expired AMF Bowling - $13.95 for 2 games of bowling


Voucher to play 2 games of bowling at AMF for $13.95. Currently on their website AMF are advertising single games for $8 during school holidays so this is $1 cheaper per game than that….
A buck is a buck, after all.

Visit the AMF website http://www.amfbowling.com.au/ or call 132 263 to find nearest location.

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    And the school holiday offer expires at about 6pm I think - whereas this one doesn't.


    Can someone host the voucher for me/us instead of everyone having to register to get it?


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    OK I have uploaded it as a picture, hopefully that will work better


    Me and two kids is $6 so it adds up.


    Great timing - I'm heading to bowling tonight so this voucher will come in handy!


    also if u upgrade your game after 6pm its $5 per game, well thats what i paid last week. i got charged the usual $8 per game(school holiday deal) and played extra games at $8 each but after 6pm i paid $5 each.


    Well, went to AMF tonight at North Strathfield and they said there's been a price rise and "head office hasn't updated the vouchers" and it's now $14.95, not $13.95. Anyhow, the $14.95 includes 2 games, shoe hire and 1 token (for the games). I tried to dispute it saying the voucher says $13.95 and they told me they can't offer that as their system only shows up $14.95.

    By the way, for those using the voucher, you need a voucher for each person playing. Alternatively, there's an NRMA voucher you can print out (same deal $13.95 and AMF still refused it and said it's $14.95) which is valid for up to 4 adults per voucher. You don't need to provide proof that you're an NRMA member. Link: http://www.mynrma.com.au/cps/rde/xbcr/mynrma/NRMA_Summer_Sav...


    Went to north strathfield AMF yesterday afternoon and got the games for $13.95 using only one voucher for two people. This was problably about 4pm. I think it might have been the first voucher of the day as they didnt really have a clue what to do with it but honoured it anyway.

    Also, my local bowling alley, Strathfield superbowl has a similar deal on at the moment. $15.00 for two games plus shoe hire before 9pm if my memory serves me well. No need for a voucher and the place is a bit quieter if thats what you prefer.

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