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Essentials Spunbond 2PK Pillow Protector $4.95 after $10 Discount, Free Shipping


Whoever missed out on the quilt, you can still get 2 X pillow protectors for $5

This is a good one for those of you who bought the $2.49 pillow :D

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  • thanks !!!! I sadly missed the quilt.

    But not these !

  • yeh i just order one pack

  • Just got this message. Coupon code "10OFFNEXT" is not valid.

    • you need to be signed in

      • Just saw in the other deal that you need to be already registered and have purchased before. Correct?

        • just registered and signed in

        • Just registered and was able to order. Cheers.

  • My pillow arrived yesterday. Just ordered the covers. Code still working fine. Thanks!

  • are these good?

    • for $5 bucks , you cant go wrong

    • Not good…. They are Not Cotton. Some kind of plastic composite material.

  • Thanks. Needed some. My current ones are getting a bit shabby.

  • what if I miss out on this deal too?

  • +1


  • Win! My old ones look like someone spewed on them. Freshies on the way!

    • you can wash them…

  • and their ozbargained too

  • These are NOT cotton…. some nice comfortable plastic to rest your head on, perhaps not! Tontine sell the cotton ones for $22.95.

    • only 5 bucks , you cant go wrong
      The GUESTs wouldn't mind sleeping on plastic :p

      • Even cheaper to get a plastic bag and put that over the pillow :-) Those big rubish bags with that yellow draw cord would be good. You can probably pick up a pack of 10 for $5 at woolies.

        • you missed out on the deal … it ok .. no need to be a hater

          many more to come , keep your eyes open

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  • I got some of these in the bargain a few weeks ago.
    They're ok, remind me of the covers on pillows in a hospital. I know you can't expect much for $5, but they're not the most comfortable of pillow protectors.

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