expired FiiO E17 Alpen DAC & Headphone Amplifier + Brainwavz HM5 Monitor Headphones $194 Free Delivery


Now maybe this one is not going to be a crowd-pleaser but quite a few fellow ozbargainers asked me to post $100+ digital amp deals if I come across any and I believe this one is pretty good:

The Fiio E17 is:
A portable headphone amplifier with USB audio decoder (DAC) is designed for dual-functionality. The E17 both replaces PC on-board sound cards as the primary audio decoder, which can lead to an increase in audio quality, as well as provide high quality sound amplification and drive high-powered high-end headphones. The E17 support different inputs including optical and coaxial.(this was the description from MP4Nation)

A detailed review for the fiio e17:

The deal also includes the HM5, which:
•are high-detail monitor headphones.
•come with 1/4" adapter, extra set of earpads and an airplane adapter
A comprehensive review from head-fi.org:

If you use the discount code fb2012fiver, the price comes down to AU$193.59, including delivery.

If you are OK with it, my referral link:

Cheers. Hope you enjoy 'em.

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    Thats a damn good price, I just bought the E17 this week for 130 :\ (with the iphone adapter ~20)


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    I have the E17 and is a waste of money in my opinion. I could not tell any difference to the sound quality compared to my on board sound card. My Xonar Essence STX however have made a big difference to the audio.

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      What headphones do you have? I bought a combo deal R1 iem and a E11 and it made a world of difference, the difference was night and day.

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      Download foobar and then install the WASAPI plugin, set it to output only via USB to the E17 and then put on some FLAC. If you can't tell the difference, your music must be really easy to drive.

      This thing is hands down a big improvement to onboard sound.


        Thanks for the tip. I will give it another go. It is gathering dust somewhere and I must first find it. Is WASAPI responsible for direct streaming of audio data to the usb dac?

        ..update.. found it.

        WASAPI has a subtle difference, cleaner, and more detail. However, my Xonar sound quality is better as it has less muddle in the mid tone as compares to the Fiio. I will pass it to my wife for her to enjoy the music via laptop.


    how does this compare with hud-mx1?


    I'm a bedroom noodling musician. Can someone in the know tell me if a decent external soundcard can deliver the same quality and features as an external amp like this one?

    This way I'd be able to record music through xlr/usb/etc and enjoy music on amped up headphones.

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      Your question is asking alot of different things in one, while leaving stuff out. The answer yes, the more you spend generally the better sound you can achieve. Your best going to www.whirlpool.net.au and heading the headphone or desktop forums. There are some real experts there, people who do it for a living.


    anyone want that hm5 for $100, pm me. i want e17.

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