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NetGear Cashback $50 or $30 on Wi-Fi Routers Purchased in Feb and March


Unfortunately I purchased mine a few days too early, but just stumbled upon a cashback for Netgear Wifi (non ADSL) Routers.

$50 cashback on:
Netgear R6300 (staticice around $230-250)
Netgear R6200 (staticice around $195-200)
Netgear WNDR4500 (staticice around $180-$190)

$30 cashback on:
Netgear WNDR4000 (staticice around $108-$125)
Netgear WNDR3800 (staticice around $109-$140)
Netgear WNDR3700 (staticice around $103-$120)

Cashback provided by a VISA card, need to upload copy of tax invoice, and photo of serial from bottom of unit (not of box).

One claim per person, 10 week expected delivery of Visa card.

Long time Ozbargain spender, first time poster!

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    Unfortunately I purchased mine a few days too early

    Dude! Crack open some Photoshop kung-fu on that receipt of yours! It ain't like you didn't buy it!

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    Depending where you got it from, you could perhaps buy another one and take it back unopened on the old invoice thus giving you a new invoice for your old one allowing you to get the cash back offer.

    • awesome idea!

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    • You can but there's something called serial numbers…

  • Is Netgear WNDR3800 worth it ?

    • It is what I bought, and it's working a treat!

      Also has the option of DD-WRT firmware, as most of the Netgear boxes allow for extra fun/goodness/usefulness. At the moment I am just happy with the stock firmware as-is (with Upnp disabled!)


      • what kind of range are you getting ?

        • Range is ok, but far from the best. You can increase the 5Ghz range with some simple antenna mod, adding external ones.

        • Better range than the airport extreme is is replacing, and that is just on 2.4Ghz with 5Ghz disabled (no devices in house to use it).

          Originally where I was getting 1-2 bars in the back bedroom (2-3 plaster walls), I now get 2-3 bars on my nexus tablet.

          So all good!

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    perfect timing !!!

  • 3700 is selling for $130 at Centrecom at the moment. $100 for a dual band 600 Mbps router/modem is pretty good.

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    Would have voted for this deal had it also included modems.

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      I would have -ve'd it, if it included modems, so the result would have been the same…

      • the modem variants have a wan port, so u can use it just as a broadband router

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    Not a bad deal. Maybe with the release of the AC standard, these N modems and routers will drop in price even further over the next few months?

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    Don't forget the usual Officeworks price match too - they sell these Netgear WiFi Routers.

    • Thanks for the reminder…

  • Netgear R6300 (staticice around $195-200) ??? I cant see it below $227 at staticice…

    • got one for a mate, pricematched R6300 with msy $228 @ officeworks. $216.60 b4 $50 cashback.

      Also picked up a D6300 as i need one with adsl modem, pricematched centrecom.com $250. $237.50

      • Hope you know that you don't get a cashback with the D6300.

        • yep i know that. But sadly after all that work getting a pricematch, I have returned the netgear units as i require better DDNS support than just dyndns.org. Yes in this century, netgear have implemented a fixed DDNS table with only 1 DDNS provider! fail

        • are there no decent open firmware for the R6300 yet? They would have multiple DDNS options for sure.

        • not sure, the dlink dir-865L & asus rt-ac66u both have several ddns options including some free ones. Went with an Asus RT-AC66U in the end.

    • Doh, somehow I missed the 6300 and 6200 had flipped in my editing. All fixed now :)

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    D-Link also has a cashback offer —> http://www.dlink.com.au/DAUS/promotion.aspx

    Need a new router / modem, my Billion is on it's way out. Was thinking about the DSL-2870B. MSY has it for $175, $125 after cashback…

  • I have a terrible cable modem. Any cables modems on this deal?

    • The netgear bigpond one? If so you turn off NAT on the modem then its effectively in bridge mode, then use a quality router with it.

    • Cable modems are supplied by your ISP, you can't buy them through normal retail channels. Wireless cable routers are generally rubbish.

      If you're not happy, ask to your ISP swap it for a basic wired cable modem, then hook it up to a separate wireless router (such as the ones posted).

  • No modems unfortunately!

  • Thanks OP

  • Great deal. Maybe someone with some knowledge could assist me please.

    I already have a Linksys WRT54G that I use for wireless in the house. It's down one end of the house, so I want to add a 2nd wireless access point via a network connection I have up the other end of the house. What would be an option out of these Netgear units please?

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    Dlink 2870b is $159 at Dick Smith's. $50 cashback makes the price $109!

    • Where did you see this? Can't find it on their site…

      • it is not on their website. If you go to the retail stores you will see a shelf label with new price $159. This label covers the old price $199.

  • Did anyone receive their cashback yet?

    • got mine today

  • .

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