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expired Bitcasa - Unlimited Online Storage $49 (First Year) with Promo Code


Bitcasa has recently left beta and gone live. It's an online storage solution, you can use it for all your storage or as a backup… it rather awesome.

You can now get unlimited storage for just $49 for the first year (until end of February).
It's currently on special for $69/year at the moment and is expected to increase to $99/year, but using promo code BETATHANKS (case sensitive) when signing up you get it for the discounted price of just $49/year!

More info here:

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    With a standard price of $99/year it doesn't really compete with BackBlaze and Crashplan+ (US pricing).

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      This is much much more than BackBlaze and Crashplan.

      It's an altogether different service… but still has the functionality of a backup if you want it. Bitcasa adds a drive to your Windows Explorer. You can literally save everything straight into it… no need to have local storage drives any more. Stream your music from Bitcasa straight to any device, save changes to your documents and not have to wait for those changes to sync.

      With internet speeds increasing this is going to be the future of storage. With the NBN around the corner (and a fast plan), you won't need to buy hard drives any more (except for your OS).


    looks interesting.

    Can anyone articulate why I would use this over buying an external hard drive for backup (ie: 2-3 TB). I can see the obvious benefits but how about security etc and losing data?


      Not in particular to this service, but online storage is good for those reasons:
      - off-site backup - actually online offsite backup, which means it happens automatically, as you realize you may have an offsite backup in a form of a HDD at your friend's place, but after the initial excitement period you realize 1 year down the track when your HDD crashes that you have not been updating that off-site backup that regularly.
      - For non-private data only - or use your encryption SW of your choice.
      - data available from anywhere - that ranges from showing off photos when you are away to accessing some important document
      - if your house get broken into, or damaged by fire or flood you atill have your data away, despite your primary HDD and a backup HDD are damaged.
      - not suitable as main backup
      - not suitable for any private data without your own encryption

      This is NOT instead of a backup HDD, this is an addition


      There are two main reasons for going with an online backup solution:
      1. You want backups to be off-site so that if your house burns down (or something similar) you can still retrieve your files.
      2. Their redundancy will be a lot better than yours. It depends on the exact service as to how good their redundancy is, but I believe bitcasa uses Amazon Web Services which offers up to 99.999999999% durability.

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        Just an FYI - bitcasa is WAAAAAY more than an online backup solution. You can use it as your online storage. I could potentially get rid of my 8TB of NAS storage and just use bitcasa (except streaming bluray from or ripping to bitcasa wouldn't work).

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    With your local hard drive, backups will be much quicker, and importantly they'll also be faster to restore.
    If your house burns down with your USB backup drive inside, your kind of stuffed though.

    You can choose to store all your files on bitcasa or use it as a backup or a combination of both. Bitcasa is kind of like your USB hard drive, but it connects to almost all your devices and isn't limited to 2 or 3TB. My available space shows on bitcasa as 8 Exabytes!!!

    With bitcasa (which is significantly different to most or all cloud solutions on the market at the moment) I can sync all my photos from my phone with bitcasa automatically. This means I don't have to copy them to my computer then back them up to my online storage (or USB hard drive). I can stream files (e.g. my FLAC music collection) directly from bitcasa or share files directly from bitcasa with friends.

    Probably the biggest downside to bitcasa is:
    1. ongoing annual fees
    2. speed limited by internet connection
    3. access limited by internet connection

    The pluses though are too numerous to mention.


    Looks like a clone of


    I'm using the free version of bitcasa through 100Mbit synchronous fibre connection at work and I can write to my bitcasa drive at ~40MB/s


    btw this still works - not expired

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