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SOLD OUT - $299 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 White 10.1" 3G 32GB (In store only)


Delivery was free to Sydney. White Only.

Looks like stock is Sydney only.

The default shipping for officeworks seems to be set to VIC, so if you are Sydney, go to the top right and change the postcode, then it will be in stock.


3G & Wifi
Android 4.0
Front and Rear Camera
Bluetooth Connectivity
USB 2.0
Micro SD Card Slot (up to 32GB)

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  • It's a clearance item by the way, would be lucky if you can find it.

  • Says Out of Stock. Must have been only 1!

    • Might be NSW only, still in stock if the location is Sydney 2000.

  • Out of stock online

    • Got this error at checkout:

      Sorry - we were unable to continue, please check the following messages

      Product SG103GWH32 cannot be back ordered
  • http://www.mln.com.au/product/?itemID=4351

    How is xoom 2 compared to this one?

    • +2

      Someone downvoted this guy just for asking if Xoom 2 is comparable, obviously trying to decide between two similar items of the same price. It was a valid question. Get over it people.

  • get SONY XPERIA, tegra 3 quad core and cheaper than this!

    • Where did you get your sony cheaper than this ?

      • As Leonard mention $269 but it is WIFI only

    • i think that one is wifi only. this samsung has 3g

  • funny how the silver 16gb version of the galaxy tab 2 is $496 at officeworks. they should put that on clearance too.

  • Out of stock couldnt complete the paypal payment it say cant back order the item

  • Sob! Missed it!

  • I think Tab 2 is quite new…?? Why they put on sale already?

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