY2 has no similar restrictions (at least on the items in my cart). So that you sir, for sharing this :)

  • savvy20 gave me errors, used shopsavvy instead and i can live without the $2 it would have saved me..


  • Just used SHOPSAVVY2 with no issues.

  • do you use the AUS site or UK/USA?

  • If you add on your student unidays discount it stacks to 25% off!

  • none of the above codes work anymore, seems that when you enter in shopsavvy2 or savvy20, it just returns you automatically to the home page.
    anybody else have this problem?

    • yep, check out their FB page. They are getting smashed about ending the promo early, the site going offline and prices going up.

      I manager to checkout with a code but put the wrong CCV in, tried to checkout again but said the code was already used so my fault but i'm not even going to try and get them to honour it, it will take them ages to get back to you with all the complaints I bet they are getting. I purchased anyway without the coupon as I got the shoes for $50 and they are over $100 here.

      EDIT: Just got a tip off their FB page, try random numbers after SHOPSAVVY - I just tried SHOPSAVVY10 and it gave me 20% off. Cancelled my old order so got the discount.

    • I just ordered a few minutes ago and used SHOPSAVVY1 and got a 20% off discount, worked on sale items too so maybe give that a try.