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Pizza Hut - $4.95 Large Classic or Legends Pizza (Pick up) - Expires 31/03/13


Large Classics or Legends Pizza (Pick up) - $4.95
Online code: LSLPP4

3 Large Classics or Legends Pizzas (Delivered) - $24.95
Online code: LS3LD4

Works at Bentleigh East, Victoria. Not sure about elsewhere though.

*It didn't work before, but It works now :D You can order up to 4 large pizzas for $4.95 per Classic or Legends Pizza. Can one of the mods take down the previous (expired) submission of the deal please? Thank you!

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  • +1

    nice, it WORKs this time!

  • HEY. I'm Bentleigh East too!

  • Just tried both codes on Ashmore (Gold Coast)

    "Sorry, that coupon code could not be found"

  • i guess it's only for that store since it's a VIP only.

  • how does the coupon work
    I tried my store and east bentleigh can not get it to work

  • Works for North Shore, Sydney.

  • Doesn't work at my local store either…

    • +1

      Maybe list your local store, so we know? o.O

  • great timing. thanks.

  • great

  • Doesn't work in my local store at Mango Hill QLD
    Changed the store location to Bentleigh East (same as OP) - and still doesn't work!

    • Works fine. Did you change 'Delivery' to 'Pick up' before applying the code?

      • pick-up of course

  • Come on, i was going to get pizza's for my party tomorrow. :(

    • Try your luck with code LSLPP5: 4 Legend Pizzas (minumum order - pick-up only) for $5.95 each

      • it doesn't work sorry but thanks for trying

      • This one didn't work at Parkdale (3195)

  • Does not work for NEW FARM, QLD.

  • +7

    If you badly need Pizza (from Pizza Hut) and OP's codes don't work…

    Try LSLPP6 for $6.95 Legend pizza (pick-up only)
    Or LSLCP4 for $4.95 Classic pizza (pick-up only)

    • +3

      Too bad they won't work either. Thanks for trying though.

      • LSLCP4 worked for me on Wednesday at Stanmore in NSW…

    • These work at Kotara NSW . The other ones dont. Thanx

    • Thanks, these codes work in Springwood, QLD, Saturday 12/1…..

    • These both worked at Parkdale store (3195)

    • These worked for Canley Vale, thanks!

  • Doesn't work for Canley Vale :(!

  • Doesn't work for me either :(

  • doesn't work for bentleigh east

  • +12

    Getting a Pizza Hut code to work seems to take a lot of effort. You keep trying different stores and none of them work. I think the odds of it working is similar to hitting the Lottery. I give up.

    And store owners may refuse your order if he thinks the order is incorrect. He'll happily show you the door and say "You can go make a complaint to the HQ".

    For these reasons, I order more often from Dominos cos their coupons work most of the time.

    • Dominos for the win!

  • This would of been amazing for me to have known 5 hours ago when i got pizza…

  • +1

    these days domino's are more conveniently located than pizza hut. i dont remember the last time i went to pizza hut

  • The coupons doesnt work for Moorooka store

  • +7

    Drunk in the city.
    Decides pizza is a great idea.
    Finds awesome coupon on oZbargains.
    They're closed.

  • +1

    Doesn't work Rouse Hill NSW

  • Doesnt work at bankstown either

  • codes dont work 4076

  • +1

    Worked in Tarneit 3029.

    • Yeap.. works for me at tarneit as well.. 2x stuffed crust for $11.90!

  • not working with south melbourne

  • Not working in North Sydney 2060….mate, I am starving!

    • Pickup code worked fine for me ar 2:45 today?

  • Not working in Stretton store in Qld.


  • +1

    Pizza hut prices are a RIP OFF.

    Nowadays pizza hut sucks cos they moved most of the good pizzas over to their signature range which cost $15.
    Especially not happy about the BBQ chicken not being a part of the legends range.

    Dominoes is the better value for money choice.

    • Agreed. Their "Classics" range is still crap at $5.

      • UPDATE: I just bought four Classics for the family.I customised them with the free options (oregano, garlic oil, parmesan, Thin crust), and they actually tasted amazing. Probably better than both Bubba Pizza and Domino's. I think that the Classics range is actually better because it's simpler than the other complicated ones, meaning it's closer to the original Italian flavours.

  • Doesn't work at Parkdale store (3195)


  • +2

    So 60 votes for a non working code.

    please delete this thread.

  • not working Flemington Vic

  • Not working Collingwood Vic

  • Not Working at NSW following stores
    Baulkham Hill
    Canley Vale
    Castle Hill
    West Ryde

    Checked at 2pm Sunday 13/01/13

  • Working in NSW @ Blacktown
    Nice with $1 stuffed crust!

  • -1

    I wonder if the website is too picky and people are not doing things in the right order. First you select your shop and time, then enter the code on the LH column. This will show several options below when accepted, one of which is $4.95 for 1 pizza. Click on that and you get the pizza types you can order, including customise your own. This worked for me at N Sydney. It could be that it's too late to enter the code after you have chosen the pizza.

    • I nearly mucked it up by missing one part that you also didn't mention.


      I know it seems obvious, but my choice was pre-selected as delivery (despite the fact I always pick-up from store)
      Also, the error message stated coupon invalid, rather than just letting me get them delivered for a higher fee.

      Just saying.

  • Does NOT work for 3122 Hawthorn, VIC

  • Not working at Mount Waverley, VIC.

  • Not going to neg the deal but boo for Pizza Hut.

    Online doesn't work and when you call the ordering number they say they can't put vouchers in on the phone ordering system.

    Then they transfer you to online support which I have been on hold for the past 30 mins.

    Sounds very illegal business practice to me that they lure customers in with deals that won't work.

  • I ended up getting interrogated about where I got the voucher too.

  • Doesn't work for the pick up, but works for delivery. Strange. 2072.

    EDIT: Seems like NO pick up codes are working, even ones sent to my email. Is this one of the dodgy codes where it'll get all codes removed like what happened to Event Cinemas?

  • It's still working for me… (Bentleigh East)

  • Why marked as expired? It still works, and supposed to work till 31st march.

  • Still works. Make sure you select pick up first, then enter the coupon code, then select the pizza.

  • delivery code worked for me 6/2 melb east

  • Worked for me today at Browns Plains QLD Pizza Hut. Might want to remove the expired tag. Cheap lunch, but might have to fork out money for pants long term. The counter lady had to check with the manager because apparently she has never seen large pizzas sold for $4.95. I have a feeling the code might not work till the end of March. $4.95+5%off(ING Direct Pay wave) = Win! :)

  • Code still works. Used it yesterday as I was driving through Earlwood.

    Might also be worth trying it again now if it didn't work at a specific store earlier because I tried this coupon for the Earlwood store a couple weeks ago and it didn't work but it's working now.

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