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FREE Xbox Live Gold 24 Month Subscription ($160 Value) if You Signup with iiNet Broadband in 08


iiNet are offering a free 24 month xbox live gold subscription in cooperation with Microsoft if you sign up with any broadband plan with them before the 31st of December 2008. I received the promotion in this newsletter from Microsoft. It says the code is unique, but I'm pretty sure it is the same code for everyone and should work for more than the first person.

It should also work if anyone has lodged an application already but wants to ring up and add this to their application before it goes through.

At $80 per year for xbox live, that makes this a very generous incentive with no real catches, only a $79 early termination fee (first 6 months), otherwise iiNet have plenty competitive prices and good service. If you have any ADSL it could be worth the $39 churn to get this alone.

If anyone out there feels like being a kind person and was signing up to iiNet soon anyway and has no interest in this, could you please give them my xbox live username, 'nerdwithagun 0', when they ask you and sign up with this link, my phone lines don't support ADSL, I'm stuck with cable, and it's sad irony that I can't get this :(

Edit: replaced "to go along with their unmetered xbox live marketplace downloads" with "in cooperation with Microsoft"

Edit2: It appears existing iiNet customers can get this aswell if they upgrade their plan. - courtesy of crumble

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  • does this apply to actual GAMEPLAY? Marketplace implies that it is for downloading demo, videos etc. from xbox live but not the actual play

  • No this actually gives you a gold subscription, which is the type of account you usually pay for and lets you do everything. for 24 months, you give them the name of the account and they credit it with a 24 month subscription.

    Silver accounts are free ones that you can create as many as you like which just let you browse the marketplace, this isn't that.

    I only mentioned the marketplace thing because people might be familiar with iiNets latest advertised addition of all xbox live marketplace content to their cache making them uncounted downloads, but this is new, seperate and in addition to that.

    Perhaps an edit is in order to make that clearer…

  • On the IINET website it stipulates that only marketplace downloads are a guaranteed part of their freezone. However only some of the gameplay time is free as it is hard for them to properly monitor online gameplay (not an IT expert so please don't ask what I mean by this). See the link for more details:


    I am currently on an iinet plan but don't have a xbox. But definitely considering renewing my plan to get this in conjunction with the $228 xbox arcade deal at BIGW.

    • These are 2 separate offers here that are getting confused.

      The First is iiNets offer of unmetered traffic in their 'Free Zone' to which they recently added all xbox live downloads from the marketplace to. This is about saving a bit of your iiNet quota each month.

      The Second and more recent addition is the offer of 2 years of xbox live gold free. This would usually cost your $80/year from MS.

      See xbox live is divided into two main services:
      - downloading content from marketplace (this requires a silver account - free)
      - playing games with other people online (this requires a gold account - think members account)

      The latest iiNet offer is serving the second part by giving you access to a 'members account subscription' free for 2 years, a $160 value

      What that guy was explaining in that link is that a small amount of the traffic created by playing games online will also be part of the Free Zone when iiNet can do so but iiNet cant always promise this. This has to do with whether the host of the game is an iiNet customer as well presumably. But that's a side issue to the free Microsoft product they're giving you, ie. 2 x 12 month xbox live gold subscription

      I hope this help, if anyone can reword my description in the original post for me to make this clearer, go for it, I seem to have confused people :)


    • As far as renewing your plan, I'm not sure if that will work, try calling them and tell us how you go but you may need to, absurdly, cancel your connection and sign up again as its only for new customers. :S

      • I'm also already with iinet. I've just rung them and it does appear to apply to existing customers if they upgrade their plan. I hadn't received a promotional code either, but I requested one and they said they would email it to me tomorrow.

        EDIT: Showing poor form, IINET have reneged on their promise to send me a code. Also they are now claiming it is only for new customers. When I pointed out it the option appeared to enter the code when I attempted to upgrade my account, they claimed it was just a "web error". Now, I'm used to those from Dell, but I didn't expect it from iinet. Interestingly I also rang microsoft xbox live support to see if they could supply me with a code as an existing xbox live customer. Turns out they don't know anything about it and it's solely an iinet deal, nothing to do with microsoft directly at all. They also said iinet wasn't tested for xbox live. Now I've never had a problem (hard to see how I would) but it does sound like the iinet-xbox live integration thing is a bit of a one way street.

        FINAL EDIT: FINALLY managed to get in touch with someone who actually knew what they were on about. I was eligible and they fixed it up. More painful than it needed to be, but they did get there in the end. I'm happy to just put it down to a simple glitch in what has otherwise been a pretty good service from iinet over the years.

  • bahh would be a good deal to go with my new xbox but i cant get adsl2 in my area…or else it would b a decent deal. their cable plans are normal, its what im already paying

    • http://live.xbox.com/en-US/profile/profile.aspx?pp=0&GamerTa...

      Sorry if I don't believe it and this is true but the bio says the account owner owns a PS3, XBox and a Wii and eludes to an iPhone as well. Even the gamer score is incredibly high for someone thats only actually owned the console themself for one week. $42US (http://www.microsoftpointsxbox.com/) doesn't seem a stretch to me for someone that claims to be a "PsWii60 owner", especially if the account is being shared by multiple family members.

      I concede I'm possibly wrong in my assumption, but the Xbox account bio doesn't seem to match the story.

    • http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/8420#comment-35326

      Wow, you own an xbox 360, wii, ps3, an Ipod Touch, and you've got a kid……all at the young, stupid and naive age of 16.
      God dammit, why don't you just get yourself a job and work for the xbox live subscription your after.

      There are thousands of legitimate people who are disadvantaged, and I and many others would not hesitate to help a real person in need. It's people like you who actually make it harder for others that actually need the help, by making up your bs "my child is sick" stories.

      Your 16 so you probably don't know the consequences of what you are doing. For you its probably a laugh, and a good way to brag to your mates about scoring a free subscription off somebody who genuinely wanted to help a person genuinely in need. One day you'll realise what an idiot you were to make up a story like that, and on that day, I will actually feel sorry for you. But right now your a complete idiot.

      To post that kinda shit on Christmas Day too of all things. I bet you threw a temper tantrum when you realised your mummy got you clothes instead of that xbox subscription huh?

      Apologies to everybody else for the strong language.

  • Jeanb - you should edit your post to correctly reflect the relocation fees. If you move house within the 24 month contract period it costs for $99 plus a $69 if within the first 6 months.

    • yes that $99 is only if you chose the 24 month contract at the start, and even then, its only the $99 that you saved on the modem because of the contract at the start. ie. you just have to pay back the discount you were given on the modem … Or so I understand it.