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Philips AVENT BPA Free Twin Electric Breast Pump for A $111 Shipped from Amazon


Seems like a $60 drop on Amazon. Sells for $300 in Australia.

Product Features
Remembers your personal rhythm
More milk in less time
Patented soft 5-petal massage cushion
Gentle with clinically proven results comparable to a hospital grade pump

Order summary
Items: $99.98
Shipping & Handling: $16.32
Total before tax: $116.30
Estimated tax to be collected: $0.00
Order Total: $116.30

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  • +22

    Can you get um.. different attachments for this?

    • +9

      yeah but you probably wont get as much milk

    • +1

      Remembers your personal rhythm

    • +1

      Naw… it sucks!

    • +5

      theres should be smaller attachments out there if thats what you need

  • +7

    I was like "Yeah finally a cheap deal on spot light's for my dune buggy"…

    true story,

    Edit: I was on my phone which didn't help

  • -1

    Does it work on men? I've got some boobs I need to reduce the size of.

    • Manboob attachment not included…ewww, manboob milk

    • +3

      I tried my sister in laws. You know, in the name of science and curiosity

      felt weird…. was so worth the lols

  • +2

    OP, you came to the wrong side of the hood with this one.

  • +9

    I dont need one… but i thought there would be "comments" :-) so i looked in here… not disappointed :-)

  • Well spotted OP, and a cracking price for the twin set.

  • "More milk in less time"


  • +2

    does this need a voltage converter?

    • +1

      Yes this is important - is this dual voltage or just 110V?

      • +1

        Perfect for travel, the breast pump works with any standard, 100- to 240-volt outlet.

        • from the post below, the model number has changed, can anyone confirm if this still takes 240 volts?

        • http://www.philips.com.au/c/avent-baby-breastfeeding/scf314_...

          This shows the SCF314/02 Model & that the power is: Voltage: 100 - 240 V

        • +1

          I've got this model number and can confirm it takes 240v just fine.

          You'll just need one of the US->AUS power adapters you can get off eBay for $1.50

  • -1

    Not going to neg the deal, the price is alright, but this is the new model, model number changed from
    SCF304 to SCF314/02, and changed the material from PES to PP, which would lower down the cost and lower down the quality I guess, and heat-resisting drop from 180C to 120C, price is alright though.

    Quote some background from wiki fyi:

    Both materials are equally safe and free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), lead, PVC, phthalates, nitrosamines and biologically toxic chemicals. Both materials are dishwasher safe (Top Rack Recommended). Both are medical grade plastics Both bottles come packaged with our patented anti-colic and no spill nipples. Both are recommended by Healthy Child Health World.

    Polypropylene (PP) is a softer plastic and has a slightly milky color. PP has the advantage of being easily recycled at most recycling locations.

    PES is a higher end plastic. It is clear with a slight honey color. PES can withstand super high heat. It is rigid plastic. PES can be recycled by sending bottles to a recycling plant that works with PES or back to the manufacturer.

    • You seem to know a lot about these things….


      • -2

        well, it must be some reasons to be cheap, but that your choice if you will take this. just explain why.

        • +1

          Not true. I bought this unit over a year ago and it came with PP bottles then and has been for years. The unit is of great build quality, as per the recent reviews on Amazon.

          It is fantastic unit and this is a great price. Do not be turned off by the inclusion of easily replaced PP bottles. This deal is a steal!

    • -please delete answered my own question

  • +24

    Real ozbargainers would suck the milk out themselves and save the money.

    • lol worth every +1

  • Really cheap .

  • +3

    Just became a dad and for the mother, these are essential. Highly recommend getting one if you're about to become a parent.

  • -1

    From its conception, a breast pump is only made for one to leave one teat free in case the baby needs to nibble. - Encyclonepedia

  • +2

    Came for the pump, stayed for the comments.

  • mmmm b00bies…

  • In response to Mangoo1;

    Are you sure about that? I bought this exact same model number off Amazon over a year ago (on sale at $170!) and it came with 2 x PP bottles then. If you don't like PP bottles (which are by the most common type of Avent bottles sold) the unit fits their Avent gold PES range as well. Any expecting parent will certainly need to buy a whole heap more than the two bottles included in this set, and if they prefer can pay the extra for the PES version. For the record, I've got a mix of both types and functionality is no different. The Avent gold don't come with or require the extra anti-colic ring which makes cleaning marginally easier, but the included PP bottles function perfectly and should not be a deterrent for anyone interested at this price.

    Fantastic price for a highly rated dual electric pump. I couldn't resist buying one as a spare/gift. This is a great deal and I'd highly recommend any expectant parents ignore concerns over its durability and take the plunge. Thanks OP!

  • +7

    This is the breast deal ive seen all week!

    • Well, breast is best!

      • powder is okay too.

    • +1

      Great to see your abreast on latest deals!

  • +1

    Thanks grabbed 1! No pun intended :)

  • As someone who just forked out $250 for a single pump Medela….this is a good deal.

  • perfect timing. just grabbed the pair. now to to find cheap pram, baby seat, cot, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

    • same shopping list… lol. i wonder if we can organise group buys..

      • Good luck, both of you!

        If I can offer one piece of advice - start stockpiling holidays and sleep! And enjoy the amazing journey…

        • thanks… i think i might get one of the ear plugs that i can share with my wife :P so whoever doing the 'night duty' will sleep without the plugs.


    • +4

      "I have less than 3 BOOOOOOOOBIES"???

      This pump should serve you well… ;-)

  • Baby due soon, missus will like, great price, ordered one, thank you.

  • +3

    Bought one. Now I just have to meet a girl and get her knocked up.
    Hope it has a loooong warranty…

    • you can use it on yourself if you have homer-like manboobs :P

  • Maybe it's such a good deal that I should buy one for the baby that we might have in 3-4 years. lol.

  • Just ordered. Thanks for this great find.

  • -1

    Expressed boob juice makes an excellent alternative to skinny milk. Very fluffy lattes in my experience.

  • Ordered this on the 15th, and it's arrived today. The powerpack says 100-240v, just as stated in the manual you can find online. Works great with US to Aus plug adapter.

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