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Receive a Free Box of Be Natural Cereal, Porridge or Snack Bars at Woolworths This Weekend


This coupon appears in today's Melbourne Herald Sun and will probably appear in other major newspapers Australia wide. It does say the original coupon must be presented. It should work just like all previous Woolworth's coupons at the self serve checkout.

Runs this weekend only.

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  • Love the nut bars but had to stop buying them because they were too yummy. If there wasn't chocolate in the house these would become the substitute :-/

  • Thanks. Is the picture above of a good enough quality to scan at the self-serve checkout?

    • Yes, just printed this out at work and it scans fine. It did not scan on my iphone.

  • Any recommendations?

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      I don't mind the pink lady apple cereal. Be Natural is a Kelloggs brand, so there's plenty of sugar in whatever you choose

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    Originals only. Photocopies not accepted.

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      Use self checkout. Having said that woolies' machines don't recognise barcodes displayed on phones - so print out a copy.

      • That's not surprising. Barcode readers work on reflection. Phone displays are emissive.

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          The 7 Eleven coupons seem to work fine from the phone.

        • And eVents barcode scanners work fine for my phone.

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          Yeah those kitkat coupons at 7-11 back in the days :P

        • Phones work at Austrlaia Post parcel lockers too.

          I think it's more a question of if the store has purchased a barcode scanner which supports reading from phones.

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          The scanners in supermarkets use a laser because they're expecting printed barcodes, not barcodes on screens. Another place you'll see laser readers is libraries. If the reader uses a camera, then yes, emissive will work, and that's because they expect to present your phone screen. That's also the case for those boarding pass machines, concert entry machines, etc.

          The laser scanners in supermarket checkouts are designed to accept barcodes at a wide range of angles, so that scanning can be fast. The ones in convenience stores are slower. Next time have a look at the cool rotating mirror inside a supermarket scanner.

      • Has anyone used the barcode at a self serve checkout? The barcode will scan and the discount will be applied, but the self serve checkout will error as the barcode needs to be handed to a staff member, so as long as they do not notice its a photocopy, you will be ok.

  • Can i scun it through my phone? Or do i need to printnit

    • Neither. You need the original from the newspaper

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      Ya nid ta preent oot.

    • just print out the barcode

  • Can confirm voucher is in SYdney morning herald too. Love the nut bars too

    • which page is it on? saw the front sticker saying that there's a coupon inside but can't find it

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    Has anyone spotted it in any Sydney papers? What if you have a digital subscription?

    • SMH digital editions, page 13.

      I don't know if they will accept it.

      It doesn't pay to be environmentally friendly.

  • Maybe a copy would work on self checkout?

    • As mentioned above a printout of the page I have linked will scan on a barcode scanner.

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      Geez I was just kidding..

  • I can confirm the voucher is also included with the Melbourne Age newspaper (stuck to the front).

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    Pick up a copy of the paper in store, scan the voucher then leave the paper.

  • Does the daily telegraph have this?

    Which cheaper newspaper has this….

    SMH $3… x_X and I've already got a digital subscription.

    Really Hate being Green now.

  • Normal size or these snack or trial sizes?

  • Love the bars….the cereals are great too, but bars are the best :)

  • can anyone confirm that it works in QLd using a self service check out?

    • Yes, it worked for me in Woolies, Macarthur chambers, Brisbane.

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    I er, found this version of the coupon to more effective.


  • Their cereal is amazing, though haven't had this particular flavour yet.

    • The coupon is not just for the flavour in the picture, it's for any flavour cereal.

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    Went to the Kogarah woolies this morning with the image in mobile, picked nut bars and in self checkout had to ask the attendant to enter the code as mobile scan did not work. Got the nut bars for free. 4.99 profit :).
    Thanks OP.

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    Confirmed WA. In the Weekend West page 21 (unsung hero section).

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    It is not a bargain if you are dishonest, it is simply stealing. Just buy the paper!

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      Exactly. If people continue to exploit the deals, we eventually won't see any.

      I contemplated using the attached voucher but bought The Age in the end. You're still better off, you're doing the right thing and deals like this will be more likely to continue.

      • I know it is dishonesty, but sometimes kids inside you tempts you to do so :) just like getting movie tickets without buying colgate.

        • +1

          I went through the checkouts once to get the cereal, then I went back into the shops and got the nut bars.

          I do feel kind of bad sitting on my couch eating the nut bars. Ah well.

    • So how did you read the Age and SMH in Press Display? I find I cant view them on line with this program

      • i didn't - you can't - use library digitaledition instead as per link

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    If self checkout demands you bag an item for the voucher (it's done by weight) and don't want to wait for the attendant to come over, try putting your phone or wallet in the bag. Worked for me.

  • At Glen Waverley Woolworths, it seemed like the staff were keeping the best of the cereals behind the counter and "buying" batches for themselves.
    Also the self service attendant was taking vouchers off people who scanned them.

    • +2

      Not at my woolies, gotta luv being in the country!

    • attendant takes it at burleigh too

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    Just confirmed that you can scan two Be Natural products by scanning the bar code twice in the same transaction. The self service scanner asked me for $0.02. I put $0.05c in and got it back.

    • dammit, I wouldnt have had to go back in the shop again if I knew that.

      • yeh confirmed too

        The nut bars are delicious

        Also confirmed to scan 2 products in one transaction (got 2 porridge)

  • Looking forward to some tasty breakfast cereal. Voucher printed and no one asked for it. Might go to some other woollies tomorrow.

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    Yeah at the checkouts you will definitely get them taken off you after being scanned. Checkout operators are required to do this. You are better off using the barcode in the link provided above, as the courier mail link says no photocopies allowed, and if you get an attentive scanner then you will not be allowed to do this. You are much less likely to get the coupon taken off you at self serve as there are normally many other things happening. Not to mention nobody at most woolworths on self serve will be aware of this. On checkouts today I only had one person with the coupon, and no other staff member mentioned it. You could also cut it down to just the barcode so staff will assume you're just scanning your rewards card and will have no reason to look at what you're doing unless you look like you're having trouble. But yeah even if you do this it would be good to try and go out of your way and buy the newspaper that has it, even if it after the promotion has ended.

  • My local Woolworths (Melville) had already been cleaned out of the nut bars when I went in to redeem this afternoon.

  • Another coupon appears in today's Sunday Melbourne Herald Sun on page 11. Time to go back for round 2 but remember this offer will finish at 23:59:59 today.

  • Sold out. Hoping they will restock the shelves tonight or I will head to Crowsnest.

  • +1

    Mountain Gate (vic) looks like it has barely been touched. Heaps of all stock on their shelves.

  • lol, guys, I was joking.

  • +1

    Empty shelves, empty shelves … Thanks ozbargain for clearing out everything esp the greedy ones who leave nothing for others

    • Macquarie (NSW) had heaps this morning. But the coupon was pretty prominent in the Sunday Telegraph today. Not too surprised it is selling out. Hey the porridge is ok too!

      edit: crap spelling

    • Nothing left at my local store :(

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    Yeah my local had heaps just before closing yesterday. Bare shelves at 3 today. Methinks some professional shoppers had been through! I only scored the cereal flakes. O well more healthy.

  • Plenty at woolworths shellharbour square and the guy on self service came over helped me with the coupon and then left it with me. If I could have been bothered could have gone back and used it again.

  • Got 1 box cereal and 3 boxes of the nut bars, that should last a few weeks :)

    Great promotion, not many people had taken it up at my local store, still shelves full of the cereal and bars.

  • +3

    I got 4 boxes of the 'Four' bars, scanned the voucher four times and it worked.

    Also they had a deal on, $5 each, $8 for two. As they were my only items the self serve spat out $4 change. Pretty good deal.

    • +1

      lol , they even gave you $4 !!

      • Haha wtf

    • the world has gone mad!

    • You win this bargain.

    • did you scan the boxes 4 times, then scan the voucher 4 times or did you have to go prod, voucher, prod, voucher and so forth?

      • prod, vouch , prod, vouch … and so on

    • Sounds just like a poker machine except you were a winner!

  • Nice, just picked up a box of the Cashew, Almond, Hazelnut and Coconut cereal. Hope it's as tasty as it sounds! Thanks, OP. :)

  • Thanks OP. Just picked up two boxes. printed out voucher from the SMH link and the guy at the cash register entered the bar code and $10 off! Love itThanks again

  • +1

    cheers OP, nice one! here's hoping Carman's will follow suit one of these days.

    • +1

      carman's nut bars ftw! :)

  • Wonder if the barcode will work on the self serve checkout tomorrow…. (:

    • +1

      was thinking the same thing too, ill give it a go on my way home from work

  • My WW was totally decimated of all BN stock apart from a few of the $3.99 snack bars. I think deals like this will eventually come to an end (at least without better checks!).

  • Anyone tried using the coupon today ( Mon )

    • forgot to try. i have a feeling the barcode was turned off after last night.

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        bar code doesnt give discount, only reads on register as 0.01

        • +1

          So did you pay the 1 cent or asked to have it removed?

        • +1

          just walked away , pretended i forgot something
          saved myself the embarrassment lolz (It was at the self checkout)

        • Did you scan the product as well?

        • yes, product first, then bar code , gave only 1 cent discount

        • well thanks for taking one for the team

        • +1

          your welcome … i just had to try

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