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This is an old offer from Domino's Pizza and the deal might have been a bit stale. However, please check out our Pizza Coupons page for all of the latest pizza deals, coupons and promo codes.

expired Domino's Pizza $5 Value, $7 Traditional Pickup Anytime. Cheapest Single-Pizza Weekend Deals?


Posted in case anyone wants only 1 or 2 pizzas. Value 31110. Traditional 40901.
There are plenty of 3x pizza deals posted from $20-25, some including garlic bread & Coke.
Working in NSW 2120.
Add your location if it works for you!

Domino's Pizza

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    $5 Value pizzas: 31110

    Courtesy of someone on whirlpool in the Dominos pizza Discount thread.


      Thanks! I also found it elsewhere but hadn't tested it.

      I have amended the deal to $5, with thanks to you!


      I think dominos coupons should be a forum post and not posted deal. Whirlpool thread is always more up to date and easier to compare. More often than note prices posted here are not the best deal, people just post some coupon they saw without comparing.


    $4.95 value range. NSW. pick up. this weekend only


      Noted these too. One of these only worked til 5pm.
      I will try this too.

      PS. Online ordering was flaky may need to phone to check your order made it through.

      PPS. 22415 $4.95 Value code in another deal was not accepted in Thornleigh,but 31110 was a gem.

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