expired Sony DSLR Sale @ eGlobalDitigalCameras (Grey Import) A37+18-55mm $448 Delivered


Went onto eGlobal to look for some camera gear, and saw this promotion on their page.
It says you cant combine it with any other discount codes, but chk10 still seems to work :D

Pricelist as follows: (DOES NOT INCLUDE DELIVERY COST because I don't know where you live, and the cost may be different)
Sony Alpha A37 18-55mm Kit lens for $379
Sony Alpha A57 18-55mm Kit lens for $519
Sony Alpha A65 18-55mm Kit lens for $619
Sony Alpha A65 16-50mm Kit lens for $1069
Sony Alpha A77 16-50mm Kit lens for $1119
Sony Alpha A99 CZ 24-70mm Kit lens for $3829

Delivery cost between $50-90 depending on where you live.

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    cant see that these prices are much better than their regular (pre-sale) prices.
    courtesy of google cache:
    A65 kit $636 —> 629 save 10
    A37 kit $411 —> 389 save 22
    A57 539 —> 529 save 10
    A77 1189 —> 1129 save 60

    noting that CHK10 discount has been available for months.

    still, if you are after a discontinued model at the best price, this deal is where you will find it.
    (A58 announced 2 days ago, more models to follow per www.sonyalpharumors.com )


      eGlobaL always give you the best price but now, they are even better :)

      Store Rep.


        now they are even worse… CHK10 code no longer works with these Sonys… (it worked fine yesterday)
        therefore the "sale" price of the A65 & A57 are exactly the same as pre-sale price with coupon.
        poor form eglobal.
        + vote revoked


    Eglobal's prices on A37 not all that special now. Other vendors have them for same or even a little cheaper. Haven't compared shipping though.

    Waiting till the A58 gets a little closer, hopefully pushing the A37 down into my limited budget.

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