expired Christmas Stuff Clearance Burwood (Vic) Kmart - Everything 10c


Stopped by the 24 hour K-mart on Burwood Highway (vic) and near the checkouts they're clearing out remaining christmas stock - everything 10c each. They had gift wrap, boxed cards, candy canes, but no decorations that I could see. No christmas trees either.

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    if that's not a deal, i don't know what is!!

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    holy ship, so cbf driving down to burwood for 10c wrapping paper though

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      I know lol. I feel alot more comfy at home with the aircon. :-) But great deal nonetheless.


        So going down there to get a bargain… and get in to the aircond, lol.


          Oh, sheesh…no AC? Good luck tomorrow!

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    You got ripped off…..
    Was at Toombul Kmart and everything Xmas stuff there was 5 cents lol


    Lol, just take the whole trolley!

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      and wallpaper your house.

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    better put VIC in the title…
    Was just jumping off the chair to get changed to go to Burwood and then read the comments… oh no it is in VIC….

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    spend $5000 sell for 50 cents next november $25000 !

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    Factor in the fuel to get there and back for what if anything is left folks

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    Mod: Foul Language …..our kmart in canberra belco open 24/7 is still advertising all there shit in the dollar range!!! $1-$14….so unlucky