expired Samsung Galaxy S III Blue $449 with ~ $20 Shipping from Uniquemobiles.com.au


Just got a newsletter from unique mobile having a sale on their Samsung Galaxy SIII. The price is $449, shipping to NSW metro is around $20. Enjoy

Unique Mobiles

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    Waiting for a deal on the red one… my white one has lost it's pizazz.

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    add 16gb model pls

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    Their own 12 month warranty at this price. An extra $200 to $300 to get 24 month Samsung warranty.

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    S4 is coming out soon.I'd pass on this deal.

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      S4 will be significantly more expensive. The S3 was even more popular than the S2 so it is unlikely S3 will go further below this pricepoint. As we saw with the S2, it held strongly onto value when the S3 came out.

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    S2 stayed in value because S3 wasn't a huge improvement from the S2. Let's see what happens when S4 is released. Also S3 went down pretty fast from initial price.
    Based on previous market experience,I'd wait until end of June for S4 price to mature.


    I paid $350 (in instalments) for the SII last year; have been completely happy with it. Did a good deal with Vodafone as they wanted me to change over from the old "3" network. They kept me on my old plan too. Could not, and still cannot, work out why the SIII was selling for about $700 at the time, but a drop of $250 in a year cannot be a bad thing. My only complaint about the SII is the battery life if you use most of the gizmos, internet etc. I imagine the SIII would be about the same; worthwhile checking this out. I find I have to charge it daily even if I don't use it much.

    A word to Samsung: Bring us a mobile that offers "true" great battery life!


    Ps. If you really want a SIII then I am sure there will be even greater deals very soon after the release of the SIV, if you can wait a few months more.


    Worth waiting for S4 , releasing this week !!!


    Wait till the S4 comes out, that wll push the prices of the S3 even more.