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Samsung 830, 840, Sandisk SSD Sale: From 120GB $95 Delivered |Toshiba i7 1GB Video Laptop $699


Lowest prices + Free Shipping Australia Wide on these Popular Samsung 830, 840 Series & Sandisk SSDs. Toshiba Core i7 laptop with AMD HD 7670M 1GB Video at $699
To Enjoy the Discounted price, Use Coupon Code: weekend1001 before you checkout. See below for Products on offer and the discounted price.

i. Samsung 830 Series SSD

512GB - $379 Free Shipping

ii. Samsung 840 Series SSD

120GB - $95 Free Shipping

250GB - $189 Free Shipping

iii. Sandisk Extreme SSD

240GB - $169 Free Shipping

480GB - $365 Free Shipping

Current Laptop on promotion:
Toshiba L850 Core i7 15.6" Laptop with 1GB Video Graphics - $699 + Shipping

Short Specs:
Intel Core i7 3610QM
6GB Ram
750GB Hard Drive
Super Multi DVD Writer
AMD HD 7670M 1GB Video Graphics
2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 ports
15.6" 1366 x 768 Widescreen Display
Windows 7 Professional + Windows 8 Professional Media
Gigabit LAN & WiFi 802.11 b/g/n


All stocks are limited, with limited quantity on each purchase.
No Grey Imports, All Genuine & carries Australia's Manufacturer Warranty.
We have limited dispatch service during New Year "Break" - however, dispatch of these SSDs will start from Friday 11-1-13 with most of them dispatched by Monday.

For 1st time buyers:
- Add any of the above products to your shopping cart
- Enter Postcode inside your shopping cart and click apply
- Enter voucher code: weekend1001 and the associated discount will apply (check right side of the shopping cart for the total value
- Proceed to checkout and make payment once you confirmed the total price is correct

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  • don't like the 840 Series, any good deals on Intel 520 Series?

  • Any chance of an N40L / N54L deal? :)

  • Need some 4TB's :)

  • does sandisk ssd include transfer kit?

  • Ozbargain experts

    I want to get an SSD. Which is the best option:

    a) Samsung 830
    b) Samsung 840
    c) Sandisk Extreme

  • Can you do any deals on a 15.6" 3rd gen i5 laptop? Integrated graphics would be fine. An i7 is a bit more than needed.

  • Any deals on Samsung 830 256gb??

  • Any deals on the Sandisk Extreme SSD 120G?

  • Is there anyway that laptop can be upgraded to windows 8 pro? Also the coupon code doesn't work on the laptop.

  • Hey thanks !

  • Can I claim TRS for the laptop? I'm leaving 1st week of Feb.

  • When are you starting delivery of laptops?

  • Isnt the toshiba laptop you had on boxing day better than this(for $100 cheaper too)?

  • Rep, please confirm whether the Laptop ships with Windows 7 or Windows 8?
    In your specs, you list :

    "Genuine Windows® 7 Pro and Genuine Windows® 8 Pro Media"

    What does that mean? It's very confusing, as I DO NOT want to be labored with the Vista-inspired abortion that is Windows 8.

    Also , I tried the weekend1001 coupon and your system returned an error saying this product was not avaliable for the discount.
    Will you apply free shipping to the laptop too? Please make this clearer in your post for all ozbargainers.


    • The laptop ship with Windows 7 professional. It come with free Windows 8 Pro Media disks (3 disk to be exact). I am happy with windows 7 and have not touch the disks. Not sure what they do, i think they let you install the pro media interface from windows 8 but your laptop still run on windows 7.

      On the coupon part, the product is already at a discounted price so no coupon require. Coupon are for the SSD not the laptop.

      And no they will not do free shipping cause their shipping service is decent and it only cost around $10.

      PS: on the other note: they had this same laptop for sale on boxing day for $100 cheaper with a slightly better CPU (i7 3630QM vs 3610QM)

  • 830 series 256g or 840 pro seems good option..

  • A question for the techies: At the moment which brand/make of SSD has the fastest read times (to reduce the time it takes for apps/Win7 boot/games to load)? Thanks.

  • The specs for the laptop says:

    Memory: 6GB DDR3 (1600Mhz)
    RAM slot allocation: One slot used, one slot available. Total memory expandable to 16GB

    I assume this is an error, you can't get 6GB ram modules .. or can you?

  • im looking for Sandisk Extreme SSD 128G, is it possbile to add this item in the promotion list as well?

  • Checking the Toshiba website here: http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/products/computers/satellite/l85...

    The 7670M only comes in 2GB. Can we get a confirmation that it is indeed 2GB?

    EDIT: got my answer here: http://www.mytoshiba.com.au/products/computers/satellite/pro...

    It is 1GB.

  • Hello,

    I have a friend that is keen to buy the Toshiba laptop in this deal. He would also like to change the HDD over to an SSD, as well as upgrade the unit to 16GB RAM.
    I would just like to know if these products would be compatible with the toshiba laptop:
    - Samsung 830 Series 512GB SSD (as advertised in this deal)
    - 2 x Corsair 8GB shown here: http://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/corsair-8gb-ddr3-pc3-1...
    Any alternative suggestions welcome, but they need to be purchase all from Shopping Express.

    Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

  • First time buyer. Bought the 512GB Samsung 830 SSD on the 20th Dec around their Christmas/New Year sale with same discount sale they have now. Waited about 10 days-ish and nothing come. Emailed them asking to change name of receiver (same address) cos I'm going on a short holiday. Today got an email from customer support staff telling me that it was delivered on the 23rd DEC. Sending emails back explaining the item never arrived and asking for help solving the problem and still not receiving any response. Might have to wait until Monday the 14th when people get back to the office.

    Ohwell lesson learned never order stuff from ShoppingExpress when they about to have holiday break. Does anyone else experiencing any problem like that?

    PS: Rep, anything you can help me to solve this?

  • Still awaiting delivery and where delivery info should be in my account there is nothing . I will not bother with these clowns again .

    •  Shopping Express is currently on holiday until Monday 14th January 2013.

      We'll still be processing orders during this time, but there is an expected delay of one week (in addition to our normal processing time) because we are only working two days a week during this period.

      During this time,

      We won't be processing warranty, refunds, any returns, cancellation or amendments to orders.
      Our inbox will only be checked once a week, so we may not be able to get back to you until after January 14, 2013.

      Thanks for understanding. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

      Would of been nice to know this beforehand ….Probably why my order has not even been sent yet .

  • Ugh, bummer, my SSD isn't here yet. :(