This was posted 2 years 8 months 22 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Sharp AQUOS 60" Full HD 100Hz LED LCD TV $1299 Save $1200 @ David Jones (LC-60LE630x)


Saw this at DJ Chadstone Victoria yesterday. Had all TV at Various % off sales. Unsure on exact finish date.

I know this is not the newest TV on the market but if your not after 3D or you only have DJ card/Vouchers this may be a good deal.


60 inch Full HD 100Hz LCD TV with edge LED backlight

Key Features

  • Full HD New "X-Gen Panel" for bright and wide viewing pictures

  • Edge LED Backlight system

  • Fine Motion Advanced 100Hz for reducing motion blur

  • USB Multimedia player ( Movie, Music & photo)

  • SRS TruSurround HDTM and Bass Enhancer for Better sound quality

  • 1080/24P signal input for reproducing film frames just like the theatres

  • Inbuilt HD Digital TV Tuner

  • AQUOS Link for one touch control of Aquos Bluray player

  • 7 day EPG (Electronic Program Guide) enables you to search for a program

  • Advanced OPC (Optical Picture Control) and Eco function for reducing power consumption

A quick search for prices I could only find Video pro for $1392.00 with Free shipping

Big Brown box $1496.00

Cnet Review
Neg was washed out blacks and lack of Internet/3D

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  • +3 votes

    Looking at those other store's prices, I guess that $1200 saving is a bit of a stretch…

  • +2 votes

    If your not a fan of the highly reflective screens then this is a good choice because of it's matte screen .

    • +1 vote

      There are fans of highly reflective screens?? Blonde bimbos must make up the majority of the market share


        True matte LCD screens are almost impossible to buy whether it be a TV , monitor or a laptop screen.
        High end professional monitors are about all thats matte nowadays .
        Blonde bimbo's may be a little harsh but purchasers of all things shiny , absolutely .

  • +1 vote

    Saw it today color doesn't look good compare with Samsung and Sony next to it. I would pay a bit more for Sony 640 $1498.

  • +3 votes

    Saw it in store today…horrible quality even on bluray!


      Yeah I hear it's pretty ordinary, particularly with it's washy blacks and edge colours. I haven't seen one first hand but reviews online don't seem too kind. Probably best waiting for a Pana, Sammy or Sony deal if one is set on the big brand names.


      I don't want 60 I want 80inch


    Very cheap for a 60 inch LED.If I was in the market for new TV I'll probably get this one.


    200Hz will be better than 100Hz for LCD/LED, but the price is cheap.

    This model is x640 comparing with model x840 or higher, later model is better with quality.


      Can you please tell us how this whizz-bang 200Hz technology works in comparison to 100Hz & 50Hz? :)

      • -2 votes

        It's more hertz. More ice-cream is a good thing. More horsepower is a good thing. More sex is a good thing. So clearly more hertz must also be a good thing. Right?


          I just wanna know, where do all the hertzez come from?

  • +1 vote

    bought one from david jones yesterday. i watched the demo unit in store in amongst to other samsung / sony demos and thought the quality was quite good.


    Glad I saved someone some cash


    I bought 3 of these from JBHifi for $1100 each a few weeks ago. You probably couldn't get that price for one though.

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